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Old Sat, Jun-23-01, 18:25
tina3869's Avatar
tina3869 tina3869 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 122
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 130/116/100
Location: Cherry Hill, NJ
Default Question

Does anyone know if you can get diabeties (spelling?) from eating too much sugar? My grandmother swears that's how my grandfather and his mother got it ....she calls it "sugar diabities" I'm not sure what that means. My grandfather had to take shots and eat a sugar free diet, and his mother was always in the hospital with these sores on her legs and she couldn't have sugar either. So anyway, my grandmother used to have a fit if we ate anything with sugar in it and would swear "If you eat that candy bar you'll end up just like your grandfather!!" OH!!! We weren't allowed to have white bread either.

So ofcurse when I grew up and moved out I cramed (and have been cramming) every bit of sugar and white bread that I can get my hands on!!

BTW that was a great idea for a poll!!
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Old Wed, Jun-27-01, 06:27
sdisney sdisney is offline
New Member
Posts: 3
Plan: Protein Power
Stats: 133/133/125
Location: Lake City, TN (East Tennessee)
Smile Why I chose low carb!

I am so happy to find this site. I chose low carb because I did lowfat for 10 yrs. for high cholesterol and it only went higher and I gained weight. Low carb had dropped my Cholesterol count by 86 points, raised my HDL to 128, lowered my trigly. to 46 and lost 18 lbs. Felt GREAT!
I have had breast cancer this past year and I let everything with my diet slip back to BAD. Now all the treatment is behind me, the cancer is gone, I have gained weight, my Cholesterol count is back up, even though my HDL still remains high (125). I am working hard to get back to the low carb diet. I used Protein Power/Dr. Atkins. It works for me. My doctors also recommended the diet for breast cancer, but also add fruits and veggies. I can't have soy products because my tumor was ER Neg, so that makes it harder to get a variety of protein. Reading all of this helps to keep me focused and gives me encouragement. I am basically alone in this so I need all the positive input I can get. Any suggestions on other protein sources besides soy? I have used some of the recipes, they are great. I am so blessed to have found this site. It gives me the support I need. A grateful THNAK YOU!!!
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Old Fri, Jun-29-01, 10:27
Lara's Avatar
Lara Lara is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 148
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 188/163/145?
Location: Peterborough, Canada
Default Welcome

Hi. I'm also a fairly new poster here. I love the daily inspiration this forum provides. Lots of great recipes, stories and tips but most important of all the great camaradarie amongst the low carbers. Good luck and we're all with you! Cheers.
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Old Fri, Jun-29-01, 16:43
DebDaCajun's Avatar
DebDaCajun DebDaCajun is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 66
Plan: Dr. Bernstein
Stats: 290/270/150
Location: Shreveport, LA
Default Re: Question

Originally posted by tina3869
Does anyone know if you can get diabetes from eating too much sugar? My grandmother swears that's how my grandfather and his mother got it

Until a few years ago, the blame for diabetes was blamed on overconsuption of sugar, but now it is known that diabetes is a bit more complex. (BTW, "sugar diabetes" means the same thing as diabetes mellitus, an excess of glucose in the blood. It's an old term (I heard my grandma use it too) that differentiates it from diabetes insipidus, which is caused by impaired renal function.)

It's not sugar itself that is the problem so much as the overconsumption of ANY carbohydrate -- your body doesn't much care if you're getting carbos from candy, pasta, or fruit, it will still turn all excess into fat. Although being overweight DOES put you at risk, there is also a strong genetic component to it.

It's a vicious cycle really -- you overeat carbos, your insulin converts it into fat, you get fatter and more insulin resistant, so your cells tell your brain, "Hey, we're starvin' down here!" and so you eat more carbos. Best way to break that cycle is low-carb. Easy to say, not so easy to do when your inner child wants to eat the same things your visiting 8-year old nephew is! (In case anyone was wondering, that's what I've been busy with all week, entertaining my nephew Brandon.)

