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Old Thu, Jun-11-09, 07:26
staceyoa's Avatar
staceyoa staceyoa is offline
New Member
Posts: 24
Plan: L/C.Organic.Wholefoods
Stats: 174.6/165/140 Female 5.9'
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Location: europe
Default bikram yoga?{hot yoga?}

first post.
feel bit to overwhelmed to introduce properly yet...

who has done bikram yoga or hot yoga as its sometimes called?

would love to get some feedback?
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Old Sat, Aug-22-09, 16:17
maddmac maddmac is offline
New Member
Posts: 5
Plan: Somersizing
Stats: 160/151/135 Female 67

Hi, I have practiced Bikram Yoga. I am going tomorrow morning in fact. I also am "somersizing" or food combining. I really like Bikram - I feel great afterwards and feel like tons of toxins have left my body.

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Old Fri, Aug-28-09, 13:01
socialgym socialgym is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 25
Plan: South Beach diet
Stats: 216/165/160 Male 71 inches

its good, although there are some good tips you need to keep in mind ( i took this from my friend ~zadi off her blog)

1. Bikram is HOT. I mean really hot. As soon as you open the door to the studio, your face will slam into a wall of hot air. Get to the studio 10 minutes early so your body can adjust to the temperature.

2. Bikram STINKS. Yes, it stinks. If you don't pass out from the heat, you may pass out from the musty stench. It's because Bikram requires that all studios use carpeting - no wood flooring. Why? Because it's the only flooring approved by Bikram... and because they're crazy. But let's continue, it gets better...

3. Bring WATER. Drink lots of water before, during and after your session. You're losing a lot of body water so you want to make sure you're constantly rehydrating.

4. Bring a YOGA MAT. They'll have extras if you forget yours or don't have one, but they'll charge you for it. Also, someone probably sweated all over it and who knows how often they wipe those things down.

5. Bring a LARGE TOWEL. Lay the towel over your yoga mat, aligning the top of the towel with the top of your mat. This is so it catches your marvelous yoga sweat.

6. Bring a HAND TOWEL. Keep it beside your yoga mat and use it to wipe down if you need to.

7. Wear VERY LITTLE CLOTHING. Clothes get in the way with Bikram. No large shirts or long pants. They'll be a soaking mess five minutes in. Keep it light.

8. DO NOT EAT three hours before class. At least nothing heavy. You'll be twisting, turning and flexing those stomach muscles. If you're storing too much food in there, it may want to make an exit. Some crackers or a piece of fruit is okay.

9. TAKE A BREAK when needed. Seriously, if at any moment you feel dizzy, faint, weak or like you're about to hurl, just sit down on your mat - no matter what the instructor tells you. You know your body better than anyone else.

10. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. After you're done, relax. Take it slow. Drink a lot of water. Take a cool shower. Eat something. The most important thing is to take care of yourself. If that means never taking another Bikram class ever again, then that's okay.
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Old Tue, Sep-01-09, 12:03
shopjunkie's Avatar
shopjunkie shopjunkie is offline
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Progress: 63%
Location: Toronto, Canada

Originally Posted by socialgym
2. Bikram STINKS. Yes, it stinks. If you don't pass out from the heat, you may pass out from the musty stench. It's because Bikram requires that all studios use carpeting - no wood flooring. Why? Because it's the only flooring approved by Bikram... and because they're crazy. But let's continue, it gets better...

Ummm, I've practiced Bikram yoga before and the studio had wood flooring. (Actually, I've been to many different bikram studios and they ALL had wood flooring). They also sanitize the floor and rentable yoga mats ($2) before each class. I've seen them do this consistently many many times.

staceyoa, I suggest you tour studios and talk to the staff before deciding which studio is suitable for you. Usually, they are very informative/helpful. Then, give it a shot and formulate your own opinion!

Good luck!
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Old Tue, Sep-01-09, 14:35
ValerieL's Avatar
ValerieL ValerieL is offline
Posts: 9,388
Plan: Atkins Maintenance
Stats: 297/173.3/150 Female 5'7" (top weight 340)
Progress: 84%
Location: Burlington, ON

I've never seen carpeting in hot yoga either. Maybe Bikram is a specific brand of hot yoga and they require it?

