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Old Mon, Mar-10-03, 02:32
lucyr lucyr is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 158
Plan: atkins-modified
Stats: 228/185/154 Female 172cm
Progress: 58%
Location: UK

Hello denise, No I didn't. I buy them from a company in Guernsey, one of the Channel Isles. The company is called HEALTHSPAN. I have never looked for them in a health food shop. I expect you can get them.
I think they would be good for whatever ails you, as they have an oestrogen-like efect on the body and stabilise hormones. Apparently Japanese women do not suffer much from the menopause because of the high levels of soy they eat. I do not find it easy to get through a lot of soy, and these pills are the answer. A neighbour was having hot flushes every hour or so, and that stopped totally when she started the soy pills. I did try hrt, because of worries about bones (my mum is quite frail now) but got panic attacks and migraines. These pills appear to be side effect free and I have been taking them for 2 years.

And I can't reccomend glucosamine and chondriatin highly enough for aches and pains. My arthritic mum is down to one prescription pill a day (from about 10). A friend was waiting for a hip replacement and took them. She was virtually pain free while she waited. I find that I do not have any stiffness or pain after long walks as I used to. I have a dodgy knee, following a bad accident and I have no trouble from that either.

Sorry to sound like a snake oil saleswoman! I am a bit enthusiastic about these supplements as they have really helped me and many I know.
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Old Mon, Mar-10-03, 11:08
ewinpa's Avatar
ewinpa ewinpa is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 729
Plan: PP
Stats: 264/255.2/180 Female 5'6
Progress: 10%
Location: Chester County, PA

Hi, yes we are out here LOL!!!
Newbie to this forum, I am 54, I have fibromyalgia -some days feel like 39, some days feel like 112. Nice to have some company on the LC journey!
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Old Mon, Mar-10-03, 11:41
LOL Mom LOL Mom is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 81
Plan: Zone/Atkins
Stats: 138/130/125
Progress: 62%
Location: Northern Wisconsin
Default Hi GrammaDeni!

I hear you with those night sweats!!!! AWFUL! I'm only 46 but had a hysterectomy 5 years ago. I've been on Premarin ever since. However, since I found Estroven I've been able to cut my Premarin in half (I take .625 mg). Each night before going to bed I take one tablet of Estroven and the 1/2 tablet of Premarin. I haven't experienced any nightsweats at all. At one time I had tried to just cut the Premarin in half but I had such hotflashes all the time I had to go back to the full pill. So anyway, it must be the Estroven that is giving me enough to help ease the pain! Try it, give it a month, and let me know what you think!!!

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Old Mon, Mar-10-03, 12:11
Isa's Avatar
Isa Isa is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 418
Plan: South Beach
Stats: 133/129/115 Female 63"
Progress: 22%
Location: Seattle

I'm going to be 50 this year. The next day I'll be over 50. Can I come and play too?

I saw a stick-thin young woman slouching down the street yesterday, shoulders curled forward, sullen and self-absorbed. And I saw a trim, well dressed woman with beautiful posture and lots of grey hair striding alongside who I guess might be her teenaged sons or grandsons...I couldn't tell. Well she looked fabulous. Guess who my new role model is?

We're fifty
We're nifty
We like our sportscars shifty

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Old Mon, Mar-10-03, 12:36
pegm pegm is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 615
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 230/197/135
Progress: 35%
Location: Wisconsin

Glad to join! I'm 51 and am also having the night sweats and hot flashes (yuk). I don't feel like 51, and people tell me that I don't look it either (not sure if they're just being polite or not -- but it's still nice to hear).

I just tell the younger ones at work that being 50 is great -- it's that much closer to retirement!
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Old Mon, Mar-10-03, 13:35
Magicslr's Avatar
Magicslr Magicslr is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 158
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 149/120/122 Female 5 feet 2 inch
Progress: 107%
Location: Longwood (Orlando) FL


I used to tell the other women at work the same thing, and now I am retired - sort of. I like working but now do what I want when I want and no more driving thru traffic to get to the office at 7:30 am.

And Isa, I love sport cars. Years ago when I bought my first one, a much younger woman commented "it's so youthful". My reply was yes it is and so am I. I was probably around 50 at the time.

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Old Mon, Mar-10-03, 16:59
Teuthis's Avatar
Teuthis Teuthis is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 291
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 310/250/160
Progress: 40%
Location: Georgia
Default 55

And doing well What problems are you experiencing? I find that I am not able to do as much exercise as I did when I was younger. Otherwise I'm fine.
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Old Sat, Mar-15-03, 11:46
jackrabbit jackrabbit is offline
New Member
Posts: 12
Plan: Stillman/Atkins
Stats: 251/250/170
Progress: 1%
Location: South Dakota

Hello everybody. Just joined up with you yesterday. I am 62 years old. I did Stillman in the early 70's. I lost 125 pounds, kept it off until about eight years ago when I went into menopause. Last fall I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Am on a lot of medication and vitimans. I am feeling really good now. Went through a lot of pain before the diagnoses. Want to get this weight off my bones. If I could lose 80 pounds I would be happy. That is where I was before I gained. I weigh 250 now. Lo carb is better for me. I have been counting calories since the first of the year and the weight doesn't come off for me. I know this works as I have lo carbed before.

Nice to have some fellow over 50 dieters to talk to.


