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Old Wed, Aug-18-04, 16:58
ldcowboy ldcowboy is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 42
Plan: IR, 6x6
Stats: 270/235/190 Male 5' 10"
Progress: 44%
Wink My take on the Insulin Resistance Diet

I'm trying the IR diet with an important modification: When exercising (walking), after the first hour up to one hour after exercise, turn off the diet. The exercise will prevent any insulin spikes during that time, so carbs need not be linked / balanced / restricted.

- larry

PS: The Snickers marathon energy bars taste wonderful, and they are already balanced and linked (25 g net carbs, 13 g protein). MLO energy bars are also in the ballpark with 40 g net carbs and 21 g protein.
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Old Sat, Sep-23-06, 14:59
Myrajan Myrajan is offline
New Member
Posts: 14
Plan: glycemic index
Stats: 240/228/185 Female 5ft 8inches
Progress: 22%
Location: Birmingham, Alabama

This sound like the plan that will be most effective for me.
I have been doing about the same on the low glycemic, the only thing as a diabetic I can not eat anything white, including
potatoes, They spike my bs sky high!
Really a great thread! thanks!
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Old Fri, Oct-27-06, 11:28
bero48's Avatar
bero48 bero48 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 509
Plan: IR
Stats: 220/217/175 Female 5' 7"
Progress: 7%
Location: Georgia

Hi I hope this thread is not stopping I see no one has written since September. I have decided to try the IR diet so would really love to have a help like to talk to. If anyone is still there let me know.
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Old Mon, Jul-23-07, 12:13
kc111978 kc111978 is offline
New Member
Posts: 3
Plan: Insulin Resistance
Stats: 129/129/122 Female 65 in
Default Please help!

I'm so glad I found this forum. I recently read the Insulin Resistance Diet and love the concept, but could really use some help deciphering some of the info. First of all, have people been successful on this diet? With all of the linking I'm afraid I won't loose weight because of calories. And in the book it says you don't have to count calories, but then it also says if you eat too many calories you will gain weight.

I am also a little confused about the linking. If a food is balanced, like certain fruits or vegetables, can you eat them by themselves? Like can you have a grapefruit by itself, or some carrots? Or are those foods only to be eaten with other foods? The reason I ask is that the book says you must eat at least two food groups at every meal and also that you should eat a high protein food every time you eat. It just seems like every time I am hungry I have to eat so many calories because I always have to have foods linked. any advice would be greatly apprecitaed.
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Old Sun, May-18-08, 13:47
saturner saturner is offline
New Member
Posts: 1
Plan: Insulin Resistance
Stats: 160/150/125 Female 60 in
Progress: 29%
Unhappy Insulin Resistant


I've been *trying* to follow the insulin resistance diet since August 2007 when I was diagnosed as being insulin resistant. My doctor gave no info regarding protein/carb ratios. Instead, he just said to eat a lot of protein and limit carbs to 15-20 g per meal and have only nuts, cheeses, sugar-free peanut butter on celery or other foods that are non-carb for snacks twice a day (four times a day now that I'm pregnant). Anything with added sugars or sweeteners (other than Splenda) are strictly no-no. Any suggestions for snacks? I like some nuts and cheeses but get very tired of them very quickly.

I've always been a chocolaholic so this diet has been very rough for me.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Old Thu, Feb-10-11, 08:29
Minimeg Minimeg is offline
New Member
Posts: 3
Plan: The Insulin Resistance Di
Stats: 180/160/130 Female 5'4"
Default The Insulin Resistance Diet is Easy and it Works

I am a 73 year old, diet controlled, Type 2 diabetic. For a while I was "good" but as time went on, I was not mindful of my eating habits and began to put on extra pounds and my blood sugars, weight, and triglycerides started inching up. As a nurse practitioner, I have avoided plans like Atkins because of their high saturated fat and ketogenic effects but needed something to avoid having to take medication for my diabetes . I stumbled on The Insulin Resistance Diet book and it really changed my life. Though the holidays were treacherous, and I lost a bit of ground there, I have lost 17 pounds since October and brought my blood sugars into the consistently normal range. My son, whose blood sugars were in the 300's, brought his down into the upper 80's with this diet. Though he is on meds, his bloods sugars were still not controlled without this eating plan. He has also lost over 20 pounds and his doctor is considering lowering his med dosages. I love this eating plan because it so easy. Virtually nothing is eliminated as long as it is eaten in reasonable quantities. It is easy to eat out and to feed the rest of your family without having to cook separate meals. Like others who have commented, I don't feel this book and diet plan have received anywhere near the amount of publicity they deserve. I do believe that different plans work better for different people but speaking for myself, this is the easiest, most effective eating plan I have personally ever experienced. Any "diet" where you have to make radical changes in your eating habits is likely not going to stick with you for the long haul but this is a plan that could easily work for the rest of your life.
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Old Thu, Feb-10-11, 08:47
Minimeg Minimeg is offline
New Member
Posts: 3
Plan: The Insulin Resistance Di
Stats: 180/160/130 Female 5'4"
Default Chocolate on the IR Diet

I just noticed that someone said they are missing chocolate. I buy 72% cacao dark chocolate (Ghirardelli and Lindt make good ones) and have a square when the chocolate urge strikes. It has less than 5 carbs and while it isn't quite balanced, when I eat this at home, I can have it with other protein or with milk. Occasionally, I put it on a single graham cracker square and melt it in the microwave - yummy. I sometimes also buy a bag of the Ghirardelli individually wrapped squares and put one in my purse to have with my tall skinny latte when we go to Starbucks or Barnes and Noble cafe (the latte is linked and balanced). The chocolate square makes me feel like I am getting a treat without resorting to having a scone or other high carb goodie. While I don't do this every day since it is not strictly balanced, it has not impacted my weight loss or my blood sugars and I no longer feel deprived!
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Old Wed, Apr-13-11, 14:16
fat-rolls fat-rolls is offline
New Member
Posts: 7
Plan: Insulin Resistance Diet
Stats: 152/140/135 Female 163cm
Progress: 71%
Location: Sydney, Australia

I agree that the best thing about the Insulin Resistance diet (especially in the longer term) is that you don't have to feel deprived, as long as you approach it sensibly.

There is a section on "splurging" which helps you to realize you can incorporate the occasional treat, look forward to the indulgence and really savor it. It won't ruin your efforts or make you feel you've "blown it". The only danger is that some people will take it as a license to overindulge.
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