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Mon, Nov-25-02, 14:26
Hi all, I posted this into the introduction section, but as the Diabetic forum is probably where I am most interested I thought I would copy it to here also.

I have been lurking around the forums for about a week now, and starting on low carb plan 4 days ago. Already my BGL has dropped from morning fasting reading of 17.2 to 12.2. Still a way to go, but I am feeling confident now.

So here is my story. I was diagnosed with Diabetes around 1 year ago. I walk a lot but I have had a lot of trouble losing weight (even when I tried). I started on Metformin a few months ago, but only 2x500 dosage, which I don't think was enough. I have listened to my doctors and dietician for a year, and followed their advice. It didn't work. My BGL is still out of control, up and down, and I have not lost weight. I did some research. I found a copy of Dr Bernstein's book on a recent business trip to the USA. I also read a copy of Dr Atkins' book. I have decided to take my treatment into my own hands in a desperate bid to fend of insulin injections (having watched my father do this for 40 years it is a path I would rather not tread).

My initial goal is to get my BGL below 8.0 and keep it there. This is the main purpose of my being here, but hell, if I lose a little weight along the way then great. I wonder if it is possible to get it between 4.0 and 6.0 - Seems impossible, but we shall see. I am also interested to see how my blood pressure reacts. Once it got to 160/90 I got put onto Blood Pressure meds, but REALLY want to get off those quickly.

I have read the forums a lot, especially the diabetics forums on here and they are helpful. I am going to follow the low carb life well, but I am not intending to obsess about scales or my weight... its about getting healthy and feeling well. I am not following either Atkins Induction, nor Dr Bernsteins plan to the letter, really just a general low carb, pure non processed food plan.

I have a wonderful parnter, who is TOTALLY supportive of me adopting this WOE. He loves me no matter what and that makes anything in life easier.

I am going to start a journal now.

Thanks all
Sweetie from Sydney

Lisa N
Mon, Nov-25-02, 17:15
Hi Sweetie!

Yes, it IS possible to get your blood sugars to between 4 and 6, although I think you would be doing great to get it between 5 and 5.5. Look how far it's dropped already in just 4 days! Mine was 11.8 when I started 18 months ago and was on Metformin. My last check a few months ago showed me at 5.3 without the Metformin.
My BP was also dangerously high when I started (180/106) and I was put on BP meds. I'm off those too and my last check a few weeks ago showed my BP at 106/80 without meds.
Oh, yeah...I lost 75 lbs. too. :D
Don't expect to get there overnight, but I'm sure if you stick with it you will get there.
Patience and persistance are the name of the game. :)

Mon, Nov-25-02, 17:32
Thanks Lisa....

Your story is very inspirational to me. I think I might have to go read through, your journal as you are where I want to be.

I'm on holiday right now, and its almost summer, and a beautiful day, so i'm off for a walk on the beach.


Lisa N
Mon, Nov-25-02, 17:49
LOL...I'm jealous. Winter is just beginning here and we got 2 inches of snow last night with more predicted for tonight. Looks like it's going to be a white Thanksgiving here! :)