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View Poll Results: my most dangerous carb food is:
sugar 337 44.81%
grains (including bread, pasta, etc.) 306 40.69%
potatoes 70 9.31%
fruit 39 5.19%
Voters: 752. You may not vote on this poll

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Old Thu, Feb-21-02, 08:07
razzle razzle is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,193
Plan: mostly paleo
Stats: //
BF:also don't care
Progress: 100%
Location: West Coast, USA
Default your danger carb food?

What is the most dangerous carb category for you?

By dangerous, I mean:
  • eating it gives you unpleasant physical/psychological symptoms
  • you crave it
  • if you eat some of it, you can't stop/crave more
  • if it's in the house/on your partner's plate, you are fixated on it
  • you're certain it causes weight gain disproportionately to carb content
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Old Thu, Feb-21-02, 08:21
Natrushka Natrushka is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 11,512
Plan: IF +LC
Stats: 287/165/165 Female 66"
Progress: 100%
Thumbs down Grains

My only encounter with grains has been flour in gravy that I got by accident - the headache that ensued was most unpleasant. I don't crave them, nor do I go bananas (!) watching my boyfriend have some rye bread. I've just had a very bad reaction to grain on one occasion.

The others don't really apply - I eat fruit regularly and I've had potato skins and plan on having them again - they were great. But there are no 'craving' or 'emtional' issues associated with them. Sugar I just can't avoid completely - it is in some things and Cuba seems to have cured me of the 'hidden sugar headache' effect - all those blender drinks.

I know that when I am on maintenance I will be eating fruit, veggies (including potatoes - at least the skins ) and some unavoidable sugar - but I dont plan on adding grains back in. They have a very bad rap in my book

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Old Thu, Feb-21-02, 10:25
KarenB's Avatar
KarenB KarenB is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 922
Plan: Trim-Wise: LifeForce International
Stats: 213/209/150
BF:32%/??/ 21%
Progress: 6%
Location: Wisconsin, USA
Exclamation Pastries

I'm not sure this is really a "category" in the sense that Nat's was, but it's my danger food no matter how ya cut it.

I CANNOT have pastry-things in the house. CANNOT. I bought some donut holes for my Kelley a couple of months ago, and it was agony having to move them out of the way to get to my vitamins in the morning. (Counter space is at a premium in my kitchen. ) I know if I ate one, I'd have eaten the entire container. And I know I'd have had headaches, GI issues (as it were), and all kinds of other unpleasantness.

It's tough walking past a bakery in a mall, or even on the street. I used to *love* cream-filled chocolate-frosted pastries (here we call them "Bavarian creams," I'm not sure if that's the name elsewhere). I could (and did) eat a half-dozen at once. I bet I still could--but I won't. It wouldn't be worth how awful I would feel afterward.

I'm seriously considering restricting Kelley's sugar intake; she's not even 5 yet, she's wearing a size 6/6X (mostly, sometimes that's a little snug depending on the cut but 8's are WAY too big), and she weighs 50lbs. I really don't want her to have a childhood like mine, being "the fat kid" in school whose mother had to make all her clothes because there was literally nothing in the stores that was child-appropriate in the right size. Maybe I'll post something about that in the LC Parents forum, huh? Sorry for the digression, but this just got me thinking.....
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Old Thu, Feb-21-02, 11:46
Lessara's Avatar
Lessara Lessara is offline
Everyday Sane Psycho
Posts: 7,075
Plan: Bernstein, Keto IFast
Stats: 385/253/160 Female 67.5
BF:14d bsl 400/122/83
Progress: 59%
Location: Durham, NH
Unhappy Dairy

You should have added Dairy, I can easily over dose on cream cheese, heavy cream, or sour cream.
Chocolate and nuts are my other weakness...
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Old Thu, Feb-21-02, 15:54
agonycat's Avatar
agonycat agonycat is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,473
Plan: AHP&FP
Stats: 197/125/137 Female 5' 6"
Progress: 120%
Location: Dallas, Texas

Raz where is the chocolate button?

Forget sugar, potatoes, grains and fruits.....chocolate is it's OWN food category!

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Old Thu, Feb-21-02, 17:18
TX_Mama's Avatar
TX_Mama TX_Mama is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 61
Plan: Protein Power/BFL
Stats: 195/177/150
Progress: 40%
Location: Dallas/Fort Worth

My danger foods are anything with the combo of flour, sugar and fat. Cookies, cakes, donuts,... Those types of foods always get my craving machine rolling.

