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Old Mon, Jan-12-04, 20:05
pink's Avatar
pink pink is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 13,736
Plan: SF, grain free, vegan
Stats: 230/208.2/199 Female 5'2"
BF:More than enough
Progress: 70%
Location: Los Angeles

I think I would like to begin yoga...experienced a little while I was dancing...about 1 1/2 years ago, I took some classes at Gold's gym. Since I am 100 lbs. overweight, I need to start at the very beginning. Does anyone know a beginners video I could use? What type of yoga should I try? I want my old body back. I want to be able to stretch out these horrible pounds that have plagued my body and glide again.

Any ideas ...thoughts on the matter?

Love & Light,
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Old Thu, Jan-15-04, 18:13
mommyto3's Avatar
mommyto3 mommyto3 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 205
Plan: Insulin Resistance Diet
Stats: 283/162/165 Female 5ft6
Progress: 103%

I absolutely LOVE Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds. I have WATP Express w/the stretchie and I usually do the 3 mile. I also have WATP Abs and do the 3 mile on that one as well. I can't believe how it makes me sweat, yet is very easy to do!
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Old Fri, Jan-16-04, 09:13
kmarie1351's Avatar
kmarie1351 kmarie1351 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 476
Plan: Combination
Stats: 164/159.5/145 Female 5'8"
Progress: 24%
Location: Indiana
Default FitPrime

I just recently bought my first FitPrime video - Weights First with Tracie Long. It's a KILLER! I have to work up to it, but I really like the idea of non-dominant training (training your non-dominant side to exhaustion, then training your dominant side). It really seems to work, and they promise visible results in SIX workouts!
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Old Tue, Jan-27-04, 11:10
csolyn's Avatar
csolyn csolyn is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 660
Plan: Atkins / Isagenix/ IF
Stats: 282.5/210/160 Female 5'7
Progress: 59%
Location: Los Angeles, California

I have been using Lotte Berk DVD's for about 6 months. I LOVE them! It is a mix of yoga, pilates, ballet moves, and weight lifting. Some of the stuff I _still_ can't do, but I do the alternate method they show instead. They have three levels per DVD and a bonus track with an advanced version.

I also love the Pilates and Yoga for weight loss DVD's by Gaiam.
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Old Tue, Jan-27-04, 12:23
Carrie_10k's Avatar
Carrie_10k Carrie_10k is offline
New Member
Posts: 9
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 183.5/181.5/120 Female 62 in
Progress: 3%
Default Beginner Yoga DVDs

I too have WATP. SO far I'm sticking with it, which says a lot given my fickle history with working out and given how out of shape I am. Which leads me to the other set of DVDs I love (and this may help you, Pink):

Yoga Zone Beginners 4 Pack. It is perfert for those who have never done Yoga and/or are out of shape. The instructor is VERY good about talking you through every movement so you are safe. The four DVDs are:

1) Introduction to Yoga (teaches the basics)
2) Conditioning and Stress Release (getting more involved, but still doable for newbies)
3) Meditation: Two Complete Programs (just what it says, this one is not a work out for your body, but it's so helpful to keep your head right).
4) Flexibility and Tone (I love, love, love this one...more challenge but no crazy advanced Yoga moves. this one puts moves you've learned together so they flow into each other more).

I got this DVD set on Amazon. I bought a Yoga starter kit for around $20 at Wal-Mart that has the mat (essential so you don't slip on some moves), the strap (very handy when your flexibility is low), yoga blocks (which to be honest, I don't even know what they do because I haven't needed them with these beginner DVDs) and a Yoga VHS tape (which I have yet to do...want to be more in shape before I get into the mucho challenging stuff).
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Old Tue, Jan-27-04, 14:26
pink's Avatar
pink pink is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 13,736
Plan: SF, grain free, vegan
Stats: 230/208.2/199 Female 5'2"
BF:More than enough
Progress: 70%
Location: Los Angeles

Thanks, Carrie...this seems like the ideal situation...the yoga for beginners...I will go to and investigate. I appreciate your help.

Love & Light,

Last edited by pink : Tue, Jan-27-04 at 14:27.
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Old Tue, Jan-27-04, 14:40
katwoman's Avatar
katwoman katwoman is offline
Living Healthy
Posts: 10,968
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 281.4/239.4/145 Female 5'4"
Progress: 31%
Location: Oklahoma

I'm a Walk Away the Pounds fan too. I want to be able to do the 3 mile (2 mile is no problem)--but the one day I tried I thought it might kill me. I'll try again in a few weeks.

