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Old Tue, Jul-15-03, 19:26
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When I was very young (9-10) I thought I was fat, and then didnt realize that it was baby fat and it would eventually go away with age. So I dieted. I cut out "fattening" foods. Stopped eating for a while. All that fun stuff. I'd loose a good 10 lbs and decide I didn't want to diet anymore, and gain weight back. I didnt realize it then, but I was loosing my baby through dieting and gaining back "grown up" fat. Its been hard to loose weight ever since! Darn!
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Old Sun, Oct-25-09, 01:58
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Default I know this is a VERY old thread

I feel the need to post here even though this is old. These were two questions I have never thought of before.

Why did I get fat?
1. My parents did not know about proper nutrition
2. I ate too many carbs, desserts, and candies
3. I had a stressful job, a sick parent, and a bad relationships all at the same time(for about 4 years) which made me eat more of #2.
4. Neglecting my spiritual walk with God and using food for stress relief instead of prayer and faith.

What did being fat provide?
During the time I was gaining, it provided short-term comfort and escape from life's problems

In reality it has given me:
Misery, low-self esteem, shame, frustration, and probably health problems I am not aware of yet.

Hind sight is 20/20 isn't it?

Last edited by slimmindy : Sun, Oct-25-09 at 02:06.
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Old Thu, Oct-29-09, 09:41
carb0mints carb0mints is offline
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Plan: protein power
Stats: 210/175/160 Male 5'11

I just have such a hard time sticking to a diet because I absolutely love to eat!...that is why exercise is so important for me
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Old Thu, Nov-05-09, 16:21
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What a good girl!!!
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I quit smoking and drinking and got married and we ate and ate.

Then we decided enough was enough and now we diet and exercise together.

We feel better this way.

Funny, my mom always fed me good fresh foods. We had a vegetable garden and the family worked on it together. So I learned all the stuff I should know about eating and nutrition but I just ignored it.

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Old Fri, Nov-06-09, 07:36
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Location: San Diego, CA

a few events led to weight gain. First I got in a car accident. I was thin at the time and worked out regularly-plus had an active job. After the accident, it hurt too much to work out. I lost my muscle tone, but did not gain b/c of my job and lifestyle-waitress/bartender/busy student. I then graduated from college and got a sedentary job. I exploded! I gained 25 pounds in 3 months. When people say you gain weight slow, expect to lose it slow, they did not see my transformation!

as lisa above, I grew up with fresh, whole foods. Other than bread, we did not have packaged, processed foods, soft drinks etc in the house. Everyone in my family is prone to obesity (my brother has been as much as 125 pounds overweight), so I am thankful we were not eating a bunch of garbage growing up.

Also- I really love food! plain and simple. Low carb and weight training is the only way I can keep things under control.
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Old Sun, Dec-06-09, 23:15
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BF:single ;)
Progress: 0%

i think for awhile i didnt care about anything, not even myself...everyone was treating me bad for no reason, and i didn't understand or know how to cope with it....

i used food for my comfort and my a drug.

until one day i woke up and thought that all these people don't matter anymore, the only thing that matters is you, take care of yourself.

people can be mean, cruel, selfish, yet don't let it hurt your soul.

to this very day, i don't exactly know what being fat did for me, i was just depressed and didnt care, maybe to push people away from me?

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Old Sun, Jan-03-10, 08:15
bingobanjo bingobanjo is offline
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I have no real sense of intuitive eating (the way that people who have been slim all their lives manage to control their food intake - without even trying, f*****g smug b*****ds!) and I blame my mum and my family for that. Yeah, yeah, I know what youíre thinkingÖyou reckon Iím just doing that messed up and weak thing where I try and pin all my pathetic choices and ultimate downfall on others, right? Well Iím not. Trust me, Iím the most seriously self-critical person youíll ever meet and Iím the first person to admit when their crappy lot is their own fault. I know I make the choice to cram cakes and biscuits and bread and pizzas and sugary drinks into my mouth. No one else does. You really donít need to point that out to me. What Iím talking about though, is the fundamental lessons about food and eating that were learned, way back before I could even speak.

I come from a family of big hearty appetites. And that was never a bad thing when it meant that those who were working long hard hours and doing physical jobs, were able to fuel all their efforts and stay replenished, sated and nutritionally stoked. They needed all those calories and were able to burn them off. But as a small child with a fairly average lifestyle, I didnít need to be eating huge portions that wouldnít look out of place on the plate of a bodybuilder or something.

