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View Poll Results: Why did you choose low-carb?
To lose weight 466 58.69%
To improve my general health 81 10.20%
to avoid things like diabetes 34 4.28%
to help my diabetes 24 3.02%
all of the above 189 23.80%
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Old Fri, Aug-23-02, 22:02
Dana114's Avatar
Dana114 Dana114 is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 29
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 185/143/145 Female 5' 7 1/2"
Progress: 105%
Location: Texas

I did it to lose weight, not knowing that it would cure my low blood sugar and subsequent depression! What a great benefit!
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Old Fri, Jan-31-03, 07:14
37-48Ford's Avatar
37-48Ford 37-48Ford is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 183
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 202/174/130 Female 5' 2"
Progress: 39%
Location: Barnesville GA
Default Well Kinda!

In the beginning...I started LC to loose weight...but now I know my priorities have changed and Now I do it for my general health and the weight loss is just a plus...I just never thought I could find a WOE that just agrees with me so much!!!

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Old Fri, Jan-31-03, 10:28
hysteria's Avatar
hysteria hysteria is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,106
Plan: General LC
Stats: 232/157.4/145 Female 5'6.5
BF:...getting lower
Progress: 86%
Location: Northern Virginia
Thumbs up LC is working for me

So far, I am beginning to believe that I am going to be able to change my WOL.
I decided to look into LC after joining weight watchers. I had looked at it before and my mind rebeled at the thought of eating fats and cheeses and meats all the time after years of being pounded over & over by the establishment that high-fiber, low-fat is the ONLY way. I kept telling people that the main reason I was having trouble losing weight is b/c I am a carb addict. I kept saying it but not "listening" to what I was saying. Then I started reading the message boards, and I found out about PCOS...
Hubby & I have been ttc (trying to conceive) for almost a year. I went off birth control in April of 2002. In Sept, I started doing some research & some soul searching. I kept denying that my weight could have anything to do w/ me not getting preg. - had to be something else so I started taking a battery of herbal suppliments.
Then I gave in & said - Yea, it's got to be the weight, but instead of doing a healthy diet, I took OTC w/l drugs and basically starved myself w/ an extremely low cal, low fat diet. I lost 15 pounds, but still, nothing. I got frustrated and went back to my old habits & gained 20 pounds over the holidays.
Anyway, my research on PCOS kind of pointed me in the right direction. I am a carb addict, too much carb = insulin overproduction, insulin op = infertility. hmmmm - did not take rocket science to put 2 + 2 together. The other issue I was trying to deny was the fact when I got pregnant with my daughter 7 years ago, I was on a LC diet and had lost 15 pound in about a month. I am assuming now that me lowing my insulin levels probably stimulated me to ovulate properly and thus, conceive. I am praying (and feel free to throw a few prayers my way) that by making this a change for life, I will now, hopefully, get pg, and be able to maintain weight loss (after the baby is born of course).

This is my "story", so to speak. I am so glad I found this message board and hopefully, w/ the support of my family & internet friends, will make this a WOL & make it work!

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Old Sun, Feb-02-03, 13:44
rwarren's Avatar
rwarren rwarren is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 31
Plan: Atkins/Protein Power
Stats: 346/295/220 Male 6'1"
Progress: 40%
Location: Lodi, Ohio
Default Thank you

Like others on the poll, I explored low carb because I needed to lose weight. So, my wife and I got Atkins and Protein Power and began our exploration.

We heard some negative stuff about Atkins, so I was a little reluctant. However, with the encouragement of people on these boards and with the wealth of information all of you so readily supply, my wife and I said, "Let's do it."

Today, I am down 15 pounds in 10 days. I do not have the discipline to follow anything like the induction phase or to count my carbs to the exact gram. However, I have cut out those refined products, and I probably don't go over 30g carbs in a day.

So, to all who exert the effort to make these forums possible and for those of you who share life-changing information, I want to thank you.


