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Old Thu, Feb-21-02, 13:33
clwydd clwydd is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 153
Plan: Protein Power
Stats: 285/234/160
Progress: 41%
Location: Halifax
Default Body image--the good, the bad, ...

What a great thread. I love all the directions it has taken. I know that my body image is completely distorted and has been since childhood. There's nothing like having to wear a "chubby" size (thank goodness they don't call it that any more) or have to wear home-made clothes to drum it into you that you're different. The sad thing is that I was only a little overweight at that point. Last year my mother had to go into a nursing home, and I was in tears when I was going through our family photographs because I realized that I looked pretty good at times when I thought (partly because my parents told me in a number of subtle and not-so-subtle ways) that I was too fat.

My weight gain was gradual but inexorable, so I had no sense of how much fatter I was at 280 than I had been at 180. And a few years ago when I lost 50 lb, I had no sense that I was smaller at 235 than at 285.

A couple of weeks ago my 17-year-old gave me a hug and told me that she was proud of me, but warned me not to disappear. I said that I wished I'd done it earlier because even when she was little I'd been embarassed to go to her school, because I was afraid that the other kids would tease her because I was fat. She was completely shocked at the idea. She gives me lots of reasons to be proud, but the most important is that she's completely happy with her body--5'3", 115 lb--and she has always had a remarkably healthy attitude toward food.

One of the side benefits of eating low carb is that it makes me feel so good that I'm much less self-conscious about how I look (of course, it's still a shock to look in the mirror). I walk into the gym feeling that I have every reason to be there--well, I still feel like a beached whale when I'm doing abdominal exercises. I hope that I can hold onto this. The way I feel now, if I walked into a clothing store and someone told me they had nothing my size, I'd ask to speak to her manager and explain that they just lost my business.

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Old Thu, Feb-21-02, 13:47
StarOrchid's Avatar
StarOrchid StarOrchid is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 418
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 203.5/163/125 Female 5'4"
Progress: 52%
Location: Harrisburg,PA, USA

OH yes! Clothing! I saved ALL of my awesome sexy clothes from a couple years ago that I used to wear to parties and such. I can't wait to fit into them again to show my fiance what I look like underneath all the flab.
Sequin halter tops, here I come!
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Old Thu, Feb-21-02, 14:07
Erin4980's Avatar
Erin4980 Erin4980 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 563
Plan: Atkins/ Protein Power
Stats: 173/140/140 Female 69.5
BF:2ndX w/ Atkins
Progress: 100%
Location: Memphis, TN
Default Susan,

I hope that I can hold onto this.

You can definitely hold on to it. I think sometimes it helps to gain perspective on the situation - four years ago at 140 I thought I was fat, now I think I look great. See what I saying. You sould like you're happy. And the more and more I think about what someone wrote earlier in this thread - it does take time for our minds to catch up to our bodies, especially since most lose so quickly on Atkins.

Oh the gym...I think that it is such a hypocritical thing. It's like you can only workout in 'em if you're in shape. If you're not in shape, it's like you must not be serious or something. I really only like women only gyms for this reason (I know women can be more critical however,) I don't like to wear makeup and have to look pretty. Wait that came out wrong, I don't feel pressure to wear make up infront of men - I just hate having them scop me out and ask if I need help with the equipment. My point is this - I need a private gym to be

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Old Sat, Jul-23-05, 14:13
chatty169 chatty169 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 136
Plan: a revised atkins plan
Stats: 258/-/149 Female five feet three inches
Location: oklahoma

for me it is and ok some of these are embarrasing and sound yucky.

1. being asked if your pregnant by a stranger and not having the nerve or the want to embarass them by saying no so you let them think you are.
3. lying on the bed trying to zip your pants and thinking if i get them done up how will i walk and sit down.
4. the under tummy yuks.
5. even your reflection in the tv when it's turned off makes you say ewwwwwwww.
6. how hard it is to do the every day things like bath, wipe after a bm, bend over, run, walk, and just play and have fun.
7. just plain feeling unacceptable to the world because your considered unhealthy and ugly.
8. wishing you could just never eat again and hating food but knowing that you can't stop eating and not being able to stop when you do start making it a cycle of i hate food and now i hate me.
on the flip side.
1. knowing i will be able to do all the above soon and
knowing that i don't have to hate food or myself i can
have my food and eat it to.
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Old Fri, Jul-29-05, 14:43
supergirll's Avatar
supergirll supergirll is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 437
Plan: Atkins, Now Medical Weigh
Stats: 217/206.4/170 Female 5'4
Progress: 23%
Location: Michigan

Nothing fits and it seemed like I was treated better by others when I was thin.
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Old Sat, Jul-30-05, 09:18
joanie's Avatar
joanie joanie is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 957
Plan: My own: clean eating
Stats: 290/139/125 Female 5'5"
BF:no clue!
Progress: 92%
Location: Columbia, Maryland

I sort of joke that the fatter you are, the more invisible you become. You get sub-par service, you are ignored or stared at with's an acceptable form of discrimination, apparently. And then you become thin, and people treat you like your opinion matters, and you become noticed, and everything changes. I find it rather astonishing!