All the women used to cook in my family. Proper, wholesome, home-cooked fare, made from scratch with love and attention to detail. The food in itself was not a problem. It was the amount of it which did so much damage. Even as a child I would be presented with huge man-sized portions every time I sat down to a meal. Not normal, smaller child sized portions, but huge great dinner plates, piled high to almost comedic Desperate Dan style proportions. And to be told every time I sat down to such an epic meal, that I couldnít leave the table or get my dessert until I had cleared my plateÖ.wellÖthat pretty much obliterated any inherent intuitive kind of eating habits my body may once have been in possession of. I didnít just eat when I was hungry or stop when I was full, I sat down to eat when I was told to and didnít stop until there was nothing left on the plate. I was commended and applauded for doing so; made to feel that I had made my parents/grandparents/aunts happy by consuming everything they had laid before me. Which of course just made me want to devour everything, just so I could please them and gain their approval. Sad huh?

So yeah, a compulsive need to eat everything put in front of me, from the time I was first weaned onto solids, pretty much laid the foundations for a lifetime of gluttonous eating.

I know that every time I had to make a choice regarding food, it was never an intelligent one. I wanted the largest portion I could obtain. I wanted to eat more than everyone else. Even when I was full I still pushed on, determined to finish every last morsel of food in front of me. A normal person would naturally limit themselves to one or two slices of Victoria SpongeÖI wanted the whole cake. Normal people might eat a bag of chips and some fish. I wanted large chips, large fish, gravy, cheese, peas, a cheese fritter and a bap. Washed down with a bottle of coke and followed up by sweets and chocolate. I didnít stop to think about limits or what were reasonable amounts to consume. I didnít listen to my body and only eat what I really needed. I pushed it time and time again, way past the point of satiety, past the point of fullness, up to the point of nausea. But I had to finish everything. Couldnít waste a crumb. All those years of being told how when there wasnít a lot of money to spare and that wasting food was expensive and offensive to my family, stuck with me subconsciously for all those years.

Itís still deeply ingrained in me now. I still feel guilty if I leave any food on my plate. Be it a beautiful meal that my boyfriend has lovingly prepared for me, a takeaway he went out of his way to go and get for me, dinner at our favourite restaurant or even some cheap and cheerful processed ready-meal that Iíve thrown together at the last minuteÖit doesnít matter. Iím still driven to finish all thatís on my plate. Now itís worse too because the guy Iím with is a huge, great big strapping 6 ft 1 guy with a super-fast metabolism (a totally perfect body!) and a massive appetite. He eats monstrous portions of food and never gains any fat. He just converts it straight to energy expended at work, or muscle. Am so jealous. But when he or I make dinner, we serve up equal portions for both of us. Now, even if I was doing a physical job or had the kind of physique he does, I still would never need the amount of food he does. There is just no excuse for it. Iím a short, fat, sedentary lump who doesnít require anywhere near as much food to keep her body ticking over. I probably only need half of the calories he does to get through the day. And yet I feel compelled to have the same amount of food as him on my plate, whilst being utterly determined to finish it all.

And for what? Why do I do it? I just end up feeling so full my body hurts and Iím too tired and wiped out from all the sugar rushes, to do anything. I have no concentration, no energy, no enthusiasm; just a fat, bloated stomach and a lethargic, nauseous discomfort. What is the f*****g point in all that? I know itís wrong. I know itís wrong before I do it, I know itís stupid whilst Iím doing it and I know once Iíve finished that I didnít end up enjoying it, I just became completely focused on consuming all of it; I lost sight of what was supposed to be going on. Food is our fuel, itís supposed to sustain and nurture us. Every meal is another opportunity to do whatís best for these sophisticated machines; a chance to enhance, to soothe, to boost, to heal, to fuel to care. And yet I do none of these things. I eat my veg because I like the taste of them and they make a good accompaniment to my meals. But I never sit down and think about what I should be eating in order to get the best IN to my body and OUT of it too. And thatís so wrong. But I truly believe that whilst Iím always acutely aware that every bad thing I put into my body today is my choice, it all stems from a screwed up behavioural pattern of eating that was programmed into me by my family when I was still to young to know any different. And Iíll always somewhat resent them for that.

That said, I know I probably failed to address the weight problem at an earlier date, for a few (probably daft) reasons. To begin with, I'm a real tough cookie. Renowned for my quick wit, excellent sense of humour, take-no-prisoners honesty and what everyone perceives to be a wealth of confidence and assertiveness. No one messes with me.

