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Old Sat, Jun-29-02, 16:37
summer10's Avatar
summer10 summer10 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,780
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 243/217/140 Female 5'3"
Progress: 25%
Location: Massachusetts

Hi Julie,

It sure is good to express how you feel and to know there are so many other people who feel the same way.

This forum has certainly made it easier to stick with this WOL.

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Old Mon, Jul-01-02, 17:21
Tari's Avatar
Tari Tari is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 44
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 260/226/140
Progress: 28%
Location: Elmhurst, IL

It was a couple of things for me. My fiancee and I had been making a half-hearted effort to lose weight for a while, but we had reached a point where we were both SICK of being fat and ready to make a real change. We had just set our wedding date and neither of us wants to look back at our pictures and think "Look how fat I am"!

My mother gave me the Atkins book because I'm severly hypoglycemic. She had read it and saw the information in it about's SO rare to find anyone who even acknowledges hypoglycemia, much less talks about how to solve the problem. When I read the book, it all made sense to me, so my fiancee and I decided to give it a try.

I'm able to stick with it because, not only am I losing weight, but I feel WORLDS better than I have in years. My blood sugar has been stable for, quite possibly, the first time in my life.

I was a dancer for years, and stayed thin as long as I was dancing several hours a day. However, even before I started gaining weight, I had mood swings and severe headaches if I didn't eat. I've found out recently that I'm really not a moody person...I've just never been chemically stable. I just LOVE this WOE!!
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Old Mon, Jul-15-02, 05:28
B-flyRose B-flyRose is offline
New Member
Posts: 10
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 235/215/135
Progress: 20%
Location: Southwest Missouri, USA
Default why low carb

I have always been a "big girl". As I stated in another post, my dad told me I was "too fat" when I was only 8 years old. I grew up the girl with the "pretty face" (and since I have wonderful thick hair-- the pretty hair). I weighed 100 pounds in the fourth grade-- that must have been devistating, becuase I still remember the school nurse pointing it out. However, looking at pictures of myself when I was in my teens, etc. I was not really fat-- I have a large frame, I just never knew how good I looked then (looking at media clips and the ultra thin women of the 80's explains some of my self-concept).
When my second child was about a year old I did WW. I lost enough weight then that I was able to wear a size 12, and pictures from that era looked great. Dieting took all my concentration (I tend to be obsessive when I am working on anything, especially a new way of eating/diet). When my Mother in law died and the casseroles started coming in (hot dishes for those of you in the north-central states) I abandoned my efforts.
After that my weight continued to creep upward. I began college working on two degrees as a mom, commuting an hour each way, did not allow for the concentration dieting took me. I had another baby while in school and my weight continued to climb.
My mom was murdered and just finishing school was all I could take, dieting was out of the question.
Upon graduation from college, my dad and step-mom visited me. They had both developed diabetes and were losing weight through a great method that allowed them to eat all the meat and fat they wanted. They could have cream, but not milk. They could eat fat, meat, some veggies . . . foods I prefer (I have always preferred another portion of meat over sweets). They were losing weight! I knew that as soon as I was settled and could concentrate on a diet that this was the one I could most easily live with. That was in the spring of 1999.
Hubby and I were thinking of seperating, I was looking for a new job . . . and going to have to move. To top it off, I became pregnant (hubby and I stayed together--being careful is not something you always think of while making up). I was very sick durring the pregnancy-- actully lost weight up into the sixth month, then was pre-eclamptic and in the hospital. After that I was nursing a preemie baby . . . no dieting while that is going on. By the end of this pregnancy I had: high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, high cholesterol, depression, bladder weakness, etc. (blood pressure caused by pregnacy, bladder weakness created by 4 babies jumping on it, hypothyroid- genetic)
This spring I read an article that listed the symptoms of POCS. I thought that it sounded a lot like me, so I read up on it. One of the treatments for POCS is a low carb diet. I took the article to my doc. He checked me for POCS and determined that I probobly don't have it. However, he was in favor of me choosing a low carb way of eating. Anything that would get me moving. At 235, I needed to do something, and was finally ready to do it.
So, long story short, being somewhat hypoglycemic, concerned with potential diabetes and just plain ready I went for it.
I chose LC because I knew someone who succeded with it, and this WOE seemed less painful to me than other choices. My daughter agreed to take this journey with me. It has been harder for her since she is a true carb/sugar addict and when she chooses to cheat it is really hard for her to get back. Also, she has the added pressure of being a teen and not wanting to stand out by asking for the food she needs. I am glad that I have not felt tempted to cheat-- except that there seem to be a lot of products coming out that I know I would have loved.

