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Tamilee Webb 8 1.90%
Buns of Steel Series 6 1.43%
Gilad 10 2.38%
Taebo 90 21.38%
Kathy Ireland 0 0%
Cindy Crawford 6 1.43%
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Old Sat, Jan-11-03, 14:06
missolly missolly is offline
New Member
Posts: 11
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 161/161/126 Female 67 inches
Progress: 0%

it has to be the Hotpants Workout with Dan Karaty.. gotta love it
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Old Wed, Jan-15-03, 19:48
mercer45 mercer45 is offline
New Member
Posts: 6
Plan: protein power
Stats: 163/154/142
Progress: 43%
Default gotta love Karen Voight

Karen Voight has some awesome videos and DVDs. I especially love her Yoga Fusion (30 mins. strength and 30 mins. relaxation) and her Firm and Burn. Her teaching is impeccable and she looks so fit that she is very motivating. Hard to believe she is in her mid to upper 40s.
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Old Thu, Jan-16-03, 10:33
Digitalgrl's Avatar
Digitalgrl Digitalgrl is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 100
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 262/238/160 Female 5"10
Progress: 24%
Location: Toronto Ontario
Default go cindy

My all time favorite workout tapes are the Cindy Crawford series. Not only are they not boring to watch (they look more like a music video) but the workout has always been very challenging. It combines leg work (which gets you sweating) weights and ab work.

Her second tape "the next challenge" is pretty tricky. I recommend starting with her first one.
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Old Sun, Jan-19-03, 06:27
smiley smiley is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 178
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 189/149/135
Progress: 74%
Location: Ontario,Canada
Default windsor pilates

I have the video package for Windsor Pilates

It took a long time for me to execute some of the moves, never realized how wimpy my abdominals really were!!

But it does get easier, but patience is necessary--You really need to work on positioning and breathing properly

I feel my abs now,something that in the past no matter how many crunches I did, I never felt they were worked!!
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Old Sat, Mar-08-03, 07:45
ZukieDuke ZukieDuke is offline
New Member
Posts: 2
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 245/224/189
Progress: 38%

Hands down...I LOVE THE FIRM!!!! I have almost all of the classics (some of them are harder to find than others) and patiently waiting for the new Fit Primes to arrive....
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Old Wed, Mar-19-03, 12:11
Cabesa Cabesa is offline
New Member
Posts: 3
Plan: Atkin's Diet
Stats: 147/144/125
Progress: 14%
Location: Beaumont, Texas

OH OH OH!!!!! Pick up any of Minna Lessig's videos. I am so serious. She knows what to do. Everytime I stay consistent with them I see results. I have about 4 different video's. Check 'em out now!!!!!
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Old Wed, Mar-19-03, 12:32
jesdorka's Avatar
jesdorka jesdorka is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 808
Plan: Back to CALP 03/23/08
Stats: 280/201.5/180 Female 5'5"
Progress: 79%
Location: Yukon Territory, Canada

i like leslie sansone's old tapes"walk aerobics" and "advanced walk aerobics". i just bought her "walk away the pounds 1,2,&3" dvd which i like too. i find she talks way too much so i listen to her a few times to learn the routine and once i've done that i mute her and put on my own music and it's great.
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Old Wed, Apr-02-03, 09:43
Shadow01's Avatar
Shadow01 Shadow01 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 803
Stats: 145/117/127 Female 65
Progress: 156%
Location: Wyoming

FitPrime and the FIRM - Anna Benson rocks
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Old Fri, Apr-04-03, 11:19
graphiste's Avatar
graphiste graphiste is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 60
Plan: atkins
Stats: 237/173.5/135
Progress: 62%
Location: edmonton
Default Firm rocks

My recommendations for GREAT workouts:

FIRM most are great but my faves are:

Super Cardio
Super Sculpting
Tortoise & Hare
Body Sculpt & Cardio Sculpt (new ones with new fanny lifter)
Super Cardio Sculpt & Cardio Sculpt Blaster ( shorter than old FIRMS,
only 30-40 min) they are very time effeceint but get your heart rate up


I used to really like all her tapes but I find them less effective now that
I have become more fit. But I still really like:

Aerobox (gets you breathless)
Kickbox - very empowering


I have three tapes Energize, Tone & Sweat. Who knew that yoga could
be hard and build muscle - well look ar Madonna. Plus he is very, very
good looking to watch doing yoga - what a bod!


I have three yoga tapes (hatha yoga - not hard just good strecthing)
Joy of Yoga, Fat Burning Yoga & Candlelight Yoga. I also like Boot Camp
and Burn & Firm but they haven't been used much since i discovered

Love her Pilates Body Reform series. You can actually work your
inner thighs crazy!!! If you ever watched any of her earlrier tapes
and tehy watch this one ...her boob job is very obvious!

