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Old Wed, Oct-30-02, 20:52
kimberlina's Avatar
kimberlina kimberlina is offline
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Plan: atkins
Stats: 168/158/148 Female 5'4"
BF:no clue!
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Location: Ohio
Default thanks!

Thanks to all of you who posted what things you have learned along the way. i am getting back into the swing of things and feel SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!

here's what i learned last year in regards to "trick or treat" day. this year my son picked out something NON chocolate, so that i wouldnt be tempted to snitch while he was out collecting HIS goods! starburst sour suckers........YUCK!!!!!! it worked great! and his stash is somewhere out of my site.

see......we really can learn and move on! now i will start planning for thanksgiving. made an awesome pumpkin pie today with splenda! portion control is my problem today!

thanks again all!
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Old Fri, Jan-03-03, 10:14
leebase's Avatar
leebase leebase is offline
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Plan: LCHF - my way
Stats: 309/233.2/194 Male 6'2"
Progress: 66%
Location: Illinois
Default Re: mistakes? help

Originally posted by Librarian
and sit in front of the TV and snack for three or four hours every evening!

That's my weakness.....sitting in front of the tube and eating potato chips.

My real "sacrifice" in low carbbing is the desire for salty snacky replacements for chips. I have tried pork rinds, and they're "ok" -- but I'd love to discover something to sate my "chip thirst"

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Old Fri, Jan-03-03, 10:34
TeriDoodle TeriDoodle is offline
Starting Over!
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Plan: Protein Power LifePlan
Stats: 182/178/150 Female 67 inches
BF:Jiggley mess
Progress: 13%
Location: Texas!!

I've got an idea for you! Cheese chips! I've seen variations on these, but what I do is take some cheddar cheese and cut it up into small cubes. Put some parchment paper on a cookie sheet and arrange the cubes about 2" apart from each other. Bake them in a 350-375 oven until they're a little toasted. Drain on paper towels. These will be a bit salty, but they are oh-so-yummy!

I've also heard people doing them in the microwave or a non-stick frying pan.
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Old Fri, Jan-03-03, 17:15
AmberAA1's Avatar
AmberAA1 AmberAA1 is offline
Golden Greek Girl
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Plan: Atkins induction
Stats: 207/200/185 Female 5'8
Progress: 32%
Location: Maryland

Oh leebase did you ever try any beef jerky treats. They have so many variations, but beware of the labels though.
Some are as low as 2 grs of carbs per serving and they are as salty as chips, they come in so many different flavors now and you can even make your own. Something to check in to.
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Old Fri, Jan-03-03, 21:16
freydis's Avatar
freydis freydis is offline
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Plan: Atkins, under 30/day
Stats: 335/289/185
Progress: 31%
Location: MO, USA

I use bacon as a snack when I'm craving something salty. We also do the cheese crackers made from American cheese. I used to eat pork rinds, but they bother me lately.
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Old Fri, Jan-03-03, 21:46
AmberAA1's Avatar
AmberAA1 AmberAA1 is offline
Golden Greek Girl
Posts: 4,275
Plan: Atkins induction
Stats: 207/200/185 Female 5'8
Progress: 32%
Location: Maryland

Oh I forgot I went to Giant and they had salt and vinegar pork rinds. I love them.
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Old Sun, Feb-16-03, 09:35
nicksmom's Avatar
nicksmom nicksmom is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 136
Plan: atkins
Stats: 206.5/169.0/145 Female 69
Progress: 61%
Location: United States

I am bumping this thread up to keep current!
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Old Sun, Feb-16-03, 15:59
lucyr lucyr is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 158
Plan: atkins-modified
Stats: 228/185/154 Female 172cm
Progress: 58%
Location: UK

Thanks Nicksmom, I had missed this thread and it is excellent.

My biggest mistake? Not concentrating hard enough, thinking I knew the carb values of most stuff well enough not to have to check. CASHEW NUTS?..oops.

However, I am now a lot more focussed and the stall has ended. I also think I don't always eat enough calories. or drink enough, but those are not so much a mistakes I have learned from as an ongoing challenges....
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Old Mon, Feb-17-03, 13:44
Skamito's Avatar
Skamito Skamito is offline
Senior Member
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Plan: Atkins (Pre-Maintenance)
Stats: 160/135/130 Female 5'5"
Progress: 83%
Location: New York, NY


There are threads about sugar alcohols every day and yet I still sometimes allow myself to fall into what I call "fake sugar hell."

Beware of these demons!
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Old Tue, Mar-04-03, 16:18
Jeffiner's Avatar
Jeffiner Jeffiner is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 60
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 270/232/145
Progress: 30%
Location: San Francisco

I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing the mistakes they have made a long the way... it is a huge learning process especially since we all have been taught low-fat all our lives. I'm learning and feel inspiration now knowing that I'm not the only one who falls into the fake sugar trap. It's always good to know that you aren't in this alone and that there are many folks across the board who run into the same issues.