So, boiled down:why low carb?
1. It is relatively easy
2. It works.
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Old Sat, Jul-27-02, 06:15
briandale briandale is offline
New Member
Posts: 1
Plan: Atkins (modified by my Dr)
Stats: 295/210/170
Progress: 68%
Location: Sacramento, CA
Smile "Your Choice, Life or Death!"

Good Morning,
In 1985, when I quit smoking (for the wrong reasons), my
weight was 145 pounds. Less than a year later my weight
had increased to 220 pounds and within 18 m0nths I was
diagnosed as a diabetic. By April, 1999, I had no choice but to
go on long term disability for depression and the results of
medical damage to my system from uncontrolled diabitis.

On July 5, 2000, a former neighbor of mine took me to the
County Hospital for a complete physical. My blood sugar level
was 410, my blood pressure was 220/110, my pulse (resting)
was 100 and my weight was 295.

After the Nurses and Interns were done with me, the Doctor
came in, looked at my chart and then looked me right in the
eyes and said: "Mr. Pirtle, loose the weight NOW or be dead
within a year!"

I asked him if he had any thoughts towards a diet I can go on
and not give up on it within a month. He reached into his desk
and pulled out a copy of Dr. Atkins book and gave it to me. He
instructed me to read it first and then start it. He also gave me
his instructions to follow (his own modification to the Atkins
diet). I won't go into detail here about his modifications so as
not to confuse new members to this way of life, but to say it
takes into account my heavy addiction to sugar and carbs.

Has it worked? You bet it has. Today my weight is 225 pounds,
my blood sugar level average is 190, my pulse average is 76
and my blood pressure is now 160/60. I know some people
will think 190 is high for blood glucose, but this is being
maintained by diet only (no more needles, no more pills ).

Have a Great Weekend,

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Old Tue, Aug-20-02, 06:34
Tigra1965's Avatar
Tigra1965 Tigra1965 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 396
Plan: May 03 CAD
Stats: 233/231/150
Progress: 2%
Location: East Yorkshire, England

Hi again Summer

I've just been reading through why we were all inspired to start LCing - what a read its been.

You always think your the worst case out there - but really its not like that - there is always someone worse off than you.

I'd even forgot that I'd posted in this - so its made me realise why I started and how I felt at the time.

I now feel much better, have lost 23lb so far and am beginning to regain my confidence again.

I think sometimes it does help to re-read our journals or other postings - if can help us in times of lapses or just make us remember why we started lcing in the first place.

I for one will never regret my decision to start LCing and hereby thank a former colleague of mine ( whom is constantly on one diet or another, but never finding the right one for her ) - for actually telling me about the atkins plan. It was the most correct decison I ever made to begin this WOE.

Well I hope others read their messages and let us know how they feel now.

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Old Tue, Aug-20-02, 16:18
Catmom's Avatar
Catmom Catmom is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 421
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 278/198/150 Female 68
Progress: 63%
Location: Connecticut

For me it was that article in the NY Times. I lost a lot of weight a long time ago and like most folks gained it all back and then a ton more, well, not quite a ton. I had given up all hope of losing weight. Diabetes runs in my family so I knew I was on a path to my ultimate destruction. That article gave me hope. The WOE makes me feel in control and not have the food in control.
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Old Wed, Aug-21-02, 15:20
Luxsit's Avatar
Luxsit Luxsit is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 356
Stats: 485/366/210 Male 72 inches
Progress: 43%
Location: Colorado

Hi folks,

Like Donald I had a whole bunch of reasons for starting LC.

