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Old Thu, May-24-18, 11:54
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Default Doubt the DM II is new

Doubt his diabetes is new, particularly at his age. Although glucose is checked with typical bloodwork - which almost always includes either a basic or comprehensive metabolic panel, bloodwork is not frequently conducted fasting for most physicians, at least not outpatient (at least not in the US), so glucose can be somewhat elevated and chalked up to having eaten something high in carbs recently.

Unless and until a hemaglobin A1C is checked further studies to rule out diabetes wouldn't be conducted. And unless glucose is way out of whack, an A1C might not even be conducted.

I hypothesize - without any outside evidence whatsoever and having not even read anything much on the matter (this to cover my humiliation if there is already something out there that refutes this) - that he wanted to see what his labs were and asked for an A1C since he HAD been on a ketogenic diet. Perhaps he thought it would prove the benefits of the diet, who knows.

All of this said, I'm a nurse and I will say that, when you can even get a patient to agree to it, a low-carb life-style vastly improves blood sugar. It doesn't "cure" diabetes type II. But you aren't looking for a cure, you are looking for control AND consistency of blood sugar. And when you can achieve normal blood sugar without insulin and then without oral meds, that's pretty remarkable.
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Old Thu, May-24-18, 12:43
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Happy, I am no expert, but here are my thoughts.

I started DANDR and for the first time in my life, REALLY, I lost weight and I was not hungry.

Then dealt with my first of two planned pregnancies. Gestational diabetes and inslin became my life.

DANDR got me thru-- eating freely of the allowed induction foods. And a few cravings of ben & Jerry's ice cream, diet coke from McDonalds, and a big bag of Doritos.

This was all some 15-16 years ago, and since I have dieted and yo-yo'd.

When I am starting back on the path of low carb, I depend on the high fat weeks that get me to the point of ketosis, where the amount of food I consume decreases, for the most part. Including the amount of fat.

We know sugar and high carbs are worse than fats. Pick your poison. lol Sort of.

Pick a diet and stick with it. WHich one did you like best? WHich one made you feel great? Then tweek it.

I do not have diabetes. I do have a heads up due to the gestational diabetes. I do know I am on the road to diabetes. HOWEVER, it is not something a doc tells me. I know the road looms ahead to full blown diabetes, and LC slows or stalls the progress.

Not perfect, but somethinng I was working on while the docs I deal with have their blinders on.

That this doc was diagnosed was not frightful to me---- because many of us will test for it, but liveing LC controls it.

Not a perfect system. But better than eating SAD and landing in the hospital every other month like a friend who eats SAD endlessly, doesnt control the diabetes, and continues to sucum to secondary issues caused by severe obesity. He cant see a way to change his choices.

You can, and you do.

Last edited by Ms Arielle : Thu, May-24-18 at 13:15.
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Old Fri, May-25-18, 09:57
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He tweeted this a couple days ago:

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Old Tue, May-29-18, 05:19
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How odd that someone resurrected this three year old thread just when Professor Noakes tweeted about seeing an improvement in his blood sugars!

Thanks for passing that tweet along, RawNut.
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Old Fri, Jun-01-18, 10:19
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His diabetes is not new. Just listened to a podcast where he explained how he, a high level athlete, got diabetes.

It was a wake-up call that led him to where he is now.
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