Last edited by rwarren : Sun, Feb-02-03 at 13:46.
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Old Fri, Apr-04-03, 22:27
shama's Avatar
shama shama is offline
Montana MaMa
Posts: 1,723
Plan: My own lc
Stats: ***/***/140 Female 5'7"
Progress: 26%
Location: Montana

I mainly chose this WOE because I knew that it would help me to lose weight, the quickest. And after reading the book, it all made sense to me. it seemed to be a better way of eating than I was used to and since I gained all this weight by my past eating, I figured this had to make a difference.
Also, I did it for my kids, I want to be around longer, and I dont want to get diabetes. It runs on both sides of my family.

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Old Sun, Apr-06-03, 07:27
Alina's Avatar
Alina Alina is offline
Posts: 4,898
Plan: Atkins Life Maintenance!
Stats: 184/152/154 Female 173 cm/5,8
BF:In right places...
Progress: 107%
Location: Germany

Because what I've read in Atkins book described "what was wrong with me" the past years.
Because I never wanted to go hungry again.
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Old Sun, Apr-06-03, 07:56
zoochef's Avatar
zoochef zoochef is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 383
Plan: Dr. Atkins Diet
Stats: 232/215/190 Male 71"
Progress: 40%
Location: Siler City, NC

Hi DebdaCajun,

I am diabetic. The main reason I started the Atkins plan was due to the medication my doctor put me on was not controling my blood sugar. My weight was going up and my blood sugar was high no matter how closely I followed the ADA meal plans. I knew I had to do something and when I read the Atkins Diet Revolution, it made sense. As of today, I am no longer taking any of the diabetes medication and my blood sugar averages around 95 to 105 a day. I no longer feel that I am starving and I have more energy than I've had for a long time.

Even though I now live in North Carolina, I am from Rapides Parish.

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Old Sun, Apr-06-03, 08:50
Belle's Avatar
Belle Belle is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 236
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 240/234/150 Female Five Feet
Progress: 7%
Location: Big Spring Texas
Default I just started reading the book

My friend had tried atkins and had not succeeded. So when she was moving, she asked me if I wanted the book, so I said sure. One day I was bored and started reading the book. It made sense to me, I evaluted my eating and when my boyfriend came home from work that night I told him what I was going to do. He said, ok if you want to. I think he was kind of skeptical at first, but when he saw the pounds start coming off, he rapidly stopped being skeptical. So, that is how I got started on low carb and why I keep going.
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Old Sun, Apr-06-03, 10:55
Ms_Pat Ms_Pat is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 65
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 222/181/155 Female 5'5"
Progress: 61%
Location: Calumet City,IL
Default No TYPE II for me!

I've never cared much about weight or had any problem "wearing
it well". I had an uncle with diabetes, then a few years ago my mom was diagnosed with it and a few months ago my brother who is only 2 years older that me was diagnosed.

My mom had been telling me I should lose weight for the past 5 years or so but I didn't give it a second thought until one of my friends was also recently diagnosed and choose to have gastric bypass surgery.

I don't like counting calories or low-fat foods so LCing was perfect for me and it is working wonderfully for me. I started Feb 17th and have lost 24 lbs and I'm never hungry and have turned into the energizer bunny!
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Old Sat, Apr-19-03, 07:32
poetree's Avatar
poetree poetree is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 281
Plan: atkins (testing hf/mp)
Stats: 157/143.2/137 Female 5' 6"
BF:why i oughta...
Progress: 69%
Location: Central Coast/California
Default Started by Accident

A friend served me a delicious breakfast I thought I would have to spend hours working off until she explained it was on her LC menu and she was losing weight. I borrowed her book and have been on Atkins ever since that meal...6 mornings ago. My initial goal is to loase weight...but I also want to kick my carb addiction. I'm a dark chocolaholic and a bagel/tortilla/creal connessuer from as long as I can remember. Which since hitting 40, isn't very long.
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Old Sat, Apr-19-03, 08:49
cc48510 cc48510 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,018
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 320/220/195 Male 6'0"
Progress: 80%
Location: Pensacola, FL

