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Old Tue, Apr-17-12, 17:24
3shewolf8's Avatar
3shewolf8 3shewolf8 is offline
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Location: Michigan

I was thinking about the gross stuff I ate as a kid and the one thing that seems to stick out above the rest is this: a left over mashed potato sandwhich with lots of margerine on white bread with mustard and onion and a pepsi. Ewwwww. LOL
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Old Wed, Apr-18-12, 08:27
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RubySpider RubySpider is offline
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Location: Washington, USA

Originally Posted by Amanda1978
Oh, and then there was the time my little sister snuck out of bed at nap time (this was more my mom's nap than hers - ), pulled out the giant tub of margarine my mom kept and the big wooden spoon. She sat quietly in the kitchen, hidden from view and shared with the dog. One giant spoonful for her and one giant spoonful for the dog. My sister is no longer a fan of margarine anymore.

When I was little, it was one of those hunny bears. Drank the whole thing. I can't tolerate the taste of hunny now. My son was 1 1/2 when he tried to do the same thing with maple syrup, the aroma was so strong, I gagged a bit carring him to the bathtub to wash it off of him.
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Old Wed, Apr-18-12, 09:02
anthonyc anthonyc is offline
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Location: Brooklyn, NY

probably zeppoles with powdered sugar on them
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Old Wed, Apr-18-12, 09:51
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Whofan Whofan is offline
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Location: New York Metro area

OMG - chip butties! French fries between two slices of bread and butter, liberally sprinkled with salt and malt vinegar. This thread is triggering some funny/ugly memories for me. And to my eternal guilt, I turned a friend on to this delicacy, and he was a diabetic! To be fair, I had no idea about the danger.
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Old Tue, Apr-24-12, 12:40
Mykelogan's Avatar
Mykelogan Mykelogan is offline
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Location: RI

My "old faithful" Saturday afternoon meal would be a 10 piece spicy chicken Family meal from Popeyes with two extra sides of potatoes and gravy in addition to the two large sides it already came with, 8 biscuits with honey and butter, a 2L of Coke, a dozen mixed donuts from Krispy Kreme and a half gallon of ice cream, usually melted by the end and drank like a milkshake. This was something I did at least once a month, if not 2 or 3 times.

I'd also used to see just how many Big Macs I could eat. One night, alone in my car, I ate 8 Big Macs, 4 large fries, 4 Large chocolate shakes and 4 large cokes. I literally fell asleep in the parking lot after, then drove home and had pizza with friends.

I was alone one Christmas, my family had all gone away on vacation and I had to work. Close to my heaviest weight ever at this point. I decided I would have a nice Christmas dinner without them, so I made a turkey dinner (12lb turkey) with all the fixings, probably 6 or seven side dishes, and 3 desserts. And proceeded to spend the day eating the entire meal. By the next morning there was enough turkey left for a sandwich, and that was all.

Sigh. What was I thinking? Clearly nothing at the time. And clearly, from what i was doing to myself I placed much more importance on food than I did on the rest of my life.
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Old Tue, Apr-24-12, 20:36
mio1996's Avatar
mio1996 mio1996 is offline
Glutton for Grease!
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Location: Clemson, SC

When I worked on the road, for years I ate a large pizza (in just a few minutes) several days a week, and that wasn't even a meal, lol! I would sometimes eat 2 large pizzas in the same day!

Other disgusting favorite binge-food memories include:

An entire canister of cake frosting, eaten with a spoon.

Several cheeseburgers on the way home from work (just a snack!)

I would buy a cake at the supermarket and eat the whole thing as a snack.

Scoopfuls of sugar from the sugarbowl.

Cans of sweetened, condensed milk with lemon juice mixed in.

An entire loaf of bread. Often, I would salt the slices before eating them

A twelve-pack of canned sodas, one after another.

3 or 4 hot dogs (all the way!) as a snack.

Entire large bags of BBQ chips.

Multiple bowls of corn flakes covered with sugar and milk (used skim milk, though )

Multiple chocolate bars.

Need I go on? I'm getting queasy just typing this!
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Old Fri, May-11-12, 09:05
dantonn9 dantonn9 is offline
New Member
Posts: 14
Plan: Need to research first
Stats: 140/140/120 Female 67

I used to bake a cake and then crumble it while it was still hot. Mix it up with a tub of icing, and you have my dinner. Ugh, I was so disgusting.
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Old Mon, May-21-12, 08:39
Sue333 Sue333 is offline
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Plan: Paleo/Primal
Stats: 226/181.5/150 Female 5'7"
BF:Why yes it is!
Progress: 59%
Location: Saskatoon Saskatchewan

This thread has its funny side, but it also makes me very sad. How sad that we felt we needed to do those things. My love to all of you!
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Old Tue, May-29-12, 16:11
Astra1 Astra1 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 116
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 217/210/120 Female 5'4
Progress: 7%

When I was a teen, I used to be able to eat a whole large pizza hut pizza all by myself and I would do this atleast four times a week. I gag at the idea of eating that way now. What was I thinking?
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Old Mon, Jun-25-12, 09:07
crazymom07 crazymom07 is offline
New Member
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Stats: 215/215/115 Female 61 inches
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Location: North east USA

Thank you all for posting these stories! As a newbie here and with a bunch of weight to lose, I am less discouraged knowing I am not the only one who ate in a crazy manner.
i can't think of one particular thing i used to eat....more of a general "white diet", sadly....most recently, I made eggless cookie dough to eat for dinner.....
leaving that life behind!!!!
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Old Mon, Jun-25-12, 20:01
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Nikita82 Nikita82 is offline
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Location: Newcastle NSW Australia
Default Deep breath...

Laughing out loud... but a little sad too.

A whole stuffed-crust pizza was totally do-able when I was in that frame of mind. (Our large pizzas in AU are not 18 inches across mind you)

But the worst thing I've eaten would have to be nutella on fruit n spice toast... I'd get right into it and could almost finish a loaf.

How did I not die?
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Old Tue, Jun-26-12, 06:44
leemack's Avatar
leemack leemack is offline
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Stats: 478/354/200 Female 5' 9"
Progress: 45%
Location: UK

As a kid - sugar sandwiches with granulated sugar - a treat at my Gran's house. she used to have beef dripping sandwiches (which I thought was gross).

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Old Tue, Jun-26-12, 14:19
Ayustar's Avatar
Ayustar Ayustar is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,967
Plan: Human Experimentation
Stats: 170/100/105 Female 4'10
Progress: 108%
Location: London, Ontario, Canada

Bags of Fritos. Always. Or bags of chips.

Or cereal, like Lucky Charms, but with no milk, some sugar and a TON of Cool Whip on top *I hate that stuff SO much lol*

I also did the Corn Flake sugar, cream/milk with even more sugar mixture lol. It was good with Rice Crispies too. And you don't wanna know how I prepared my oat meal in the morning. This was when I was a kid, why did no one stop me?! LOL.
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Old Wed, Jun-27-12, 23:39
WeMayBeMad's Avatar
WeMayBeMad WeMayBeMad is offline
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Plan: General Low Carb
Stats: 205.2/198/145 Female 65 inches
Progress: 12%
Location: Florida

I once ate nearly a gallon of icecream to myself... of course, it was an almost normal teenage girl reaction guy drama.

I never ate anything but ramen when I lived alone. I was poor, and refused help with buying groceries.
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