How about only being able to sleep for 6 hours before waking up with back pain, or, maybe the swollen feet. or, how about the looks and comments from children when being in public, or maybe being out of breath after walking a half block, or always asking for a table and not a booth at restaurants having to wait for the table, or maybe for my wife and child, or maybe only being able to shop for clothes at the big and tall store, or maybe ...

Bottom line, not only was I tired of being fat, I decided that I was the only person who could do something about it. I decided at that point that if I wanted to live, I needed to change. It was either the carbs or me that was going. Well I am here, and I sent the carbs packing...

Carbs to my body are poison. I decided to stop poisoning myself.

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Old Mon, Aug-26-02, 21:42
Sherry B's Avatar
Sherry B Sherry B is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 485
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 282/220/166
Progress: 53%
Location: Santa Rosa California
Default Why I started

Well I was pushing 300 and gaining all the time, at 282, I was very uncomfortable, couldn't bend over to tie my own shoes, felt nervous walking down the stairs (we live upstairs) especially in the winter when the steps were icy.

My knees hurt, I found myself binging and scarfing down sugary foods one after another like I couldn't stop and I didn't even really WANT them, just couldn't stop eating them.

I thought Ok I need to go on a diet. But had no clue how to start. I kept trying to "eat less", but that didn't work. Read some articles in a woman's magazine about how to diet, one of them was called "diet like a man". It seemed to make the point that men tend to approach dieting differently than women do, they sometimes make it a competition with other men, and other things, but one of the points it made was they make a decision and just do it. Don't invest a lot of emotion in the act. (We women do).

Decided to try to walk more, take the stairs more or whatever just to get a little excercise (I was too fat to excercise much, a situp would have totally cut off my air supply between my belly and boobs).

Went for a visit to see my mom, asked her a little about dieting, she advised counting calories. I hate all that math and weighing, measuring and didn't know enough to be able to eye food and figure out how many calories were in it, so that idea totally bored me.

My sister was there, my brother was there, we made a meal and my sister told my husband not to give my brother any rice, he was on a diet. I asked him what he ate. He told me "meat and not much else". Or something like that.

Well I wasn't in the least interested in trying a diet like that, but I was curious about it (thinking of the "diet like a man" article, here was a man's way of dieting, tried to keep an open mind).

So he loaned me the book. I read it on the way home, and was totally amazed at what I learned. I liked the science behind it. Plus it didn't sound that hard with all the good foods that were left after leaving off the carbs.

So I started the diet the next day after I got home. Weighed myself that morning and my recent attempts to lose weight had caused me to drop 4 pounds, was down to 278. Started Atkins and within a week and a half I was down 13.5 more pounds. That was a total of 17.5 pounds from a half a month before (the first part of that not really dieting just trying to watch things a little).

Well how could I help but be sold on the diet after that kind of progress?
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Old Mon, Aug-26-02, 22:16
delilah's Avatar
delilah delilah is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 341
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 300/300/195 Female 65"
Progress: 0%
Location: San Mateo, California

Hi Sherry! I'm from Santa Rosa myself, temporarily relocated to Davis.

I went to a university where everyone is a size 8 and under. I've never seen so many tiny people in my life! After a while, I got really tired of being judged as that sort of different. I'd spent a lot of time blaming society for being discriminatory, but I realized that society will do what it's going to do and I was wasting my life waiting for it to change. In the meantime, I can't go on roller coasters, hang gliding, or horseback riding. I've recently become addicted to clothing and am tired of wearing the same old thing from Lane Bryant. I'm part of a group of people where size and looks is a big, shallow, part of the community (goth, if you're curious) and I got tired of trying 20 times harder to prove that I'm just as good. I'm also very healthy now and I want to keep it that way.

