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Old Sat, Oct-23-10, 23:43
Melesana's Avatar
Melesana Melesana is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 7,291
Plan: LCHF, IF
Stats: 265/210/135 Female 5'2"
Progress: 42%
Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA

My mother was a lot like Southpaw's mother. Mixed messages and bad choices about food as well as just about everything else. Mostly I stayed out of her way, and stayed thin so I could tell myself I was different from her. After she died, somehow it was okay for me to get fat, and I did, and somehow I made that her fault too. I got fat to declare my freedom from my dead mother - that showed her!

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Old Mon, Oct-25-10, 11:45
cjay cjay is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 192
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 304.6/196/172 Female 5' 10
Progress: 82%
Location: USA

1) Fear of attention from people, especially men. As to people, I don't like to be 'noticed.' As to men, sexual promiscuity on my part scares me. With a fat suit on, you are invisible. I want to be invisible, and when I suceed, I want to be visible.
2) Fear of becoming a b***h, i.e., outspoken, bold, hard.
3) I'm an emotional eater. Using food to stuff down feelings, especially anger. I always feel I have to be 'nice.'
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Old Tue, Oct-26-10, 09:37
southpaw's Avatar
southpaw southpaw is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 62
Plan: MWL
Stats: 196.6/171.5/135 Female 5'6"
Progress: 41%

Originally Posted by Melesana
I got fat to declare my freedom from my dead mother - that showed her!

It sounds ridiculous when you write it down like that, but deep inside I know exactly what you mean.
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Old Sun, Oct-31-10, 06:19
JessieM23's Avatar
JessieM23 JessieM23 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 116
Plan: Atkin's
Stats: 210/195/145 Female 5 feet 4 inches
Progress: 23%
Location: Missouri

To me, food=happy. Sad? Eat a cookie. with friends? go out to eat. bored? entertain yourself with food. Food was my answer to everything. That's why I got fat. I dont know how to have fun, or make myself feel better without food.
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Old Tue, Nov-09-10, 06:54
VegeLover's Avatar
VegeLover VegeLover is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 28
Plan: Atkins - Induction
Stats: 177.4/174.6/130 Female 5'2"
Progress: 6%

Because I binge on junk food, PERIOD. Cookies, cakes, ice cream, bread with sugar on it, just name it.

I grew up eating like that (without the weight gain) and I continued to eat that way in adulthood (with the weight gain).
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Old Tue, Dec-14-10, 08:00
realdeal31's Avatar
realdeal31 realdeal31 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 548
Plan: Protein Power
Stats: 231/212/185 Male 5 feet 10 inches
Progress: 41%
Location: Canada

Back pain not being able to be active anymore and sadly hanging out with overweight people and having an overweight girlfriend.

Now most of theses people are not like the people on this board, they are overweight, have all sorts of pains and health problem but would never try to get on a diet, and of course discourage you to lose weight because they want to keep you well rounded.

Most spine degeneration started around the L5S1 discs and from what i have been told mainly due to pressure in the lower back due to overweight.

In my last twenties i was around 210 pounds at 5 feet 10 inches tall, i got up at 38 to 231 pounds, my ideal weight is around 183 pounds with my bone mass.

My current girlfriend is very active and eats very well, she is not a lower carber.

With my back pain being better i can do a lot more activities and by doing so i am more disciplined in following a diet plan.

My sport doctor put me on a high protein diet low carb and i feel very good right now.
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Old Thu, Dec-16-10, 13:36
rucasquare's Avatar
rucasquare rucasquare is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,140
Plan: <20 net, <1518 cals
Stats: 351.5/230.2/165 Female 5'11"
Progress: 65%
Location: LA

I think I originally got fat because of hormones and birth control. Then I got complacent after I lost the weight. Then I got fatter because in my eyes nobody will love a fat girl therefore nobody can hurt a fat girl. Wrong. Usually the fat girl does a good enough job hurting herself... :/
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Old Wed, Jan-05-11, 16:21
Shell1370's Avatar
Shell1370 Shell1370 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 178
Plan: HCG,Atkins
Stats: 210.8/194.4/145 Female 5 feet 0 inches
Progress: 25%
Location: Ks..soon Corpus Christi

My first pregnancy and being gestational diabetic despite not being detected. Then wonderful nursing school of doing nothing but, sitting, studying, eating and breathing and not in that order either...too many of my days were containing fast food twice a day. I gained 40lbs there. I have maintained mostly at my current weight for many years...loosing some and gaining some. I hope to change this for the better.
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Old Sun, Feb-17-13, 23:32
TChice's Avatar
TChice TChice is offline
Posts: 1,092
Plan: <50 net/day
Stats: 368/305/190 Female 5'9"
Progress: 35%
Location: Upstate NY

I started gaining weight as a child - about 3rd grade? And was steadily overweight through high school - despite running miles a day, weight lifting for PE, sports, and watching what I ate - I stayed overweight (probably obese). Then I was on depo, and ballooned up pretty quickly, I've been battling how FAST ever since. Enter LC, and weight just jumps off of me, and many other wonderful things.
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Old Wed, Apr-16-14, 05:08
Samijoe Samijoe is offline
New Member
Posts: 19
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 264/264/165 Female 170

Wow, i just came across this thread and had a massive realization.