Mari Winsor and her class of wooden students are annoying but it
is a good workout to alternate with cardio & weight training.
I have all seven tapes. the best are Advanced Body Slimming &
Buns and Thighs

Great Yoga (am yoga & stress relief yoga) and AMAZING Pilates
tapes. the best is Body Band Workout with Ana Caban. a very cool site

So I alternate all these tapes with a cool dvd I got of bellydancing by Dolphina. If you get bored, you will lose don't get bored!!
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Old Mon, Apr-07-03, 17:53
bigguyjonc's Avatar
bigguyjonc bigguyjonc is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,338
Plan: atkins
Stats: 354/233/200 Male 5 ft 11 in
Progress: 79%
Location: slc, utah
Default that is so funny...


I do the SAME thing with walk away the pounds.(listen to my own music)If I hear leslie say "how bout that good posture all the way threw your bout that " i think i will kill myself. And another really bugs me when that one woman always pats her butt. Oh and people are always walking and kicking out of sinc. I think i've done that tape too many times.

I have a new favorite tape though (actually dvd). It's the Fitness heaven top ten workouts. 12 hours of workouts for 14 bucks at media play. Most of the workouts suck but i really really love the "kick butt I" and "kick butt II" it's like tybo only alot more fun! Also there is a good pilates workout and yoga one too.


I'm going to do my "kickbutt II" tape right now.

Last edited by bigguyjonc : Mon, Apr-07-03 at 17:54.
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Old Fri, Apr-11-03, 15:21
CAKES66's Avatar
CAKES66 CAKES66 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 305
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 161/146/135
Progress: 58%
Location: CA
Thumbs up Reebok step aerobics

The Reeboks step aerobics is very challenging if you're into stepping.
I'm so glad I found this thread. I'm bidding for the winsor pilates set. It looks like a good one.
I also have the Taebo series but it's hard on my ankle.

Good thread

Have a great LC day
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Old Sun, Apr-13-03, 23:34
AntiM's Avatar
AntiM AntiM is offline
... Pro-Atkins!
Posts: 1,705
Plan: General LC
Stats: 312/274/220 Female 5'11"
Progress: 41%
Location: Tacoma, WA
Default Bellydancing

Originally posted by graphiste
So I alternate all these tapes with a cool dvd I got of bellydancing by Dolphina.

Graphiste (and all interested parties),

I'm looking for a beginners bellydancing dvd ... would you recommend this one or is it for folks who already have some experience with this kind of dance?

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Old Mon, Apr-14-03, 15:54
wordlady's Avatar
wordlady wordlady is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 489
Plan: atkins
Stats: 165/157/145 Female 5'7"
Progress: 40%
Location: Las Vegas

Can anyone recommend fun/effective DANCE workout videos?

Since moving away from an area where Jazzercise is taught, I miss it SO much. Dancing was FUN, challenging, and the hour FLEW by.

I want to DANCE and do some floor work.

Any recommendations?

thanks :-)
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Old Sun, Apr-20-03, 07:32
SummerYet's Avatar
SummerYet SummerYet is offline
Reinventing Myself
Posts: 11,768
Plan: Doctor's Plan
Stats: */*/* Female 5 ft 3 in
Progress: 77%
Location: Scotch Plains, NJ
Thumbs up Leslie Sansone

I absolutely LOVE the Leslie Sansone WAP tapes. I havent gotten to the annoyed level yet. LOL

If I hear leslie say "how bout that good posture all the way threw your bout that " i think i will kill myself. And another really bugs me when that one woman always pats her butt. Oh and people are always walking and kicking out of sinc.

I laughed at this...She IS a little too cheery, and they aren't perfect, but that is one thing I like about it - they are REAL people. They mess up and so do I. I like that it is always the same people in the series cause they almost become (for lack of a better word) like family. And Debbie (yes I know their names ) does talk about her butt a lot. The worst is - I never feel it in my butt...I feel it in my legs! LOL
Thanks for the laugh Jon I won't watch it in the same way tomorrow morning

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Old Mon, Apr-21-03, 16:30
graphiste's Avatar
graphiste graphiste is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 60
Plan: atkins
Stats: 237/173.5/135
Progress: 62%
Location: edmonton
Default ATTN AntiM. re bellydancing

well its says " BEYOND BASICS" but I have never done any bellydacning befor and can follow along no problem. Her cueing is OK and its not that fast pased but WOW

can you ever feel it in your obliques!

I DO NOT like to shimmy though! I feel funny, silly, weirded-out just shaking m belly and thighs!!!

So yah , its pretty good stuff.
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