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Old Sat, Sep-24-22, 08:09
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I saw a post once (might have been on this board) about a young woman who ordered a vegan sub at a sub shop. She asked exactly what was in it, not even trusting the "vegan" label. The guy behind the counter told her all the ingredients and she said yes, she'll have that, with mayo. He said, but you do know that mayo is made with eggs so that's not vegan, right? She got angry and said she wanted the mayo anyway.

Now there's a die-hard vegan for you ... when it suits her purposes.
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Old Sat, Sep-24-22, 12:55
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Thanks for the laugh BW!!

Years ago like late 70s, a vegetarian restaurant was popular in my town. Very delicious food. Didn't miss the meat. High quality food. Fresh. Whole foods. Made in the restaurant.

It was a seasonal business as the town closed up when the tourists headed home.

One of my favorite places. Miss it.
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Old Sun, Sep-25-22, 09:14
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Originally Posted by Kristine
I wonder if it's something in the processing. The parchment paper we use at work is Kosher-certified. I asked a Jewish friend about that, and we looked it up and it turns out there's a beef derivative used in production.

(Can't wait for some vegan baker's head to asplode when they find that out) 🤯

I just checked my parchment paper supply - it's not listed as kosher.

However, I also looked up what parchment paper is made from, and everything I found said it was treated with silicone to make it non-stick. There's no mention of anything animal based used in the production of it.

Hmm, maybe something animal based is used to make the paper itself - before it's coated with silicone?

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Old Sun, Sep-25-22, 10:07
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If the parchment paper is listed as silicone based it does not need to be certified as kosher. Apparently there are some additives that can be used in the paper making process derived from tallow. If the tallow is not kosher (derived from a kosher animal) then the paper would not be kosher, meaning no non-kosher additive has been used. There may be other additive than tallow that are also no kosher. That is why some parchment paper is certified kosher by a kosher certifying agent not the manufacturer. At least that's how I understand it. The rules for keeping kosher can get pretty complicated. I grew up in a kosher household so to me it doesn't all sound as weird as it may to people who are not familiar with keeping kosher.
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Old Sun, Sep-25-22, 12:12
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Originally Posted by Calianna
I just checked my parchment paper supply - it's not listed as kosher.
I just checked mine, which was made in France & packaged in Toronto. It doesn't say kosher or pareve like most foods, or have the more common Circle-K symbol, but it does have the Star-K and Circle-U kosher symbols ... on the last side of the box I checked and they are very tiny.

I suspect tallow or some sort of oil is used to make parchment non-sticky, but silicone is probably used instead to achieve nonstickiness (unless it is more expensive). Curiously this French parchment is more pliable and was half the price of parchment made in North America, despite the shipping. An 80 yr old friend always complained about American parchment being stiff and noisy (like cellophane) and preferred European parchment.

Last edited by deirdra : Sun, Sep-25-22 at 12:32.
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