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Old Wed, Oct-25-17, 23:51
JanS JanS is offline
New Member
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Plan: Keto
Stats: 242/226/145 Female 66 inches
Default Hello

Hi everyone, I'm JanS. I've been doing Keto since Sept, have lost 16 pounds. I came here today because I am having significant muscle pain. I have had cramps off and on, usually helped by increasing a potassium supplement, I already take 1500 of Mag daily but today, I feel like the first day of cheerleading practice when I was a kid. My muscles just hurt. It's 11:51 pm here, anything anyone can recommend I do right now?
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Old Thu, Oct-26-17, 05:00
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JEY100 JEY100 is offline
To Good Health!
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Plan: IF Fung/LC Westman/Primal
Stats: 222/171/169 Female 5' 9"
Progress: 96%
Location: NC

Do you get enough sodium along with the mag and potassium?
Enough is quite a bit when on a strict Keto Diet.
There is a long thread on it here:
And you require enough water to stay well-hydrated, dehydration is another issue with any LC Diet.

I donít know of a book with the title as you wrote it on your profile. Are you keeping total carbs below 20g? With protein moderate and fat to satiety? You have found a great forum, look around. All the best,
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Old Thu, Oct-26-17, 22:24
FatBGone17 FatBGone17 is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 34
Plan: Atkins / South Beach
Stats: 265/246/185 Male 71 inhes
Progress: 24%

My first thought is dehydration. As Jey100 said, it could also be hyponatremia (low sodium). You could try adding a gram or two of salt (or my preference Morton's Lite Salt, which is half sodium chloride, half potassium chloride) to a liter of water with just a few drops of lemon or lime juice.

Another alternative popular with cyclists to prevent dehydration, muscle cramps and hyponatremia is pickle juice, just make sure it doesn't have added sugar. Substituting a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar for the citrus mentioned above would give you about the same thing.

What you don't want to do, if there is a possibility of hyponatremia, is to drink large amounts of plain water, which further dilutes the remaining sodium.

There are also commercially available, calorie-free, electrolyte drinks or powders.

If sipping on a liter of one of the mixes listed doesn't relieve the muscle pain or makes it worse, you should see your physician for some tests to determine the cause.

Of course, don't use electrolyte drinks if you are on sodium restriction or have a medical condition where it might be contraindicated without checking with your doctor.
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Old Sat, Oct-28-17, 08:26
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JLx JLx is offline
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Plan: Eat less, less often
Stats: 242.5/213/207 Female 66
BF:High wt, 276, 255
Progress: 83%
Location: Michigan U.P., USA

1500 mg of magnesium per day is quite a bit, unless it's something like magnesium malate where the 1500 mg is not elemental.

The calcium magnesium ratio is important so if one is too high, you're not getting the benefit of it, because the other is not in balance. Calcium and mag are both synergistic and antagonistic.

Unless you are eating a high calcium diet, 1500 mg magnesium may be too much, so I would take a look at that and maybe drop down the magnesium some.

The other consideration with magnesium is always if it's a well absorbed kind. Mag oxide is the kind found ubiquitously, but it's not well absorbed; only 5% according to one study. Magnesium glycinate and mg taurate we both well absorbed and are especially good for stress as well. Magnesium malate is good too, as is mag citrate, which is often recommended for its laxative tendency if that's relevant.

I've also started taking magnesium threonate which is said to cross the blood brain barrier, so may be especially good for depression and stress. It's also anti-inflammatory to the brain, per one of the doctor's I recently listened to from the Arthritis Summit.
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Old Sat, Oct-28-17, 10:50
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TucsonBill TucsonBill is offline
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Posts: 339
Plan: ≤ 20 carbs & IF
Stats: 292/235/170 Male 72 Inches
Progress: 47%
Location: Tucson, AZ

I'm sort of new to this too. I went through a period of muscle pain and eventually joint pain which I think now may have been due to chronic dehydration. I had to put up with a week of weight gain in order to re-hydrate myself but now I am back on track and my muscle and joint pain are gone. I now require myself to drink 64 oz of fluids per day as a minimum.
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