I've done hot yoga, it's great. At the studio I go to, they have 60 & 90 minute classes, I stick to 60, it's all I can take. It's a very intense class.
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Old Tue, Dec-01-09, 16:42
Lex87's Avatar
Lex87 Lex87 is offline
New Member
Posts: 2
Plan: south beach
Stats: 185/165/145 Female 5'4

I've done hot yoga and really enjoy it!! Our studio totally smells like stinky feet!! but I've heard others don't so I think it's probably the individual studio. I ended up getting a special bikram yoga mat but you don't have to. I like it because I don't have to carry much.
I agree with most of the rest of the points that socialgym posted.

Good Luck and Enjoy!!
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Old Tue, Dec-01-09, 18:28
cvn69nva's Avatar
cvn69nva cvn69nva is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 342
Plan: atkins
Stats: 268/258.4/180 Female 65inches
BF:nope i'm married
Progress: 11%

ooooo this sounds very interesting... i found a place in philly at has a trial week for 20 bucks... i might have to try this out...
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Old Thu, Dec-17-09, 18:39
davedog davedog is offline
New Member
Posts: 17
Plan: atkins/paleo
Stats: 238/195/175 Male 72 "

The 2 Bikram studios I tried were carpeted. They struck me as ideal fungal incubators. Stanky too. To be certified as Bikram studios (not just "hot yoga") the instructors and the facility must conform precisely to Bikram's standards. I am pretty sure the carpet is part of that.

Another aspect of Bikram is that every session is the same, word for word. If you take the class, listen for the words "Japanese ham sandwich." (Maybe it changes over a longer period, but in the dozen or two classes I took the words never changed.) Bikram insists that his poses, done his way, in his prescribed order, constitute the only REAL yoga available to Westerners. I do find his routine to be a comprehensive and enjoyable one, but I prefer to mix things up.

I find a studio heated into the 80's plenty hot enough. The Bikram studios I tried were well over 100, sometimes over 110. That is hot, even for a guy raised in Phoenix.

A lot of people love Bikram, so I am glad it is there for them. There are many styles of yoga. I suggest trying a few to see what you like. Personally I like Anusara yoga.

I have practiced yoga for 35 years and have come to prefer Gentle classes, at a slower pace, which allow me to move into and out of poses with attention to the inner and outer experience. I have a competitive nature, and if I take a more advanced class I find myself pushing it to the point of injury.

You will find a lot of discussion of Bikram and his yoga over at
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Old Thu, Mar-10-11, 11:43
Yesurbius's Avatar
Yesurbius Yesurbius is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 144
Plan: Classic Atkins
Stats: 275/272/165 Male 180cm
Progress: 3%
Location: Sherwood Park, AB Canada

I have not done Bikram - but some of my coworkers have. The actual Bikram studios are in fact carpeted.

Bikram is an individual who has made his own business line of yoga studios.

"Hot Yoga" is any yoga studio that is heated to around body temperature.

I personally go to Moksha up here in Canada. Its quite popular - uses natural Cork flooring so it doesn't stink.

Its very important that you follow the instructions relating to hydration in order to avoid heat exhaustion / heat stroke.
* Drink plenty of water before and after class.
* Don't consume alcohol before a class.
* During class its best to have an electrolyte drink (although finding one that works with low carb is hard)
* Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of heat exhaustion .. and if you get any of the symptoms .. get up and leave the class (a lot of classes ask that you stay in the room so you don't disturb others - thats insane - leave the hot room)

Another one of my coworker goes to Moksha a lot more than me and has seen people faint, vomit, and another last week had a seizure. These are classic signs of heat exhaustion, leading to heat stroke.

Don't let what I'm saying deter you however. Like anything else in life - you can do it safe or unsafe .. and unsafe has consequences.
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Old Thu, Mar-10-11, 14:03
oblong's Avatar
oblong oblong is offline
Paleo and proud!
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Location: Brighton, UK

Bikram Yoga is the only type of hot yoga that I've done and I love it. Yes, it takes a bit of getting used to, but after a couple of classes you will get over the things that can often put people off.

It's hot, but you get used to it. Ask the teacher where the cool spots in the room are.

I have never noticed any smell out of the ordinary. In fact, I've been in stinkier gyms than a Bikram class room.

The breathing can take a while to get used to. You start lying on your back on your mat. To stand up, you first sit up and quickly exhale the air from your lungs a couple of times before you stand up. I tend to get a head rush and feel faint, but if this happens at any time, just lie back down and breathe.

Let your teacher know if you have any health problems. Some of the moves really work your heart and others can be a bit much on the knees. Just pace yourself.

