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Old Fri, Jan-19-18, 07:09
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Tantamount to claiming firefighters cause fires . . . because they're always associated with the event.
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Old Fri, Jan-19-18, 07:41
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My favorite uncle passed away several years after a long battle and With a husband and 2 boys, I often think about prostate cancer.

Here is what no one in research seems to focus on: the composition of the fat. Fat is notorius as a depository of fat soluable contaminants. Our world is full of chemicals now and many are absorbed into fats. In animal fats the chemicals are concentrated from the contaminated vegie sources and other exposures.

Im amazed by how this is not delved into; rather work stops at "fats".

More reason to view organic meats and hence the fats as maybe a better choice......

Just my 2 cents.
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Old Fri, Jan-19-18, 18:09
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In fact, there are these testing vans that go around to shopping malls to test a man's PSA for free.

However, they are funded by a consortium that includes surgeons, oncologists, and the manufacturers of adult diapers. They make ominous noises about the score, get these men worried, until they have surgery "just in case" and then have their lives wrecked for no reason at all.

That's what they should be writing about. But they never do.
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Old Wed, Jan-24-18, 12:46
locarb4avr locarb4avr is offline
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Spent too much time on reddit and less here. Below is something I wrote related to Prostate vs High Fat vs Low Fat vs High Carb vs Low Carb...
Be aware, some links to click to read some science/technical articles.

[]Garrison_Forrdd -2 points 7 days ago*
Let's start from examining the following article and get to your question.

Quote on

Our findings uncover a prometastatic lipogenic program and lend direct genetic and experimental support to the notion that a Western HFD(high-fat diet) can promote metastasis.

Quote off

The argument of that article is Lipogenesis and the article made a mistake in High Fat Diet conclusion.

We know(google it) Lipogenesis requires Not Exercising AND Not Low Carb AND not calorie restriction diet. Fat is not a requirement. This is why low fat diet may get you overweight.

In another research, Zero Carb High Fat diet, slow down the tumors growth rate the best. Low Carb/Zero Carb stop Lipogenesis.

Since we know Low Fat may get you fat, how about Balance Diet?

Main Argument of Balance Diet is to get daily adequate Vitamins, Fiber and Minerals. The counter arguments are;

Vitamins, Fiber and Minerals can be bought dirt cheap over the counter everywhere.

Fruits and Vegetables/Grain products are super rich in sugar/carb.

Fruits and Vegetables/Grain products are super rich in pesticides, chemicals and germs contaminations.

Still prongs to Lipogenesis and sugar rich dieases.

Calorie restriction diet in long term is inhumane and make people hungry all the time. Calorie restriction diet is best used for short term alternation with other diet.

How to stop Lipogenesis?

Who can exercise 24x7 in order to stop Lipogenesis?

That leaves Low Carb or/and Calorie restriction to stop Lipogenesis.

So, to stop Lipogenesis, you know the answer.

Better, one can alternate Low Carb with Fasting and/or Calorie restriction diet and still stop Lipogenesis. I call it veggies/fruits carb cheating Calorie Restriction/Fasting days.

Last, google breast cancer fasting. It tells you eat one meal per day(fasting the rest of the day until next meal) can lower your cancer recurrence risk.

No, it does not imply eating multiple meals per day increase cancer risk.

No, it does not imply eating one meal per day decrease cancer risk.

I would say, if it does not hurt, it might help.
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Old Sun, Feb-11-18, 16:28
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There's an ongoing study testing low carb and recurrent prostate cancer:
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Old Sun, Feb-11-18, 20:45
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Originally Posted by GRB5111
Tantamount to claiming firefighters cause fires . . . because they're always associated with the event.

haha. they do in Fahrenheit 451

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