No one would ever think that beneath the perfectly made up facade I have carefully constructed and worked hard at maintaining all these years, beats the heart of a deeply distressed, sad, hurting little girl who has had every single insult, criticism and nastiness going, levelled at her over the years.
I don't let anyone see beneath the surface and see the real damaged me, because I don't believe in giving any of them the ammunition they could turn and use against me. Better that I keep it to myself, keep them at arms length and keep them from ever being in a position to get one over on me.

So one of my reasons for refusing to lose weight I think, is because I don't want anyone to know that I care about my size. If they see me trying to lose weight, then they know that I don't like being big and am trying to change. I don't want them to know how I feel about it, so I don't want to show them I want to shed the pounds.

Secondly, I'm a bit of a stubborn little missy. I don't want to do something that other people think I should do, just to become acceptable in their eyes. I feel vehemently opposed to bowing to peer pressure and absolutely refuse to capitulate from my current perceived outlook/standards and look the way they think I should. I know, I's stupid to allow my health, happiness and wellbeing to be jeopardised just so I can say that 'I did it my way' but hey, if none of us had any crazy wee issues with weight, size, life and the opinions of others, this forum would only be a fraction of the size it currently is, would it?

The other reason I think I have avoided meeting the issue head on is fear. Like a lot of others in here, I have allowed myself to become somewhat defined by my corpulent carcass. I have always been the fat one. The fat friend. The big, bad she-wolf who means business. I'm a bit scared of who I will become when I finally get it together and exit my fat suit. I don't know what I'll look like. I won't look like me anymore.

I won't dress the same, I won't hold myself the same. I won't sit in my seat or lie in my bed or snuggle into my boyfriend the same way. People will look at me differently and will know I wasn't happy before; they'll know my demons. I won't be seen as this invincible, indestructable crazy, boisterous monster anymore. I'll be smaller, more vulnerable, less imposing, LESS!

But less is more, right? And fat is just so last year, isn't it? So here's to biting the bullet, taking the risk, making the changes and dealing with the consequences. I know it's not going to be easy, but to quote a tagline, that rang so true with me when I read it (I can't remember who's it is, it's not mine, but I love it and give props to the author!) "Being fat is hard. Dieting is hard. Choose your hard." (Apologies if I have mistakenly quoted/paraphrased it there). I've done the hard being fat bit; I know what hard is. Now I'm ready to try the other hard.

Thanks for listening to a ridiculously large post guys.


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Old Thu, Aug-19-10, 15:38
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This is very interesting. From an emotional angle I think as women we use fat to protect ourselves from unwanted attention from men. Funny, now I would love to be ogled by anyone, but no one really looks at a middle aged woman (did I just say 'middle aged woman?') that way. (Except for my husband, and thank god/dess he still feels this way.) I think it is only with self confidence and self awareness that we are possessed enough to be comfortable in social situations.

When I was a kid, in elementary school, I was called into the nurse's office and weighed and told I had to lose weight. Now mind you, I was just a kid and not obese, just a little chubby. I wonder if I had not been stigmatized from such an early age (being the only one called out of class into the nurse's office once a week to be weighed and assessed) if things might have been different. Maybe, maybe not.

My mother got involved once the school contacted her and god/dess knows in our house there were no treats to begin with. Now I had to 'watch' what I ate and I was embarrassed and ashamed. It led to candy store binges with other friends who were equally deprived of treats in their homes. Though having said that, most kids had such things, but for me it was the holy grail.

My mother was bulimic her entire adult life (due to my father's critical assessment of her at all times.) She was thin and beautiful but never thought so, and hence her eating disorder. (Never admitted by the way.) So food and eating was always an issue in our home. Everything in the fridge was 'dietetic' (remember that word?) except for mom's secret stashes. My mother watched my sister like a hawk for every morsel of food she put into her mouth. No wonder she is now morbidly obese. Like she was getting back at our mother, when in fact she was just punishing herself. I know in her case she wanted to see if she was worthy of love even if she was fat. "See if you can find the real me!," devoid of vanity issues. But vanity issues were all there was in our home so it was a lose-lose proposition.

I bounced from being thin and overweight throughout my life. I always thought I was fat but I wasn't. (Though I believe we become our own self-fulfilling prophesies.) There are old photos that show there were periods where I was a little chubby, then thinner, then a little chubby, etc. I wasn't obsessed with food (until the teenage years, with teenage fixations on food and body image), but that's really not my modus operandi.