And now that I am getting a lot of attention, I've had to deal with how it makes me feel. Sometimes it's wonderful and I bask in it, like yesterday when I stopped up to the pharmacy school and the ladies who were working there (security guards, cleaning people, etc) were amazed at how I looked, and they complimented me profusely. That felt great. On the other hand, sometimes you get different types of stares, and that is kind of creepy. Either way, it's better than the pitying/contemptuous stares from before. And no, I'm not smarter now, just thinner. Fat people are NOT stupid!

I wish you all luck on your weight loss journey!
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Old Sun, Aug-07-05, 00:56
kevinm kevinm is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 499
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 325/-/190 Male 6'1"
Progress: 37%
Location: Texas

For a man, here are the top 3 reasons it sux 2 B FAT.
1. No sex
2. No sex
3. No sex

Get the picture!
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Old Sun, Oct-02-05, 23:32
Meg_S Meg_S is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 2,276
Plan: lots of meat
Stats: 00/00/00 Female 5 10"
BF:goal: 17%
Progress: 41%
Location: Germany (Canadian abroad)

Kind an old thread.. but wow! A great one!
The post about being invisible really got to me. I had been invisible until I lost weight and for a few years absolutely basked in all the attention I had never my whole life! I was letting it fulfil needs of childhood attention too and damn it felt good...I truly became the good looking confident person I looked like. Then I got pregnant... and wow it's a kick in the gut to become "invisible" again. It really hit home how a person's "value" to strangers has everything to do with sex appeal and or looks in general. It's worth it to be on the trim side JUST for the respect given to you by others - or maybe I should say the disrespect NOT given? That might sound very self depreciating but you know it's hard to keep up the morale inside when everyone on the outside is treating you otherwise. This is coming from someone who truly believes that when you act as if you deserve respect, you will get it. So far that has only worked for me when I was slimmer and attractive though.
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Old Mon, Oct-31-05, 21:43
athene athene is offline
New Member
Posts: 13
Plan: My Own
Stats: 243/226/115 Female 60
Progress: 13%
Location: Dallas Tx

Being with my friend and she saying how she doesn't want her kids to be fat, or hearing her make comments about fat people, and I'm like HEEELLLOOOO DO YOU NOT SEE ME HERE!!!

People who never really realize that I'm pretty until they see a "face only" picture, and then they're like "Oh, you could be a model. I guess they usually just see fat and set their eyes to "ignore mode"

Never going horseback riding because I don't want to hurt the poor things back!

I want to feel good about eating out with family again. We're all 200+ so I know it probably looks like one hell of a joke when we go out to eat, and don't let us go to a buffet!

So I won't have to hear those "you need to lose some weight" talks from my grandma, I know she loves me and doesn't want me to go through the troubles she went through, but god is it embarrassing!
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Old Sat, Nov-26-05, 23:27
acadkate's Avatar
acadkate acadkate is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 391
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 276/249/125 Female 5'4"
BF:of course
Progress: 18%
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

* being pregnant and no one knowing it, or thinking I'm putting on the pounds rather quickly.
* signing up for a faculty shirt and having the biggest size by my name.
* that awful "slap" sound when I run.
* heart racing and breathless when reaching the top of the stairs, or having to stop mid way to catch my breath.
* being the fat mom, or fat teacher.
* not being able to wear short sleeves because my fat arms will show, not being able to wear long sleeves because the sleeves are too small.
* my top half being 2 sizes smaller than my bottom half but still have to buy the larger size tops to go over my hips and belly.
* a total stranger, with a button on his shirt saying "I lost weight, ask me how", striking up a conversation at the grocery store check out line just because I'm fat.
* "I'm sorry we don't carry your size in our maternity line, try k-mart."
* pants with elastic waist.
* not being able to find boots that fit over calves.
* plus size socks.
* getting dbl meat and no bun at the school restaurant and being charged for 2 meals. OK that's not a fat thing but a LC thing.
* plastic lawn chairs.
* belly touching steering wheel but feet not reaching pedals and not being pregnant.
* baseball stadium seats.
* too small bathroom stalls.