I come from a heavy family, have never been thin.
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Old Sat, Mar-15-03, 13:53
jeanyyy's Avatar
jeanyyy jeanyyy is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 8,536
Stats: 224/201/190 Female 5'6"
Progress: 68%
Location: Lower Mainland, BC, Canad

Hi, folks! I too am over 50 - 53 to be precise. Well into menopause, tried HRT, didn't like it, so now I'm off it. Yes, I get hot flashes but nothing I can't handle. No night sweats, though.

Harder to handle is the fatigue and the low libido - wish there was something safe to take for those things. Anyway, I am LC'ing to get rid of some of this excess poundage - I feel very uncomfortable at this size. Nice to know I'm not the only one feeling the need to DO something
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Old Sat, Mar-15-03, 21:29
haleyju's Avatar
haleyju haleyju is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 52
Plan: primarily Atkins
Stats: 180/137/138 Female 65 inches
Progress: 102%
Location: East Texas

I'm glad to see that I'm not alone. I'm 51. Somedays I feel great,and somedays are not as good. However, the good days are happening more since there is less of me to carry around. As for night sweats -- got em, arthritis -- looks like the elbow is in for that one, but otherwise, I'm OK. I teach school and thank heavens the kids (12th gr.) don't guess my real age.... So I guess I still look less than 50. Thank Heavens!

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Old Sun, Mar-16-03, 00:03
Atrsy's Avatar
Atrsy Atrsy is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,044
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 050/029/000 Female 5ft, 8 1/2 inches
Progress: 42%
Location: Pennsylvania

I was beginning to think I was the oldest one on this thread until I got to Pat (thanks Pat). I am 58.

I also find it very difficult to lose weight with my age. I'm in a bit of a carb fest for the past several weeks and can't seem to get my act together.

As for the Prempro and soy--don't do it! My doctor has me on Estrodial and Prometrium because Prempro was found to be dangerous. He says it's not the Premarin, but the progestin that is in it that is harmful. But adding soy is really dangerous. He told me that one soy shake can have as much estrogen in it as one Prempro pill.

If you take the soy in place of HRT, you run the risk of getting endometrial cancer (unless you have had a hysterectomy). My gyno told me that last year he had 5 cases of women with cancer because they thought they were doing the "healthy" thing by using soy instead of HRT because it was natural. He said that soy is dangerous.

I think the reason the Japanese don't have problems with soy is because they eat it in it's natural state--tofu, ect. But the soy isolates are really dangerous.

Anyway, as I said I'm over 50 also.

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Old Sun, Jul-20-03, 07:13
RoseTattoo's Avatar
RoseTattoo RoseTattoo is offline
Kid R
Posts: 1,168
Plan: Maintenance
Stats: // Female 5"1'
BF:Too darn much!
Progress: 90%
Location: PA

Hi, everyone. I'm 53, been low-carbing for a couple of months. My problems are very high cholesterol and triglycerides, plus a lot of body fat around my middle. I'm very, very short and small boned, so can't carry any extra weight healthfully. Going through menopause right now (it's very late in my family), horrible, almost constant hot flashes, but I'm not taking anything for them, just change clothing frequently. I exercise daily, and some days feel great, and others--well, a tad like a senior citizen in the making.

Very glad to meet you all!
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Old Sun, Jul-20-03, 07:59
jude's Avatar
jude jude is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 944
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 182/149/145 Female 65"
Progress: 89%
Location: Innisfil, Ontario

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to drop in and say "Hi!". I'm 61, been low carbing for about a year, down 54 lbs so far and feel great that I've finally found a "diet" that works. No health problems so far (knock on whatever).

My Mom, who is 82, started lowcarbing about a month ago and has lost 13 lbs to-date. She has arthritis and high blood pressure, so I'm hoping this woe will help in those areas as well.

BTW, I'm not sure I like the name of this group--"The Elder Lounge"? Give me a break!


Last edited by jude : Sun, Jul-20-03 at 08:01.
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Old Sun, Jul-20-03, 08:33
di52's Avatar
di52 di52 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 225
Plan: atkins
Stats: 155/143.0/135 Female 5'4"
Progress: 60%
Location: Franklin MA

Hi - I'll be 51 in Oct. I'm lucky because I had my kids a little later than most of my contemoraries. My kids are now 7 and 10 which is a lot of fun. They still like to hang with me so we do a lot of swimming and biking together. My life-long goal is to always be able to keep up with the kids - or at least not lag too much behind. I just gave my son my mountain bike, which is a perfect size for him. I rollerblade while the kids ride their bikes, and the pace has been perfect for all of us. Now that Brian's got my 18-speed, he'll probably leave me in the dust. DH just got his bike tuned up, so he can join us too. My Atkins experience has been very positive so far. I loose pretty slowly - it's been 6 monthe and I'm down 15 - another 5 (or maybe 10) to go. I know why it's slow - I eat too many nuts.
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Old Wed, Jul-23-03, 14:16
Fat's Avatar
Fat Fat is offline
Senior Member
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Stats: 174/110/110 Female 5' 1"
Progress: 100%
Location: Missouri

This is a great place to have a party Everyone is so friendly.

Hello everyone, I am 55 and keep thinking I am still 54, so my 15 yr old DD keeps telling me my age. Sometimes I can be so forget full it scares me. I know my mom has Dementa and she does that all the time and so I think no, not me.

Diane, love your cat... I have one just like it. He is a fat cat, and finicky......O man....won't eat anything but his favorite cat food. Neighbor shot him in the eye with a pelet gun and now he is blind in his right eye. Vet said he can't take the pelet out without taking out his eye. He healed up just fine. His tear duc is no good and his eye waters a lot. He is our house cat now.
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