1) To lose weight,
2) I lost a close family member to diabetes,
3) I began having the same pains he'd had in his final years,
4) A friend told me about his success with Atkins.
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Old Sat, Apr-19-03, 15:45
jeanyyy's Avatar
jeanyyy jeanyyy is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 8,545
Stats: 224/201/190 Female 5'6"
Progress: 68%
Location: Lower Mainland, BC, Canad

I started Atkins because

1) I NEEDED to lose weight for many reasons (self esteem, body image, health (arthritis in one knee, for instance), fitness, emotions/depression)

2) I couldn't face the idea of Weight Watchers yet again with the constant counting and deprivation (and likely failure for those reasons)

3) I was considering Dr Bernstein (not the diabetes diet, the Canadian clinic and mega $$$ one)

4) In researching Bernstein, I hit on a Yahoo group about Atkins, which I had done years ago. That lead me to this Forum and I realized how things had changed - so much more support and so many more products & recipes, making boredom a thing of the past)

I will STAY on Atkins/LC because

1) I CAN lose weight at a reasonable pace, while EATING

2) I feel SOOOO much better - more energy, more "alive"

3) I can handle stalls/plateaus because I can eat delicious food and go out to eat without problems- something I couldn't do on W.W. As long as I stay on plan, I know the weight will come off eventually.

This really has become a WOL for me, after about 6-7 weeks. I sure hope I don't lose this commitment

Last edited by jeanyyy : Sat, Apr-19-03 at 15:46.
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Old Sun, Apr-20-03, 17:21
kittyluv kittyluv is offline
New Member
Posts: 13
Plan: Dr. Atkins
Stats: 175/174/125 Female 5'4"
Progress: 2%
Location: Seabrook, NH

My main reason for beginning the Atkins WOL was because of a diabetic condition and other health issues. I was on medication for 7 years and my BG was way out of control. All the while eating low fat and thinking I was doing the right thing. The doctor finally said I was going to have to start taking insulin....Nope! Not me.

I started Atkins Jan.21, 2003 and I am off all diabetes medication and all other health issues have improved as well. My doctor's mouth is still hanging open hehehehe.
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Old Tue, Apr-22-03, 19:46
Kathy54's Avatar
Kathy54 Kathy54 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,858
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 180/135/140 Female 5.3
Progress: 113%
Location: Vancouver Island, B.C.

I have only followed one other diet in my life, actually forgot I had done it....................... three weeks I think????

Anyhow I decided, rather than chose, to do Low carb.............

1st.............. because I read reports that, the American Heart assco, was changeing their views about Atkins
2nd...............the Carb turning into storage made totall sense to me. seemed like something simple I could follow and not change the rest of my skinny family.
4th................Results I read about, were real people
5th.................the only cost was the Book. ( even thought I bought P.P.and CAD as well).

I and my family feel the results are amazing, I'll never go back to a full carb diet.

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Old Mon, May-05-03, 09:57
msdaisy msdaisy is offline
New Member
Posts: 14
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 198/184/150
Progress: 29%
Location: Northern Calif

After losing 45 lbs. on WW, I stalled for a year. I began to realize that I am a carbo junkie. No matter what I did, as long as I continued to eat tons of carb loaded foods every day, I was not going to lose weight. I tried Atkins years ago and only remembered that it was so devoid of vegetables I have felt that it could not possibly be good for you. I recently broke down and bought his new book. To my surprise, it was not what I remembered. After only 11 days, I've lost 8 pounds. I did develop some good habits on WW, though. I do journalize on paper each day exactly what I've eaten and the carb count. I must say that the first few days were rough. Now that my cravings have disappeared I am feeling better than I have in a long long time. One of the great side effects for me is that I no longer have any intestinal distress. Must have been the sugar?? Here's hoping that my resolve will last a life time!!
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