Since I can't eat just one, I won't be eating any. But that's OK, cuz I have found some of the most delectable ways to mix cream cheese, jello or pudding, and whipping cream!
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Old Thu, Feb-21-02, 17:48
razzle razzle is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,193
Plan: mostly paleo
Stats: //
BF:also don't care
Progress: 100%
Location: West Coast, USA

okay, I'll admit it! I've not designed perfect categories...and I bet the combination of flour/sugar is a common one, TX!...but I still am curious about the comparative dangers for a larger group of these four general categories. I see that so far, no fruit bingers have replied.
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Old Thu, Feb-21-02, 17:58
Natrushka Natrushka is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 11,512
Plan: IF +LC
Stats: 287/165/165 Female 66"
Progress: 100%

Originally posted by razzle
I see that so far, no fruit bingers have replied.

I have to admit, Raz, this made me chuckle - then I thought about it. When I started this WOE I thought that giving up all the fruit I had become acustomed to eating was going to be tough - but it wasn't. And I used to go through a lot of fruit. Milk was another sore spot and for the first week I continued to ration some of my carbs so I could have a small glass - until I realized I prefered water.

Looking over my menus for the last 6 months I see all kinds of veggies (and more recently, fruits) and I wonder how it would be possible to miss the fresh, crunchy stuff. I eat more veggies now than I ever did. I think LCers eat a more balanced variety of food than those following 'prescribed nutritional guidelines'. And now I am rambling.

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Old Thu, Feb-21-02, 18:27
Homegirl's Avatar
Homegirl Homegirl is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,322
Plan: Modified Atkins
Stats: 147/128/118 Female 5'3''
Progress: 66%
Location: Victoria, BC, Canada

Chocolate and pastries are the biggies for me. Sometimes I could take 'em or leave 'em.

Other times, I throw caution to the wind and have a "little party in my mouth" as Oprah's Dr. Phil would say
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Old Thu, Feb-21-02, 19:55
doreen T's Avatar
doreen T doreen T is offline
Forum Founder
Posts: 37,269
Plan: LC, GF
Stats: 241/186/140 Female 165 cm
Progress: 54%
Location: Eastern ON, Canada

Bread and rice.

I live downwind from a Wonder Bread factory. While I haven't eaten white bread in a decade, I have to admit that sometimes in the summer, when it's 4 in the morning, really hot and humid, can't sleep a wink -- and all the windows wide open for the slightest breeze -- the smell of fresh-baked bread will waft in, and drive me nuts!

Don't have much of a sweet tooth. Chips and nachos - I definitely cannot stop at just one, but if they're not around I don't crave or think about 'em at all.

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Old Thu, Feb-21-02, 23:06
dizzyd's Avatar
dizzyd dizzyd is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 528
Plan: PPLP (Intervention) Dilettante
Stats: //
Progress: 0%
Location: Victoria, BC Canada

Oh my lord, I love pastry! Any kind! Flakey pastry wrapped around some bavarian cream. Put a pie in front of me and I don't really care what kind it is because the pastry is the best part! Meat pies, same thing! I don't care what's in the package, it's the wrapper I love! Mmmmm... pastry.....

Oh gawd, I feel a craving coming on....

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Must resist Tim Hortons!!

Whew, that was fun! I think I need a cigarette now!
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Old Fri, Feb-22-02, 00:43
Karen's Avatar
Karen Karen is offline
Forum Founder
Posts: 12,775
Plan: Ketogenic
Stats: -/-/- Female 5 feet 4 inches
Progress: 100%
Location: Vancouver

Hmm. I can and do live surrounded by all of the above and I do not crave it. I can touch it, smell it and even taste it. I don't even like the sensation of sugar on my tongue. It feels caustic.

It's not the food, but what is in my mind that may send me on a binge. Sugar is my drug of choice - flour/fruit/cream/nuts are just the vehicle - and a binge usually start in early evening at work. If I start I can't stop because when I crash, I turn into a raving hag and feel stupider than I already do for starting in the first place. I usually follow it up by some Hagen Dazs that I will pick up on the way home. It's better to go into a sugar coma near a couch.

The sensation feels physical, like going into a closet and locking the door. I can actually hear the click. Then it's just me and the food. Not even the light of day can come between us.

The next day is the hangover and anywhere from 4-8 pounds of water to deal with.

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Old Fri, Feb-22-02, 06:29
smiley smiley is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 178
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 189/149/135
Progress: 74%
Location: Ontario,Canada
Default my craving


Enough said

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Old Sat, Feb-23-02, 17:46
EllieEats's Avatar
EllieEats EllieEats is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 794
Stats: 164/130/132
Progress: 106%
Location: Gulf coast, Florida, USA


And ANY kind of dessert!!!!!

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Old Sat, Feb-23-02, 19:16
AngelaR AngelaR is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,483
Plan: Protein Power
Stats: 197/184/145 Female 5 ft 6 in
Progress: 25%
Location: South Eastern Ontario

Fruit is something I have to be very carefull of, because i love it, and a half a cup of berries seems so little. Especially when fresh strawberry season is just around the corner. What I dearly miss is melon. I used to eat a half of one thinking fruit was good diet food.

Oddly, I have had no cravings for bread at all. There are too many other good things to eat to waste stomach space on bread.
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