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Old Mon, May-25-20, 03:05
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Default Obesity specialist Dr Rachel Batterham reveals how she's staying fit in lockdown

Obesity specialist Dr Rachel Batterham reveals how she's staying fit in lockdown

Dr Rachel Batterham, 49, is Professor of Obesity, Diabetes and Endocrinology at University College London.

Back in 1999, I was seeing lots of people with type 2 diabetes and weight problems. They would constantly lose weight then put it back on. It made me eager to understand how to keep weight off, so I set up obesity clinical services at UCL in 2007. Over the last decade, weíve looked into the effects of protein, exercise and weight and as well as how the brain responds to eating and diets. Itís taught me a lot about what works for weight loss.

My dieting principles: low-carb eating and no breakfast

Your genes influence about 70 per cent of your chances of becoming overweight. So, while our biology is set up to make us want to eat more high energy foods, if you have a genetic predisposition and an environment where high energy food is available, youíre more likely to get fat.

Conversely, thin people have genes that protect them from getting fat. I donít have the fat gene so I donít have a sweet tooth or a problem with emotional eating. Iím not interested in food like that. But I still eat in a way I know has been shown to work.

I have a low-carb diet and focus on protein ó usually fish or chicken ó and vegetables at every meal. I donít eat any bread, pasta, rice or potatoes. We have looked at proteins, fats and carbohydrates and shown that protein suppresses appetite more than carbs or fats. I donít eat breakfast because Iím not hungry in the morning ó we should never be eating in the absence of hunger.
Diet advice for now

Itís easy to eat more and put on weight in lockdown. Exercise decreases stress hormones and releases endorphins that impact the hormones that control appetite ó so 30 minutes of exercise will decrease the hunger hormone and increase the hormone that tells your brain you feel full.

Scales ó yes or no? Yes. I weigh myself daily but if people donít have scales, I suggest they choose a snug item of clothing and use that as a gauge to see if their weight is creeping up.
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Old Mon, May-25-20, 08:40
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Good advice given the situation in the world today. Eating healthy proteins and low carb veggies is satiating, and for me, it takes no effort whatsoever to sustain. It's just good food. Excellent recommendation: "We should never be eating in the absence of hunger." Unfortunately, those on high carb have no understanding of when they are not hungry. I know, I used to be one of them.
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Old Mon, May-25-20, 10:04
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I eat exactly as she recommends in her article and although I no longer get ravenously hungry I still have to use portion control to mange my eating. Hunger never has been and still is not a reliable cue for me. Timing, portion control and a low carb high protein moderate fat diet is what works for me along with, no doubt, the strength of habit.
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Old Tue, May-26-20, 05:29
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I keep my hunger under control by not eating veggies

Though I was not surprised to see the acres of comfort food and the shortages of bread and yeast during the first wave of the crisis. Especially since no one knew that such an eating pattern was actually the worst thing to do during this particular pandemic.
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Old Tue, May-26-20, 13:00
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Location: NE Florida

Yeah, I see so many folks posting things they have been *baking* on Facebook! Even my DiL has made banana bread three times and she's a self-professed non-baker.

Me, I'm just the opposite. Being in lockdown and avoiding shopping at stores has made it a lot easier for me to AVOID things I shouldn't be eating, and so far I'm down 25 pounds from the beginning of my lockdown in mid-March.
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Old Tue, May-26-20, 16:27
sheryl2020 sheryl2020 is offline
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Thank you for posting this Demi. Another great article!
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