Last edited by DebDaCajun : Fri, Jun-29-01 at 16:50.
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Old Fri, Jun-29-01, 16:50
Sharon's Avatar
Sharon Sharon is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,123
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 145?/131/125 Female 5'1"
Default RRSP's

Ruth....sounds wonderful the way you are turning things around...may you live a long, healthy wealthy get out there a buy some RRSP''s a buyers market!!
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Old Tue, Jul-03-01, 09:30
montgomeryps99's Avatar
montgomeryps99 montgomeryps99 is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 48
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 304/240/180
Progress: 52%
Location: Cheyenne, WY
Default Poll

I am a borderline diebetic and my weight was getting way out of control. I had tried so many different diets and nothing ever worked that well for me, or else I didn't feel satisfied. Plus when I went shopping for clothes I would get really bummed out because I couldn't buy the cute clothes they have out, they just don't make that many cute clothes in plus sizes. But the Atkins diet has been working so well for me I have been on the diet for 5 months now, and sure I have an occasional day here and there where I admit I eat something I shouldn't but I make sure I am right back with the program. I miss things like ice cream, my DR. Pepper, milk (big milk drinker) but occasionally I will have a half a glass just to cure the craving for it usually about once a week.
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Old Thu, Jul-05-01, 11:45
Kim1228 Kim1228 is offline
New Member
Posts: 1
Plan: carb-addict
Stats: //
Location: usa
Red face

My Mom and brother are diabetics and I'm over the writing is on the wall.

I like most overwieght people have tried every diet in the book. I reluctently get on the scale several times a day leaning this way and that disbelief that it could actually be that number! My weight is the first thing I think of when I get up and it follows me through out the day. I have atleast40-46 lbs. to loose. In my eyes it might as well be 3oo. Yesterday, I tried the low-carb thing. Actually, I tired the "carb-addict healthy heart' diet. Where you have a "reward" meal. I felt satisfied. I even had a small piece of chocolate cake. I lost 1 lb. But still feel like eating that cake is "cheating" so today I will not induldged in the dessert area. I'm having a problem with ideas for breakfast. Are there any ideas out there.......would apprecoate it. thanks.....I have never been in a support group before but I know I need something!
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Old Fri, Jul-06-01, 14:26
JeanetteJ JeanetteJ is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 465
Plan: South Beach
Stats: 265/244/145 Female 62inches
Progress: 18%
Location: U.S.
Default breakfast

Eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, cheeses, omlettes,. those are the main things. for variety I'll ocasionally have cheese on a low carb peice of bread, or some plain yogurt, or a glass of milk. Watch the carbs on these last ones though, make sure you have the allotment. Also, you could eat any food you might eat for lunch or dinner even if it's 'breakfast' time.
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Old Sun, Sep-09-01, 04:42
KarN KarN is offline
New Member
Posts: 17
Plan: Dr. Atkins
Stats: 170/166/150
Progress: 20%
Location: Jax, Florida
Wink Why I chose lo Carbo

Hello everyone,
It took me a long time to make up my mind about going back on a
lo carb program. After all, "Sugar" loves me!

I finally made up my mind because I am tired of waking up in
the morning and feeling like I have a hangover. For me,
binging on carbs makes me sluggish as heck. I sleep poorly,
I react slowly, and I always feel hungry. When on a binge I crave more! I am tired of it.

