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Old Thu, Jan-28-21, 13:35
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Default Cardiologist Says Exercise Is Useless For Obesity

Cardiologist Tells Piers Morgan Exercise Is Useless For Obesity

Dr Aseem Malhotra

On Tuesday I was asked on Good Morning Britain to take part in a discussion on why Britain was suffering an obesity crisis? I started by stating that no one chooses to be fat and that the ultra-processed food environment was to blame. These nutritionally deficient products that now occupy 50% of total calories of the British Diet and are designed to hijack our appetites so we consume more have become unavoidable making it hard for people to exercise healthy choices.

Even our hospitals have become a branding opportunity for the junk food industry. Poor baseline health driven by poor diet is THE most important factor driving Covid 19 related deaths in the population.

Another myth that was mentioned on the show is that doing more exercise is part of the solution to combat obesity. This is blatantly false, and is part of the propaganda machine that has been used by junk food companies to deflect blame from their products to lack of exercise as the major cause of weight gain. Although exercise has many benefits for physical and mental health weight loss is NOT one of them. And if you have to exercise to keep your weight stable then your diet is wrong.

You can see the full 9 minute debate and discussion here!
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Old Thu, Jan-28-21, 15:01
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Although exercise has many benefits for physical and mental health weight loss is NOT one of them.

This, absolutely true for me. I am presently pretty physically active and it does zero for weight loss but lots for fun, companionship, fitness and strength. If anything, on days when I do a lot I get hungry and need to eat more that day or the next to compensate. Body's smart enough to automatically adjust and signal what it needs to survive and thrive. During a time I was inactive due to injury my appetite dropped, no weight gain, then went back up with resumption of activity, no weight loss. My diet is what makes weight loss happen.
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Old Thu, Jan-28-21, 17:47
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Generally true for me, as well. Times I've been the most active (eg military training), I "should have" been thinner. It wasn't the case.
And if you have to exercise to keep your weight stable then your diet is wrong.
I like that quote; that's an interesting way to put it.

I like the Gary Taubes (and others) theory, which is the other way around: it's not that you're overfat because you aren't hamster-wheeling it enough; rather you'll spontaneously become more active when you fix the metabolic problem. When you're overfat mainly because of garbagey food, you're still energy-starved at a cellular level. Fix the diet so that you use food and stored body energy properly, and you'll start exercising. You might need less sleep, you'll be more fidgety, you'll want to move more.
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Old Thu, Jan-28-21, 19:12
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Count me in on this theory! I actually had a former employer pay for a 1 year gym membership with personal trainer because the COO did not believe me that I would gain weight if I worked out. The firm paid for the first six months, and because I did everything the personal trainer told me to (except eat low fat), the firm paid for the second six months as well.

This reminds me of the What If by Tom Naughton. "What if Mechanics and Nutritionists Switched Jobs?" Link My favorite part was from the part where the nutritionist gives mechanical advice:

Originally Posted by Tom Naughton
If she’s burning too much gas, stop filling her up all the time. Then she can’t use too much gas. Like I said, it’s simple.”

“Okay. Right.”

“And if she’s still sluggish, you need to get her out on the highway a few times a week and run her at a high speed for an hour or so.”

“Well … that kind of seems like it might just make the car use more gas.”

“No, no, no, you’re missing the whole idea here. Give her less gas, but drive her around a lot more. That’s how you get your mileage up. Less gas, more miles, that means more miles per gallon. You understand the math?”
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