As for me the biggest mistake I ran into was letting the Metabostrips dictate my success and mood. I went from dark purple one day to nothing the next even though my diet didn't change. It was so crushing to think I was working so hard and could just fall out of Keotsis. Thank goodness I have a hubby who is supportive and always could lift me back up on the wagon. I had to throw them out because even though I was loosing if those strips weren't purple I would flip out!!!! I also have put my scale in the closet and learned to just go with the flow. I can tell that I'm in Ketosis by other signs my body produces and I just have to realize and tell myself everyday that this is now a life long battle I have taken on and not just a short lived diet.

Congrats to everyone on their losses and thanks again for sharing!
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Old Tue, Mar-04-03, 20:24
jers52 jers52 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 427
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 239/203/160 Female 5'9"
Progress: 46%
Location: PA
Smile thanks for this info!

Thanks everyone for sharing this stuff. I have been lcing since 1-5-03, have reread portions of DANDR three and four times and still make some errors along the way. I can relate to the lure of those lccheesecakes - when they are in the fridge they have a special siren call for me... (just finished the last one tonight that I made on Saturday... one per night.) (HEY, can these 'babies' be frozen??? - maybe then it will be less likely they will be in field of vision or calling to me?) Well, I am getting better about seeing other desserts as not worth the sugar headaches... I passed by our FAT Tuesday pigout of desserts (salad bar and desert table even longer...) had 2 servings of salad instead. My other error is not using fitday AS the day progresses - waiting until evening to log in causes me to go overboard on the carbs at times --- it is such a helpful tool - so now I log on at work when I first get in and enter my breakfast - helps me stay on track!

thanks for everyone's ideas and support!
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Old Sat, Mar-08-03, 01:00
lucky1's Avatar
lucky1 lucky1 is offline
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Plan: Atkins
Stats: 230/188/175 Female 65 inches
Progress: 76%
Location: USA

My biggest mistake so far is not looking through my cupboards and pitching stuff I no longer have any business having around.

Case in point: I made a whole batch of cream cheese/nut Nirvana bars (which for me may be another mistake...). I went absolutely crazy about them, eating 10-12 servings a day for several days and STILL craving them! That resulted in a 7 lb weight gain in 3 days!! Then later that week I opened the fridge to find that my LC hazelnut syrup I had used to make the cream cheese bars was not my LC hazelnut syrup at all, but a sugary hazelnut syrup I still had lurking in the fridge from before LC! I didn't think to read the label while cooking, so I ended up dumping TONS of sugary syrup in this dessert.

The cravings, return of lethargy and swings, etc. should have tipped me off. It was pretty impressive how the old compulsion came back so dramatically. From now on if I feel like I can't get enough of something, I need to put it aside and look very carefully at what might be in it.

Live and learn.
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Old Sat, Mar-08-03, 01:16
Lessara's Avatar
Lessara Lessara is offline
Everyday Sane Psycho
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BF:14d bsl 400/122/83
Progress: 59%
Location: Durham, NH
Post One of my biggest newbie mistakes were...

I didn't perpare/plan my meals ahead of time.
I would find myself having tuna and mayo for the forth time on a Thursday at work. I also found myself running out of food or being out on the road with no low carb options.
Not anymore.
I plan two different but special low carb lunches for the week, trying different recipes and tasting to see if I like them. I then freeze 5 of them for lunches at work in freezer bags. I thaw a bag at work and at lunch microwave it hot.
I love this! Atkins is more fun this way.

The other thing is water. Now I'm not going to tell you that you need water, you know that. What I learned is to not take no for an answer when it comes to drinking water. You have to do it so find a way or two that works. I drink caffeine free red tea for 16oz of water. I add 16oz of fruit2O. I drink a half liter when I take my meds and I drink a half liter for each of my meals. I sip water inbetween. I think I'm doing good when I get my 3 liters in.
Find a way to get water in. My daughter who is low carbing eats snow she catches in a pot. That's water. She also like shaved ice, hey that's water. Find you thing and make it sing.. Drink the water!
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Old Sat, Mar-08-03, 11:21
napalil's Avatar
napalil napalil is offline
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Progress: 25%
Location: Napa, California
Default Mistakes

I'm only on my second week of LCing but last night I, too had sugar free jello-no whip cream. And I just re-read Atkins where it mentoned butter and realized I was over indulging on that; therefore my fats are way high! At least I've gone through boot camp now! Excellent thread-should be repeated occaisionally for everyone...
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Old Sat, Mar-08-03, 16:49
Melodie Melodie is offline
New Member
Posts: 9
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Stats: 287/258/130
Progress: 18%
Location: GTA Ontario
Default Low Carb Newbie Mistakes - crg66

I am confused regarding the reference crg-66 made about the low carb bars being over 20g of carb. My understanding was the bars were approx. 3 g of net carbs. Based on that I have been using them during the week for a fast breakfast (also breaking the monotony of eggs everyday)
Can someone explain if crg-66 is quoting the correct carb count or is it the net carbs that count
I am on Aikens
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