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Old Sun, Apr-11-21, 12:26
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Originally Posted by Bob-a-rama

When bears come out of hibernation they are carnivores, but right before hibernation the fruit and berries ripen and they put on a lot of fat. It's not a stretch to think humans ate the fruit right before the lean season, but with no canning, freezing or other forms of storage, they certainly didn't eat fruit all year long.

But I'm not an expert in the field, just thinking out loud.


Bears are opportunistic eaters and feed on anything available, especially large insects that are loaded with fat. So, it's more than berries and fruit before hibernation, they'll eat fish, meat, and Miller Moths:

Miller Moths: What eats them?

They have many natural enemies, including predatory ground beetles, hunting wasps, and many birds. Grizzly bears in Yellowstone are known to feed on large numbers of the fat-rich moths they find under loose rocks.

Humans can adapt to anything, but when survival by finding food was essential, most plants seasonally available were a nutritionally incomplete food source without adding living things to get a full complement of required nutrients.
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Old Sun, Apr-11-21, 16:23
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I'm glad they're doing some research into the digestive acids and what-not to show that paleos would have eaten mostly meat, but to me, the biggest proof that humans ate mostly meat is that no matter what part of the world you live in, there are seasons to the year. It doesn't matter where you are - naturally occurring edible matter (including fruit and nuts) is either not growing at all, or extremely limited at least part of the year, whether it's the dry season or the winter. They had to eat something other than vegetation, or they would have never survived until vegetation started to grow again in the spring. With no preservation methods available, that "something" had to be animal matter.

Besides, I look around right now, and where I live (PA), it may be spring, but there's very little edible vegetation growing yet, just some onion grass and dandelions.

It'll be at least a couple more weeks before any local spinach, asparagus, strawberries, and rhubarb are available - and none of those ever grow wild in sufficient quantities to stave of starvation until more caloric and filling fruits and vegetables are available locally.
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Old Mon, Apr-12-21, 14:10
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Exactly ^^^

Here in South Florida, where it's warm almost all year, it's the dry season. There isn't any plant matter to be found that humans can eat. Even the Live Oak acorns are long gone.
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