Don't wear much. When I did it, I wore short shorts and a vest. I took a face cloth in with me for the moves where you have to hold your feet, so that I could grip them without slipping.

If you wear glasses - don't! Either wear contact lenses or take your glasses off. At least I wasn't able to do a class wearing my glasses. The metal will get hot (same goes for jewellery) and they will steam up and slip off your nose.

But, I hope that you give it a few classes before you make up your mind because it is a fantastic exercise to take part in. I just wish I could afford it at the moment.
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Old Sat, Dec-24-11, 13:00
DarlnNikki DarlnNikki is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 188
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Stats: 208.8/208.8/150 Female 64 inches
Progress: 0%
Location: Florida

This is a very interesting thread. I've heard quiate a bit about Bikram Yoga and recently purchased ten classes at the local center. They had an unbelievable deal that was a superb discount on the package. Haven't tried it yet but I will soon!
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Old Wed, Feb-15-12, 14:51
TeresaTX's Avatar
TeresaTX TeresaTX is offline
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Plan: whole food
Stats: 178.2/155/149 Female 5'10.5
Progress: 79%
Location: Austin, TX

I start this weekend back to Bikram - I have to say I'm both excited and nervous! I'd been living lc for more than a year the first time I started Bikram and within a few weeks of starting practice (5-7 times a week) I stopped low carb and went to probably moderate to occasional high carb...I essentially maintained my weight the entire year but at the end of the year I had paid for I was in the middle of a divorce and my son was in Afghanistan and I just decided I didn't have time to focus on it with everything else. Unfortunately I did NOT immediately resume the low carb WOL and if anything went carb crazy and ended up gaining all the weight back.

I felt great while I was doing Bikram and it was terrific for my knees which is why I want to go back to it. The nerves come in when I consider just how difficult the workout is and how easy it is to convince yourself you no longer need to diet. Has anyone else experienced this?

I'm already working thru the strategies I'll go through if I do find myself struggling with the diet and the workout. I think I can keep with an atkins acceptable diet and just document the heck out of how much I'm drinking, how many carbs I'm consuming and when and how it corresponds with how I feel in "hell". It's a bizarrely addictive experience - there are days when you hate every minute of it and conversly, can't wait to go back.

I have decided I will allow the lower sugar fruits on the days I practice - peaches/nectarines as well as bringing back in the legumes. lol, ok, now I'm rambling. At any rate, I'd love to hear from other low carbers who've managed to include Bikram and stay low carb and feel good doing both.
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Old Wed, Feb-15-12, 16:25
0Angel0's Avatar
0Angel0 0Angel0 is offline
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Progress: 64%

I've done Bikram several times and have always done it on hardwood floors. I love Yoga but prefer a Vinyasa Flow type to Birkram. I think it's a love it or hate it thing.
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Old Wed, Feb-15-12, 18:38
Deciduous Deciduous is offline
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Stats: 154/135.5/130 Female 5'10"
Progress: 77%
Location: Ontario, Canada

I made it through 3 bikram classes! Thank goodness my yoga buddy got pregnant and we had to quit (oh, darn).

To be honest, I hated it - it was like a slow burning death to me - but people swear by it! You sweat from places you didn't know produced sweat.
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Old Mon, Feb-20-12, 13:56
TeresaTX's Avatar
TeresaTX TeresaTX is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,905
Plan: whole food
Stats: 178.2/155/149 Female 5'10.5
Progress: 79%
Location: Austin, TX

Too funny Deciduous! Sad but true you don't actually have to quit Bikram when you're pregnant, you just keep close track of your body temp - the last studio I was in we had several pregnant folks including an instructor! There are work around positions for those that wouldn't be doable. The teacher was so inspiring! She taught and took class up to the week she delivered and was back - looking terrific! very shortly thereafter.

Anyway, just an update for those who might search this out later. I have gone back to it and have done just fine, you do have to be very careful to make sure you don't skimp on water but it's been 2 days in and I feel fine. My intention is to go basically everyday for a bit until I re-acclimate to it fully. Oh and I have added in some low carb fruit but I doubt that I needed too but it fits into the total carb allotment so as long as I don't see cravings or gain, I'm going to leave it. I'll circle back after a few weeks and update on carb levels/weight change, water issues etc.

To be clear - I am adding in the yoga for body toning, not weight loss purposes...not that I'd be sad if it helped but there are easier ways to exercise other than this one!!
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