Reading that i had to face the reason why i was fat boggled my mind completely and i didn't have heart wrenching stories like the rest of these guys. Then, i realized the reason and i want to jot it down here simply so that i can remember. I always jot things down if i want to remember them easier.

As a child i was always a bit bigger than other kids. Not much but always a bit. Looking back i can see that was because of the food choices my parents were making for me.

When i hit 14 and 15 i suddenly lost a lot of weight. I still saw myself as fat and would get very shocked and shy if i received attention from 'boys.' I think the reason for the weightloss was because i was then responsible for all of the cooking duties in the house and tried to eat healthy.

At 19, my parents threw me out of home. We're on speaking terms again but our relationship is still very strained and when i look back and analyze my own eating behavior i realize that it's at times when my parents have really hurt me emotionally that i have been turning to food.

There, i've said it. Time to move on and leave that behind. They do not get to decide or influence my weight anymore. I deserve to feel good!
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Old Tue, Oct-27-15, 11:56
Nrracing Nrracing is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 747
Plan: Custom 22/2 Clean Fast
Stats: 290/258/210 Male 72.5
Progress: 40%
Location: Missouri

well I just found this topic and will add my .02$ in as a guy and answer some questions.

I was not always big. when I was little and active as a kid I was fine. My dad was always bid and so was his side of the family. My moms side was not. My dad side always ate heavy bad meals, and always kept cases of soda around the house all year long. No one talked of eating right or exercise EVER!!!!

I was in marching band in high and was very active but started eating bad food once I was able to drive and had a job. I was about 215 in high school and much more when I went to college. toward the end of College is where I ballooned up to about 360-385 in that range. I was eating long john silver #6 platters with extra fish and chicken, buffets, pizza, cakes and cookies. I have a picture of my self and I get mad when I see my self and wonder how could no one tell me how big I was

Now here is the truth, I always hung out with girls, and had girl friends and so on. I have always wanted many more . but my size was a big factor I think. I have also always respected girls and ladies of all sizes and color. In high school had 2 girl friends and I am very close to them still to this day. They Liked me when I was big and Now that I am at the 234 they are amazed. I am happily married and they are all doing there own thing.

1. one big reason is to get ladies to notice me If I am really going to tell the truth. Even though I have a wife and things are great, I really missed that when I was 380 as messed up as that sounds.

2. I finally got size had a heart transplant (Yikes)

3. to look better for my wife and To be easy on the eyes for people and to get jobs. I am sure I was passed up on for my big size in IT positions

4. To be healthy for me first and then my family

Now that I am dropping the weight and walking all the time, I notice girls and women looking at me, smiling, some wave even . Well It makes me feel good that I am getting noticed so there.

Its now my time to shine. I hoping to get down to 220 soon my goal is 200 by jan first and will work very hard.
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Old Wed, Oct-28-15, 14:47
Maori's Avatar
Maori Maori is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 782
Plan: DANDR 2002
Stats: 432/180/200 Male 5 ft 11 inches
Progress: 109%
Location: Tucson, AZ

All said and done i just stop caring about myself.
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Old Wed, Oct-28-15, 16:33
dino0726 dino0726 is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 93
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 212/180/150 Female 66"
Progress: 52%

It's a very thought-provoking question. I don't really know why I got fat. I think it was more a loss of self-control. At first I was slow to gain, so I thought hey, no big deal, I can keep eating like this. Now I'm kicking myself in the butt and wondering why did I ever let myself go so much. In any case, I'm pretty sure it is all history now. I do believe I can live on this plan the rest of my life.
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Old Thu, Oct-29-15, 04:40
thud123's Avatar
thud123 thud123 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 7,422
Plan: P:E=>1 (Q3-22)
Stats: 168/100/82 Male 182cm
Progress: 79%

...because the foods I chose and non-chose to eat changed the way my body works, and I was ignorant of this subtle fact.
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Old Thu, Oct-29-15, 06:07
ojoj's Avatar
ojoj ojoj is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,184
Plan: atkins
Stats: 210/126/127 Female 5ft 7in
Progress: 101%
Location: South of England

Without realising, I was addicted to sugar and carbs - I never ate because I was hungry. I used to say I was, but no, I just ate because I fancied something carby... and then wanted more, and more, and more...... I'd blame my emotions and yes, I was comfort eating, but in the same way as I was comfort smoking!

I'd go on the latest diets and climb the walls with again, what I thought was hunger - it was addiction, I can see that now and the trouble with having just a little bit of what you're addicted to is you never lose the cravings.

So once I addressed the issue, I am now "clean" and a recovering carboholic, slim, fit and energetic and not craving any of it (except cigarettes - thats the next thing???)

The one problem (aside from the wonderful benefits) I found once I had slimmed down was that, having been the "jolly fat girl", my "flirty" nature become a threat I think?? So I've had to learn to tone it down. So in that respect, I actually think you can get away with a "larger than life" character when you're larger??!

Jo xxxx
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