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Old Wed, Aug-08-18, 08:32
JLx's Avatar
JLx JLx is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,199
Plan: High protein, lower fat
Stats: 000/000/145 Female 66
BF:276, 255 hi wts
Progress: 0%
Location: Michigan U.P., USA

If you like rice...have you ever had black rice? I never heard of it until Dr. Jason Fung had it on his eating guidelines (back before he went all out low carb) as something to eat "less often" I tried it and I love it. Better than brown rice. More fiber and more nutritious than white rice.

I always make up a big batch, with part chick broth, including homemade bone broth if I have any, part water, and then freeze it in half cup containers. I especially like it with fish.
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Old Tue, Aug-28-18, 09:35
barb712's Avatar
barb712 barb712 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,435
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 240/188/185 Female 5'11"
Progress: 95%

In an effort to up my carb intake and avoid deep ketosis, I'm continuing to add more starchy vegetables and fruit into my diet and feel a thousand times better. I almost immediately gained 2-3 pounds of water weight but actually was so dehydrated with aches and pains that the extra water in my cells is a relief! I'm still optimistic that everything will settle down. I hardly ever count or track anything, I do low carb by ear, so to speak, but for fun I used the tracker on the Atkins website for a few days and naturally hit my marks nutritionally and am taking in around 40-75 net carbs a day. This is comfortable for me. We'll see how it goes. If I gain serious weight, I'll dial it back some, but so far so good.

Last edited by barb712 : Tue, Aug-28-18 at 09:51.
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Old Wed, Aug-29-18, 11:58
pattyann68's Avatar
pattyann68 pattyann68 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 213
Plan: CAD
Stats: 242/189.8/150 Female 62 inches
Progress: 57%
Location: Texas

I haven't been on this site in so long that I couldn't even remember my name or password on here. Thank God, I keep all those things in one place. I received an email from another group on this site and found y'all.

I have been reading here and what a relief to find y'all. I have tried Keto/IF and love doing IF, but I was so sick with flu symptoms and fatigue that I just could not do keto. I've done it years ago on Atkins, but never was able to do a full 2 week Induction. It just doesn't fit my lifestyle these days since I moved back to TX because I have to be available for 95 yr old Daddy. He is in a nursing facility but I try to go see him 3 times a week and also go with him for doctor's appointments etc besides my own home life with DH. I have no time for flu like reactions to a diet plan.

I am so grateful to find people who are eating the way I feel like I need to be eating. I don't have add too very many starchy carbs, but I do need enough to have energy. Thanks for sharing y'all's stories and how a Moderate Carb plan works for y'all. I though I was the one who had made up that name.

I read on line about balancing for getting leptin levels corrected for diabetes so following that plan, I try to keep my carbs ~ 30% of my calories and I keep up with that on MFP. I'm looking forward to eating this way now with peace and hope that it will work for me.

JLx Thanks for the heads up about the black rice. I've never heard of it but will look into it. I really don't care for a lot of rice but DH and I do like wild rice so we just might like the black.

I look forward to getting to know all of y'all as well.
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Old Sun, Sep-02-18, 01:43
TyLe_RoAd TyLe_RoAd is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 50
Plan: Non-specific
Stats: 234/145/120 Female 5 feet 5 inches
Progress: 78%

Sorry everyone that I took so long to reply, I've had an absolutely brutal week and didn't manage to go through the posts properly until today.

~Maria527 -- if potatoes are allowed too that's probably how I'm eating right now! Well, aside from the soy milk, everyone thinks soy milk is poison, but I adore it. I'll check that plan out, thanks!

~JLx -- thanks for the link! I think I do a lot better with starch too, I know when I load up on potatoes it really perks me up. I've never heard of black rice but I probably won't try it -- I don't know how much time I wasted trying to make rice edible, I never did succeed. I'd rather have a smoothie with dinner.

~barb712 -- that's pretty much the boat I'm in now too, it's been a while now that I've been eating more carbs and it's making a huge difference. I think I might still need more, I feel awfully achy right now, but that might also be because I had a pretty rough week. Still, it feels like how I felt when I was in ketosis, I wish I could get my hands on something loaded with carbs and find out for sure!
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Old Wed, Oct-24-18, 16:17
Alene1 Alene1 is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 64
Plan: CALP
Stats: 170/169/145 Female 65 inches
Progress: 4%

Hello! I found this thread today and felt like I found my people! I too am trying to find my sweet spot with carbs. Is anyone interested in a check-in where we could discuss our progress and thoughts on the journey?
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