I started out about 6 months ago with Susan Powter - worked out every day, ate more spaghetti than I could imagine, and lost my depression. But it was *very* slow going, and I had a number of friends who kept telling me about low carb. So after scoffing at them for weeks (vehemently scoffing), I decided to check it out in order to get some ammunition to debunk it (and to cure that little niggling doubt that said "maybe that many people are right?").

And here I am, a victim of my own research!
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Old Fri, Oct-11-02, 20:14
nancy30 nancy30 is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 69
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 289/277/155
Progress: 9%
Location: Texas

I think my turning point came after my mother suffered her stroke and she was living in my house and I was taking care of her, she also found out she was diabetic at the time. And her and I were at the grocery store and I was buying her food (low sugar, etc) And I went to the deli and got me a 3 peice Fried Chicken (coming from deep in the heart of Texas wouldn't you fried chicken would be one of my biggest enemies) She wanted some and I told her no you don't need it, she popped off to me well look at you..neither do you...I said well I'm not your age..well it was left at that till the following month a man that we knew had a stroke he was younger then me.......I couldn't let myself go there......and by the grace of God I'll make it!! Now thats my two cents
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Old Sat, Oct-12-02, 06:20
orchidday's Avatar
orchidday orchidday is offline
Posts: 3,589
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 286/261/160 Female 5'8"
Progress: 20%
Location: Florida

Just reading the posts in this thread is an awesome experience. Each of you has a great story to tell and the combined wisdom is amazing. Keep posting! I really notice it when people haven't been around.

I moved to Florida from Colorado about a year and a half ago. Since I moved, I have gained over 60 pounds. The heat and humidity here was very different from where I grew up and damn it sucks to be fat when it is hot! At least in Colorado, you can wear great jackets and stuff. Everyone here wears shorts, all year!

I have dieted all my adult life with mixed results. But no matter what, I knew I was never going to make it as an 80 year old woman measuring out her half cup of rice and 4 ounces of chicken. I desperately needed something that I could really live with.

The last straw for me was when my stomach finally overtook my steering wheel. My Mother pointed out to me that if the air bag had to inflate, I was really gonna be injured. None of my clothes from Colorado fit me. Not even my panties or shoes. All I had was some sloppy old shorts and t-shirts.

I have been plagued with Irritable Bowel Syndrome for many years. At one point, it was so bad that I had lost 70 pounds and most of my hair fell out. Now, I was having problems again but was getting fatter at the same time. I knew there was something seriously wrong with my digestive system. I spent every evening running back and forth to the bathroom.

I can't take credit for deciding to try Atkins. My partner wants to return to law enforcement and needs to lose weight and get in shape to be sworn once again. In order to be supportive, I decided to go on Atkin's at the same time. Now my partner has lost 26 pounds and I have lost 23 pounds. We still have a long way to go. But I am feeling 180% better! I am not sick anymore and I have no digestive problems.

I think that carbs are terrible for me. My body despises carbs. I have not had a hard time giving up potatoes, rice, and bread but the sweets have been a real hurdle for me. I really loved ice cream and candy and stuff like that. And I was totally and completely addicted to coca cola. Now I have one diet soda a day and make some Atkin's sweets.

Participating in the forum has been a godsend for me. I find answers and solutions to any questions I have and the support is amazing. I make myself read and post even when I have had a less than stellar week. Seeing everyone elses' successes and obstacles helps me enormously. Thanks for being here Triple Digit Club!!!!! Cindi
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Old Sat, Oct-12-02, 10:30
Zuleikaa Zuleikaa is offline
Finding the Pieces
Posts: 17,049
Plan: Mishmash
Stats: 365/308.0/185 Female 66
Progress: 32%
Location: Maryland, US

I've always been big. Back 3 generations, I'm the biggest in my family on both sides. My mother and sisters were sizes 2-6 while I was a size 14 at 10! The only sucessful weight loss I have before lc was on the old old old old weight watchers plan where you could only have 2 servings of carbs a day and I would save them for my dinner meal. CAD before CAD. Once weight watchers changed, it activated my carb addiction and I would try other diets off and on. Each would leave me heavier and heavier.