I have to confess to really liking the original Richard Simmons Sweatin' to the Oldies too.
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Old Tue, Jan-27-04, 15:55
candyapple's Avatar
candyapple candyapple is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 150
Plan: atkins 20-30 carbs
Stats: 164/155/125 Female 61
Progress: 23%
Location: Miami, FL

Windsor Pilates. I know it's not a high impact aerobic video but it sure does work!
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Old Tue, Feb-03-04, 22:25
Dazed1's Avatar
Dazed1 Dazed1 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 264
Plan: Keto
Stats: 232.8/190/165 Male 5' 9"
Progress: 63%
Location: Florida

Hey I am a mailman, I walk 5 hours a day, up and down steps. I have had a problem with my feet(plantar fasciitis) and bunions. It became a viscious circle, I couldn't do what I usually do, and I didn't change my eating habits so I put on 40 lbs over the last 10 months. 20 of that was in the last 2 months because I had bunion surgery. I just had Orthotripsy for the plantar fasciitus and I have seen an improvement already. I should get back to full duty shortly, and with Atkins my weight loss should increase. My plan is when I get reaquainted with work I will move into Yogalates, a combination of Yoga and Pilates. I am not looking for anything high impact. I also have a Total Trainer for strength training. I know I canot force myself into a gym. I am a work in progress, but I just seem to have more dedication than ever before.
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Old Wed, Feb-04-04, 17:10
Meg_S Meg_S is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 2,276
Plan: lots of meat
Stats: 00/00/00 Female 5 10"
BF:goal: 17%
Progress: 41%
Location: Germany (Canadian abroad)
Default latin

can anyone recommend a good latin-style dance video?

Looking for more instruction than a work out...solo moves...

I bellydance and love music that is a latin and eastern mix. I would love to learn some of the latin moves to add to my eastern vocab. and have some of that "hot" energy in my dance...
I have a pretty good foundation in how to move my hips and following arm movements - so even ones that are not absolute beginner would be welcome.


I remember reading many posts back about someone not liking the shimmies in bellydance videos That's something my teacher is good at getting you to love... your belly and hips and thighs jiggling with your "butt cheecks flapping in the wind" LOL. A good visual for that is to "drop" your butt a little and imagine bouncing a ball with your butt cheeks. Hehe shimmies are a GREAT party trick on the dance floor!!!
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Old Wed, Feb-04-04, 19:39
flynnlee's Avatar
flynnlee flynnlee is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 796
Plan: atkins
Stats: 200/165/135 Female 5ft4
Progress: 54%
Location: tulsa oklahoma

i LOVE the firm. if anyone is interested in trying these excellent workouts, i would HIGHLY suggest looking for FIRM ONE and FIRM TWO. they have no step up box and light weight routines. the moves are done correctly and, having been a body builder--well, sculpter, one might say -- in high school, these are highly effective and very well thought out. i used these in high school and when i'd come home for college and they really kicked my tushie.

the newer ones are ok, but in my opinion they don't focus as much on good, solid weight training as they do jumping up and down on the box.

i would highly recommend looking at their twenty minute fitness information video. i gained a lot of valuable knoweledge on these.

also, the women in the first six videos leading the workouts will make sure you know which body parts you're working and they will tell you how and how not to do the exercises.

these are very safe tapes and they will produce results if you do them.

unfortunatly, as i found out in the four year hiatus from body building: sitting on the couch, eating chips and simply WATCHING the video will NOT get you results -- you have to actually DO it. darn.
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Old Fri, Feb-06-04, 16:57
Tapestry Tapestry is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 613
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 188/156.5/150 Female 5 foot 3 inches
Progress: 83%
Location: San Diego, California

<<can anyone recommend a good latin-style dance video?



Kathy Smith has one out. I have it and it is very rigorous. I had a hard time keeping up with the routines. I have not idea what kind of reviews/ratings it has. I've had it for quite a while (maybe .... 5 years...)


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Old Fri, Mar-12-04, 15:33
xvxwickdxv's Avatar
xvxwickdxv xvxwickdxv is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 348
Plan: atkins
Stats: 156/139.5/120 Female 5'2
Progress: 46%
Location: las vegas, nevada

I am a FIRM believe too. I had been doing the classics for about a year and then got hurt and sat around for about a year. I just got back into the first one and boy oh boy the first few times through killed me. Now I can't wait for every other day to do them.

And this is how bad I am... I ordered the fanny lifter and I never used it. My daughter was using it in her room for a "nightstand" lol.
Those days are done!

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Old Mon, Mar-15-04, 14:04
crysania's Avatar
crysania crysania is offline
Medival Princess
Posts: 812
Plan: curves
Stats: 298/214/190 Female 6 ft or 72 inches
Progress: 78%
Location: Jax FL

the tapes I like
Sensual Art of BellyDance series by Veena and Neena
Goddess Workout series by Dolphina
Yoga Condition for Weight Loss by Suzanne Deason
Power Yoga level 1 (right now anyways its much harder then the yoga for weight loss that is for sure!)

I have a pilates dvd but hate it! mainly though I do one of the Bellydance ones
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Old Mon, Apr-12-04, 23:55
ellen4621's Avatar
ellen4621 ellen4621 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 5,844
Plan: THM
Stats: 182/154/130 Female 5'3"
Progress: 54%
Location: Upper Michigan

I just purchased The Firm Series 1 (w/ the fanny lifter) a couple weeks ago and absolutely love it!

I did many of Richard Simmons' tapes a few yrs ago and lost 30 lbs in about 5 months (pre-LC). Yes, he's geeky but his workouts ARE effective! (I would usually watch some of the other people after getting the form and steps down first) I've also done some tapes by Margaret Richards (Body Electric on the local PBS early in the a.m.) but she's mostly about light weights. (Hey, she looks pretty darn good for a woman in her mid-50's - I could only hope!)

Wait a minute - if I keep on going at this w/o falling "off" again, I WILL look that good in my mid-50's! I like that idea.....
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