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Old Wed, Jun-06-18, 02:30
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Default Why beige carbs are the ones to avoid - Dr Xand van Tulleken

British TV programme The Truth About Carbs on BBC One tonight

6 June 2019

From the BBC

Why beige carbs are the ones to avoid - Dr Xand van Tulleken

Low-carb diets have been around for a while. But did you know the colour of the carbs you eat also matters - and as Dr Xand van Tulleken explains, it's the beige ones you really have to watch out for.

Dr Faisal Maassarani is on a mission. The GP, from Kirby, on Merseyside, wants to get his patients to eat fewer carbs and thereby improve their health.

But there are a huge number of obstacles for Dr Maassarani. He works in one of the poorest regions of the country, with high unemployment, high obesity rates and low levels of education.

The plan seemed simple to the point of naivety. He assembled a group of seven overweight and obese patients, with health problems like type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure and carried out a few basic tests.

He then enlisted chefs from a local cookery school to prepare a feast for them, to show that healthy food could be tasty, affordable and filling.

Dr Maassarani also read them the riot act on the possible consequences of obesity and diabetes (gangrene, strokes, heart attacks, ulcers and more).
Then he was going to leave them to it for two weeks (really no time at all to address chronic health problems) and allow them to alter the kinds and amounts of carbs in their diets in whatever way they decided, and then repeat the tests.

It seemed to me he was on a hiding to nothing.

How we digest carbs

As we discover in The Truth About Carbs, carbohydrates are one of the ways our bodies get energy from food.

There are three types - starch, sugar and fibre.

Starch is what we usually understand carbs to mean - foods like bread, pasta, potatoes and rice - but these "beige" varieties aren't good for you.
Neither are "white" carbs - found in sugary foods such as fizzy drinks, sweets and processed and refined foods including cakes and biscuits.
Most of the starch and sugar in these beige and white carbs are broken down into glucose for energy, and if you eat too much, the glucose is stored as fat.

But there is another type of carb - dietary fibre, found in fruit and vegetables - what we might call "green carbs". It keeps you full, slows stomach emptying, and is usually the part of the plant that supplies you with vitamins and minerals.

It's good for your teeth and gums and good for your guts, keeping everything moving and feeding your gut bacteria.

And then there is resistant starch - found in high-fibre foods such as lentils, beans and unprocessed whole grains - is also hard to digest in a good way: it gets right down into your lower digestive tract (your colon) where its main job is not to feed you but rather to feed your gut bacteria.

Healthy gut bacteria are linked to a wide range of benefits, both physical and mental.

And one other tip - reheating can also turn bad carbs into good - if you reheat starches like pasta or toasted bread from the freezer, the molecules reconfigure themselves and become more resistant, allowing them to travel further in your gut and feed your microbiome.

Diabetes 'barely detectable'

Two weeks on in Kirby, it was amazing to see that all seven patients had altered their diets as requested and opted for more green carbs.

They weren't feeling hungry, or finding it inconvenient, and they had started a chat group to help each other with recipes.

It was their measurements that astounded me: the diabetics had improved their blood sugar so dramatically that one of them was in part-remission.

In two weeks his type 2 diabetes, which he had had for 17 years, was barely detectable.

And six out of the seven lost half a stone (7lbs) or more.

The Truth About Carbs, with Dr Xand van Tulleken, is on BBC One at 20:00 on Wednesday 6 June.
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Old Wed, Jun-06-18, 09:15
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Spreading the word. Awesome. The U.S. needs more of this.
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Old Wed, Jun-06-18, 09:45
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Avoiding beige carbs is also very simple to follow. And colourful vegetables - orange, red, yellow, purple as well as green contain more (natural) vitamins and are more interesting to look at on the plate.

"be on a hiding to nothing" is UK informal for "to be trying to do something when there is no chance that you will succeed"
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Old Thu, Jun-07-18, 08:11
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Posts: 22,968
Plan: Keto/IF
Stats: 217/191/160 Female 5'10"
Progress: 46%
Location: UK

If you're outside the UK and want to watch the documentary, then the Diet Doctor has provided a link:

Outside the UK? Watch the BBC documentary The Truth About Carbs
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Old Thu, Jun-07-18, 08:23
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Default BBC One: The Truth about Carbs Documentary

You can delete this. Thanks!

Last edited by RawNut : Thu, Jun-07-18 at 09:07.
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Old Mon, Jun-18-18, 04:41
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Apparently I have only lost and kept off weight for almost eight years because of my "magical thinking" Silly me.

A low-carb cult? Article deems LCHF ‘magical thinking’

Are you a guilty member of the low-carb high-fat cult? That’s apparently the name for the growing number of people who have transformed their health on a low-carb diet. But it’s just ‘magical thinking’ according to a new article.

The author concludes that any weight loss on low carb is simply due to eating fewer calories. And similarly, the thousands of reversals of type 2 diabetes is in the end only the result of going on a restrictive diet. It’s “basic science”.

One of Twitter’s odder subcultures warns you of its obsessive presence with the hashtag #LCHF. It stands for ‘low carb, high fat’ and its followers have remarkably strong feelings about carbohydrates. Why? Mostly because they used to be fat and then they gave up carbs. They are no longer fat and so, QED, carbs are the cause of obesity and people shouldn’t worry about calories or physical activity. Silly old scientists won’t admit this profound but hidden truth because they have been bought off by Big Grain or Big Pharma or something, but who needs scientists when you have personal testimony?

What the author apparently doesn’t know, is that in addition to a great number of success stories there is science in place showing that low carb is usually more effective than a simplistic focus on reducing calories. Just check out our low-carb science page if you are interested in these dozens of randomized controlled trials, the gold standard of nutrition science, demonstrating a superior effect of low carb.

It’s science. Nothing magical about it.

Spectator Health: The BBC is promoting carbohydrate hysteria

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Old Mon, Jun-18-18, 07:10
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Originally Posted by JEY100
Apparently I have only lost and kept off weight for almost eight years because of my "magical thinking" Silly me.

To quote the song, "I believe in magic."
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Old Mon, Jun-18-18, 10:31
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Fear can lead to unbelievable pronouncements. Unfortunately, there needs to be more people who understand the unbelievable nature of these claims.

LCHF is magic for me, as I've regained my good health by following a very simple, satisfying & delicious, and sustainable approach to food consumption. "Unsustainable" seems to be the first criticism out of naysayers mouths, as it's a convenient, unsubstantiated claim that prevents many from embarking on a LCHF solution. Many, and I was one of these at first, don't understand how one can eat a healthy diet, be rid of having to eat and snack several times a day to constantly refuel, and be able to sustain this long term. It's only until one tries long enough to transition to fat energy that it all starts to fall into place.
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Old Tue, Jun-19-18, 10:41
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The magic has been working for me for over 15 years.
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