I've always known I was a carb addict but could never get a doctor or dietician to agree with me or acknowledge the fact. One day at 320, I was in the book store browsing in the diet section and saw the Hellers' book THE CARBOHYDRATE ADDICTS DIET. I stopped in my tracks and read the book there and then. I went on the diet and quickly dropped 45 pounds. Then, unluckily, I started work in a health clinic, as I can stall in the winter because of SAD, the nutritionist kept hounding me to get off of my unhealthy diet and try a "proven and healthy diet". By the time I got my reactivated carbo addiction back under control, I WAS 350 POUNDS!!

I will never go off Atkins and CAD/CALP again!
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Old Tue, Oct-29-02, 20:10
ARGblueeye ARGblueeye is offline
New Member
Posts: 13
Plan: adkins
Stats: 310/210/140
Progress: 59%
Location: Bremen, Ohio

Hello, My turning point was getting the scales one day at work and ....well 310lbs was the result. I was promoted in my job which meant sitting at a desk instead of working the floor. I gained 30 lbs just with this change. I was shocked and embarressed. I started lcing 6-1-01. Went on a cruise later that month.. stuck to the plan and well............have lost 100lbs as of 10-16-02. One day before my b-day. The wt is coming off real slow now. I am realizing that now I should have been exercising this whole time. but feel it is never too late. Was nice to read I am not alone. Good luck to us all ! ally
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Old Fri, Nov-01-02, 12:07
chemlady's Avatar
chemlady chemlady is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,494
Plan: low fat,lowcarb..high pro
Stats: 302/175/155 Female 64 inches
BF:52/not good/22
Progress: 86%
Location: rhode island

It has been great reading everyones reason to lc and stick with it.
I can definitely identify with several people here. Always out of breath, playing with the kids was exhausting. Buying bigger clothes and allowing myself to gain more. Not liking what I had become. The looks, the stares, overhearing people talk about you. I guess missing out on so many things. Feeling like that heart attack was around the corner waiting for you. Having trouble getting off the couch and waddling when you finally did. I was 43 and looked older and was going to lie down and die without a fight. Heard about atkins and looked on line for info and started it within a week. Lost 8 pounds in that first week and never looked back. I can wear jeans now and I don't waddle. I walked ashley's(my ten years olds) feet off last night trick or treating. I bought two atkins endulge bars yesterday for my halloween. I ate one last night. I must have at least 100 pieces of chocolate in my house and I wouldn't eat a bite if you paid me. I will never weigh 300, 250, 240 again. Plan on weighing 215 by christmas. I am so happy I found this woe and everyone I meet can see how happy I am with myself and its easy. I feel like a born again preaching lc. I want everyone to reaps the benefits of what I have learned. I feel younger and I look younger. I had my picture taken last night and if I can figure out how to add the scanner and such I plan on posting what a 70 lb difference looks like soon. I have a picture taken last year in my costume as well. I was huge then.
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Old Sat, Nov-02-02, 12:24
ARGblueeye ARGblueeye is offline
New Member
Posts: 13
Plan: adkins
Stats: 310/210/140
Progress: 59%
Location: Bremen, Ohio

hello chem, it was nice to hear your story. I too have pics if I could get some one to scan for me then Ill post. I have a picture from the cruise I went on. I had maybe lost 10 lbs by then. And now 100 lbs later. I dont look like the same person. But at this point things are real slow and Im not exercising and not drinking the water I was when I first started. I need to re eval myself again and get back to the dedication I had a yr ago. I can bake cookies and cakes for my son and buy him candy and it doesnt bother me but if Im alone and bored and depressed I would love some chocolate. But I have not given in.... and probably wont. I have given myself and date of 6/14/03 to be my first (big) splurg at my sisters wedding. I told her I would eat a piece of her cake. It will have to be a small piece because I have not eaten sugar for over a yr now. Well congrats to you and keep feeling good. I have hit a little low point and Im a little discouraged. But sure am glad to have found this cite do to a wonderful person/staff that I have. Thanks for your story!
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