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Old Fri, Jun-28-02, 11:48
lilwannabe's Avatar
lilwannabe lilwannabe is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,092
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 244/218/144
Progress: 26%
Location: Victoria, BC Canada

Thanks Nat...

I printed it out, and stuck on my cork board, so I will remind myself everyday why I want to hike the mountain, and maintain this WOL!
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Old Fri, Jun-28-02, 13:12
Danyele Danyele is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 554
Plan: My own low carb plan
Stats: 184/142/130 Female 5'6
Progress: 78%
Location: British Columbia


Thank you for posting that. Sometimes I get so discouraged if the scale doesn't budge but my clothes feel bigger. I put on muscle very easily, especially in my legs and sometimes have to drill it into my head that muscle weighs more than fat. Now i can see it


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Old Fri, Jun-28-02, 17:37
alice 2002's Avatar
alice 2002 alice 2002 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 308
Plan: Atkins Now/ Candidias Control 2003
Stats: 210/203/140
Progress: 10%
Location: british columbia canada

Nat...this picture is so gross....I just had to put it on my wallpaper. Hopefully it will inspire me to exercise more. Or just plain gross the family out
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Old Fri, Jun-28-02, 17:44
gc1's Avatar
gc1 gc1 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 191
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 279/235/190
Progress: 49%
Location: Trinity North Carolina

Hey that fat looks yummy , where can I get me some of that?

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Old Sat, Jun-29-02, 06:32
Bloom Bloom is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,181
Plan: Dukan
Stats: 229/185/154 Female 168cm
Progress: 59%
Location: New Zealand

I read last night that while a pound of fat has 3500 calories as we have been told over and over a pound of muscle has only 600. Never knew that before and thought it interesting. Said it was one of the reasons it is so easy to lose our muslce when losing weight rather than fat.
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Old Sun, Aug-04-02, 13:23
Talon's Avatar
Talon Talon is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,512
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 242/203.5/140 Female 64 inches (5' 4'')
Progress: 38%
Location: Ohio, USA

I think this thread deserves bumping up to the "new" messages, the picture does spead for itself!
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Old Wed, Aug-21-02, 09:02
Natrushka Natrushka is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 11,512
Plan: IF +LC
Stats: 287/165/165 Female 66"
Progress: 100%

A little bump for all of you out there losing inches but not pounds...

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Old Wed, Aug-21-02, 21:27
amika's Avatar
amika amika is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 76
Plan: Dr Bernstein/general LC
Stats: 170/155/133 Female 5'1 1/4"
Progress: 41%
Location: Montréal

Thanks for the great visual Nat!

Now if I could only get it out of my mind lol !

Keep on keeping on !
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Old Sun, Sep-01-02, 03:34
Sarlye's Avatar
Sarlye Sarlye is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 296
Plan: Dr Atkins/PP
Stats: 180/170/138 Female 5'3"
Progress: 24%
Location: Vancouver, BC
Talking Thanks for the Visual Aid

Thanks Nat! I remember seeing the real thing done in rubber as a visual aid while I was thinking of signing up at the Fitness World 10 years ago. The picture really grossed me out. I started going to the gym for at least 3 months until I can get that image out of my head.

Now, I have this picture as my wallpaper, I think I will have the incentive to go to the gym more often. Just the thought of all that sagging fat in my body just scares the beejeebies out of me.

Now that summer is over, time to start swimming again.
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Old Sun, Sep-01-02, 08:44
VikkiJean's Avatar
VikkiJean VikkiJean is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 182
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 305.0/234.0/160 Female 5'5"
Progress: 49%
Location: Ladson, SC

WOW Fat is just as ugly on the inside as it is on the outside lol
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Old Wed, Sep-18-02, 13:03
suze_c's Avatar
suze_c suze_c is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 1,082
Plan: SuManKins
Stats: 321/249/221 Female 64 inches
BF:Let's not go there
Progress: 72%
Location: Midwest Flatlands
Post A Pound of feathers vs a pound of lead

It is definitely something to think about. I always use the analogy of a pound of feathers vs a pound of lead... fat being the feathers, and lead being muscle. I believe it in Susan's Powters book that I read that fat takes up NINE times the space that lean muscle does... this picture helps prove that... I lost 35" in one month... but gained 7#... guess I should go by the measurements and not the scale in those instances!There is one infomercial on TV where they bring out in fat,the amount that a person has lost... I wanna lose 150#, don't know if I wanna see THAT much fat laying out hehehe...Well I see the has found the cordless phone,so I must go rescue it before she calls Brazil or some foreign place... she DOES keep me busy! Bye for now!~
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Old Thu, Sep-19-02, 06:22
tofi's Avatar
tofi tofi is offline
Posts: 6,204
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 244/220/170 Female 65.4inches
Progress: 32%
Location: Ontario

I think that the real ratio is that fat is about 22% bigger than muscle according to esteemed Moderator, wbahn.

BUT the muscle is in the form of
tightly packed fibres
which are formed into
sleek, powerful shapes
that MOVE and use energy.

Fat is just a
that sits and sags and collects more fat.

Here is the picture which is producing all this discussion (courtesy of Natrushka's research):
fat vs. muscle size and appearance.

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Old Mon, Sep-23-02, 14:07
jackdusty jackdusty is offline
New Member
Posts: 8
Plan: Radiant health
Stats: 210/168/150
Progress: 70%
Location: Scotland

I weigh the same now, having lost over 3 stone, as I dis 13 years ago when I left the forces but I am buting a small size
where I was buying M/L sizes then.l I honestly believe that
while we are losing fat we are building muscle resulting in a
change in body shape, !

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Old Sun, Oct-20-02, 21:22
TigerLB55 TigerLB55 is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 37
Plan: 50/30/20/40-40-20
Stats: 180/192/205
Progress: 48%

Just a Reply here but unless you are new to the whole scene of weight lifting it is very diffucult to gain muscle and lose weight.

In order to gain (build) muscle you need a surplus of calories

In order to lose fat you need a defcit of calories

It can be done but its a very slow and hard process your better off spliting it into phases so instead of losing 5lbs and gaing a pound of muscle in 3months your better off gaining 4-5lbs of muscle in 3 months and then losing 5-10lbs in 3 months.

Many people over estimate the amount of muscle they actually gain. Hard-core body builders put on a 1-2lbs of muscles a month.

But like a said agian if your new to all this changes will come quickly.
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Old Sun, Nov-03-02, 18:16
Wanda BH's Avatar
Wanda BH Wanda BH is offline
New Member
Posts: 21
Stats: 198/155/130
Progress: 63%
Location: Puerto Rico


I'm back to almost no sugar at all.......

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