When on a lo carb program I have a sort of inner peace and
good feeling about myself. I sleep better and am happier with myself. My top wt. was 250 many yrs ago. I lost over the yrs
down to 125 with lo carbs and have worked my way back to
170. But I stopped there. I know it works, and ya know what?
I am so much *NICER* when the sugar is out of my body.
Does anyone else feel like they are nicer or happier when away from Sugar???
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Old Sun, Sep-09-01, 08:37
CherylAust's Avatar
CherylAust CherylAust is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 340
Plan: aitkins
Stats: 198/198/143 Female 155cm
Progress: 0%
Location: Sydney, Australia
Thumbs up Love this WOE

I hadn't even heard of Low Carbing until a friend from the US sent me one of The Aitkins books, I didn't know that I was addicted to carbohydrates. I have tried all sorts of diets, even injections which made me feel terrible. I did have limited success once with Weight Watchers but put it all back on when I stopped going. It has been hard going with non-low carber family members that I have to cook for but I am trying hard. Though it hasn't been as hard as the low fat diets I have been on. The results I have seen so far will keep me on this track, I will continue until and beyond the time I reach my goal.

My name is Cheryl and I am a carboholic
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Old Sun, Sep-09-01, 16:51
Robibob's Avatar
Robibob Robibob is offline
New Member
Posts: 10
Plan: atkins
Stats: 276/276/150
Progress: 0%
Location: Tulsa,Okla.

Hello and Congratulations to all here.
I chose to go on this diet because of 17 years of being
obease.Low self esteem and yo-yo dieting took me up to 276
last spring.My sister told me one of her friends had lost a lot of weight this way and was doing well.I started fooling around
with LC and by the end of summer I was down to 256.That
was three and a half weeks ago.When I weighed this morning I'm down to 238(lbs.) I started to cry,Now I'm more determined then ever to stick to this.
My husband has a convention in Feb.I'm determined to look my best.This Jan. I will get to buy new clothes,I won't have to wear
moo-moos.I'm so glad I found this site Everyone here has inspired me to carry on with this new way of life for me.
Thank You all so much.
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Old Sun, Sep-09-01, 19:36
marble marble is offline
New Member
Posts: 11
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 176/166/140
Progress: 28%
Location: Northern Illinois
Cool It works.

I'm on Low Carb (Atkins) simply because it works. I'm 46 years old and I haven't been able to make the scale BUDGE for about a year. It's discouraging. Now having lost 7 pounds on Induction, I'm thrilled with it and intend to keep going.

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Old Mon, Sep-10-01, 19:13
techgirl's Avatar
techgirl techgirl is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 59
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 251/236/160 Female 5'4"
Progress: 16%
Location: canada

I am a low carber because I want to lose weight but I know that I am in it for life now. If I go back to my old WOE, I am back in hell as far I am concerned.

I tried everything....Xenical, Nutri Sustem, WW, Slim Fast...etc.
I had my gallblader removed. After loosing lots of weight on Nutri System, I went into a depression....not fun at all. Last year while I was on Xenical, I had a kidney stone....not fun, the worst pain ever.

I am still feeling the effects of Xenical, every time I consume a somewhat large amount of fat, I must be close to a bathroom if you know what I mean. I would not recommend Xenical to anybody.

I have also considered getting my stomach stappled but I have heard horror stories so I chickened out.

There, that's my story... Now, I am lowcarbing... I hope it will work.

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Old Mon, Sep-10-01, 20:09
numberonewendy's Avatar
numberonewendy numberonewendy is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,703
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 183/143/140
Progress: 93%
Location: Orillia, Ont. Canada

Low carbing will work. was long as you watched what you ate, and if you ate long as you were close to a washroom

Tummy stapled, well that I know I wouldn't go for. I know a few that have, and I'm not impressed....they are now over weight once again, and can't eat a decent meal!
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Old Tue, Sep-11-01, 02:39
KarN KarN is offline
New Member
Posts: 17
Plan: Dr. Atkins
Stats: 170/166/150
Progress: 20%
Location: Jax, Florida
Default For Techgirl

What is Xenical? Is it a medication for wt. reduction?

As far as stomach stapling, I have two friends
who had it done and it worked for them. They would not even
consider you as a candidate since you are not grossly overwt.
If your life was threatened due to obesity it would be a good
option. I sure as heck would have it done.

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