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Old Thu, Aug-02-12, 19:12
ferrygirl's Avatar
ferrygirl ferrygirl is offline
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Plan: Atkins
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Progress: 84%
Location: Japan

Nice! I really want to get back into using this DVD - it makes me feel strong!
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Old Fri, Aug-03-12, 13:45
HollyRF's Avatar
HollyRF HollyRF is offline
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Location: North Carolina

I really recommend it. I'm normally not the video workout type, but this is such a short workout, I can easily work it into my schedule. You really feel accomplished when you finish it each day!

I feel like the first 10 days you don't lose a ton of pounds, but after that, weight starts to fall off a bit easier if you keep going. I'm now on Day 16 and down 5 pounds - and definitely lots of inches (though I never measured, so not sure how much). I also try to walk on the treadmill a few times during the week on my lunch break at work - maybe 20-30 minutes.
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Old Fri, Aug-03-12, 14:04
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Dita Dita is offline
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Location: Wiltshire, UK

The first ever time I did the shred I never moved from level 1 - my core is totally shot as are my lower back muscles from 4 pregnancies in 5 years and although they say the more you work it the better it gets, for me, level 2 planking stuff is just too hard and causes a lot of pain.
In those 30 days I lost 19 pounds and so many inches I can't remember - I wrote it all down somewhere.
I have lots of Jillians DVDs now - they are all great.
It is hard and if you're just starting out, I promise the aching subsides by day 4 if you do it daily and if you are stiff/aching the best relief is to do it again.
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Old Wed, Aug-29-12, 09:49
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joylorene joylorene is offline
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Plan: atkins/hcg
Stats: 228/162/135 Female 65
Progress: 71%
Location: North Dakota

I purchased this but haven't opened it yet - i don't know why maybe i'm scared I'll get too sore then never try it again - I will have to just do it!
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Old Wed, Aug-29-12, 10:16
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pinkclouds pinkclouds is offline
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BF:Size 22/16-18/10
Progress: 6%
Location: Colorado

Originally Posted by joylorene
I purchased this but haven't opened it yet - i don't know why maybe i'm scared I'll get too sore then never try it again - I will have to just do it!

The trick to working through the soreness is to keep at it! Your muscles will be sore because they aren't used to being worked out that way, but the more you do it the more the soreness will fade.

Also, in the first level workout Jillian tells you that you may find it difficult at first but after 4 or 5 days of doing it, it will seem easier. I found this to be true in my case.
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Old Mon, Jan-12-15, 18:25
MPrufrock MPrufrock is offline
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Plan: Low carb, low gi
Stats: 210/159/154 Female 68.5 inches
Progress: 91%
Location: FL

Hello all,

I've actually been doing 30 day shred and Ripped in 30 since June 2014. The results are remarkable. I did 30 day shred for 45 days straight the first time, then 30 day shred and ripped between 3-5 times a week. I still do this and really love it.

Happy to support anyone or answer any questions.
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Old Fri, Jan-16-15, 09:45
bkloots's Avatar
bkloots bkloots is offline
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Plan: LC--Atkins
Stats: 195/158/150 Female 62in
Progress: 82%
Location: Kansas City, MO

I see this thread has been revived. Everyone here must be very young!

The other day, on a whim, I bought Jillian's One Week Shred at Walmart. I'm a luddite, so I've never seen Jillian on tv, but I figured this might be a candidate for a 20-minute resistance workout occasionally.

Ha ha! Now I know about Jillian! I hate planks, and this is all about plank-ish moves. My body is not designed for plank-ish moves. But I do believe her when she says if you actually work at it, you can get better. And stronger. For now, I'll just watch, thank you.
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Old Fri, Dec-11-15, 12:41
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weezerchic weezerchic is offline
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Location: Diamondhead, Ms
Default awesome

Originally Posted by soapluvr
Hmmm I never really even knew you were supposed to keep doing it every day without a day of rest. I might go back to it and do that but right now I'm working out to barre work. I switch off what types of exercises I do every few months.

yeah i've always read to switch it up to trick you body
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