Last edited by acadkate : Sun, Nov-27-05 at 00:03.
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Old Wed, Dec-21-05, 01:52
ArmyWife05's Avatar
ArmyWife05 ArmyWife05 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 195
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 215/188/150 Female 5'5"
Progress: 42%
Location: Idaho

There are lots of reasons why I hate being fat...

1. Stretch marks and cellulite
2. feeling depressed when shopping for clothes because nothing looks good!
3. feeling very embarrassed during sex because I am always worrying about my stomach rolls
4. I hate weighing more than my hubby...he is 6'1 and I am 5'5.
5. I hate comparing myself to my little sister who is a size 2.
6. I hate not being able to wear a bikini (or any swimsuit for that matter!)
7. I cannot stand having my photo taken because I hate what I see
8. I am just tired of feeling bad about myself and unhappy with how I look
9. Tired of people telling me that I have a beautiful face in a sad voice that indicates if only I were thin I would be truly beautiful...
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Old Thu, Jan-26-06, 21:18
nedgoudy nedgoudy is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 517
Plan: Whey Protein & Skim Milk
Stats: 240/150/160 Male 66 inches
BF:No Thanks!
Progress: 113%
Location: Los Angeles County

Not being able to clip my
toenails without extreme
shortness of breath was
one of the worst experiences
for me. That and fearing death
at every turn from high blood
pressure and lack of exercise.
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Old Fri, Apr-28-06, 15:27
nocarbs4gj's Avatar
nocarbs4gj nocarbs4gj is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 526
Plan: Good Carbs - YOU Diet
Stats: 234/205/170 Female 5'6''
Progress: 45%

I can relate to everything in this thread. I will add:

1. Waking up in the morning and my first thought being about how fat and horrible I look.

2. Obsessing about my weight during the entire waking period.

3. Going to bed at night wondering if I will ever be thin again.

4. Remembering what it was like to be thin and kicking myself for letting myself get this way.

5. Never hearing a compliment from your father anymore.

6. Going to your husband's native country, where 95% of the women are thin and beautiful.

7. Knowing that tomorrow I am still going to be fat. I have at least a year of being fat ahead of me, because I am losing at a snail's pace.
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Old Fri, Apr-28-06, 15:43
sunshine2 sunshine2 is offline
OSU Cowboy Fan
Posts: 3,384
Plan: Lapband/low carb
Stats: 248/169/145 Female 5'6"
Progress: 77%
Location: OKlahoma USA

Okay - gotta put my reason in here too -

1) Eating out, everyone stares and you know they are thinking "no wonder she is fat".

2) The heat rash you get in the summer, because your thighs are rubbing each other - sweating.

3) Short always roll up on your thighs because again - thighs rub each other

4) You really want to jump in a pool, but you looke hideous in a bathing suit.

5) When you go shopping you always have to ask "where are the plus sizes" to some skinny little pretty girl who looks at you with a disgust look.

6) Working out at the gym with all the skinny pretty people and trying to look like you know what your doing and not look totally hideous while you work out huffing and puffing and hoping you don't pass out in front of everyone.

7) Stepping on the scales and watching the nurse keep moving the scale thing up and up - over the 200 lb mark - as your face keeps getting redder and redder.

8) Trying your best to look good - then you look in the mirror and the fat over powers all the makeup and your fat girl clothes, no matter what you do, you still look fat.

9) Getting your drivers license renewed and the "old" weight is still on there, you know they are thinking "LIAR". Mine still says 140 lbs.

10) Trying to shave your legs - but you can barely do it because you cut your breath off when you bend over. So, you have hairy legs along with being fat - sux!

And all the other reason listed on this thread - we all have been there! (and I'm still there - but determined not to be fat all my life!)

Last edited by sunshine2 : Fri, Apr-28-06 at 15:49.
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Old Sat, Apr-29-06, 09:03
nocarbs4gj's Avatar
nocarbs4gj nocarbs4gj is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 526
Plan: Good Carbs - YOU Diet
Stats: 234/205/170 Female 5'6''
Progress: 45%

Originally Posted by sunshine2

8) Trying your best to look good - then you look in the mirror and the fat over powers all the makeup and your fat girl clothes, no matter what you do, you still look fat.

I can so relate to this.

I can add one more thing to my list, thanks to weighing this morning:

8) Getting on the scales and having gained 5 pounds after you thought you had been doing so great over the last two weeks. And I can't even blame it on TOM.

Emotionally, I have hit rock bottom today.
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