I think I just like to eat. Not compulsively, just things I like. But having said that, the last 20 (!!!) years have been spent overweight and I think it was the scare of impending diabetes that got my attention.

The biggest lesson for me, the hardest one, is loving and accepting myself at whatever weight, and I can't do that when I'm too big. There was a point when I felt so large I was literally claustrophobic. I felt so trapped in my body that I just wanted to jump out of it.

So having said that, I am still overweight but much more comfortable in my skin. I don't feel self loathing or shame, just a healthy desire to look and feel better. At a certain point, whatever traumas I have lived through are the stuff that forged my character, of which I am proud. I don't blame anyone at this stage of the game. I'm responsible for what I do with my life.

Thank you for letting me share this.

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Old Sun, Oct-17-10, 01:13
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My getting fat was a mix with not very good childhood, growing up with bad eating habits, stuff happening during my teen years(ex. losing our house, living with a crackhead...etc), becoming a pothead in high school, having friends who were downers, getting into drinking(that food craving you get before you need to sleep), then using food as a stress release, instead of letting my emotions out.

I think that's the hardest thing for me to work on, letting my emotions come out. I know a lot of people say that your strong when you don't cry in front of others, but even if I wanted to cry in front of others I can't--yet. I've kept it in for so long that it's difficult for me to show emotions to others, that isn't sad.
I think it's amazing when someone can cry in front of you, plus it's healthy for you!

So my being fat changed throughout the years, I received different ways to use it, so to speak.

The last thing I used it for way to hide my emotions, I would think. I was so sad and depressed at the beginning of the year, I don't even remember crying once, but boy did I gain weight, and some more stretch marks!
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Old Sun, Oct-17-10, 22:14
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Hmmm, I got fat because I am an emotional eater.
My mom is very vain when it comes to appearances, and I started to get "chubby" right around the time I hit puberty. At the age of 13 I weighed 147lbs and she took me to Diet Center or Jenny Craig... I can't remember, I know I went to both though at some point. I remember being forced to eat little cups of jello squares made with diet orange soda all the time. I became a closet eater. And I knew that my weight was a big disappoint for her. I got straight A's and was on the Dean's list, never got in trouble, never drank or did drugs, was responsible about curfews, got a job. It was never enough. That was the beginning of my emotional eating.

I can't honestly say that being fat has done anything for me except maybe make me invisible. It put my life on hold and brought me alot of pain and misery.

I still instinctively turn to food when I emotional or stressed out. It is a coping mechanism I learned in my teens and constant struggle to break.
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Old Mon, Oct-18-10, 08:50
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I REALLY need to write this out. I have several reasons that I believe led to my fattiness.

First of all, my mom is SUPER stepdad is too (the only dad I've ever known). Turns out my biological dad and his family are prone to fatness (I have an aunt well into the 300s). So half my gened were out to get me from the beginning.

When I hit 5th grade, I had a 'chubby' period...and my mom told me so. I know now that she was just concerned (her sisters have weight problems as well - diferent dad from her). I have never stopped hearing her say so. I look back at pics of me after 5th and wish I could be 'that fat' again...I wasn't.

My parents NEVER had treats of any kind in the house. We got chips, etc for birthday parties and I would go to town on the leftovers. Same for parties at other people's houses. If you coudln't find me, I was at the chip bowl. Once I got a car and a job at 16, I 'rebelled' against my parents' choices by going through a drive thru every chance I could afford it.

Then I went to was cool to stalk the kitchen late at night for all of the friend goodies you could think of (went to college in the south). While I tried exercising, my weight just kept creeping up.

Whats important to know as well is that I was a tomboy. While all of the other girls were whining about their weight, I prided myself on completely not caring or even by being completely unaware of how much I weighed. Stepped on a scale once and was SHOCKED by the number, but didn't 'worry' about it cause I was THAT girl that wasn't like all of the other

So then I got married. At 21, very quickly to someone I knew from high school. He was in the military at the time...looking back, I should have known better than to pick him...we enable each other in many things, financial, health, etc...but he's a great husband/father so I don't have any regrets. Well while he was running 6+ miles a day with his batallion, he could afford to eat like crap every day...whoops, I guess I couldn't. Got pregnant quickly and was weighed...again, an even higher shocking number (196).

What could I do now except enjoy being pregnant at 21/ I did. Was 217 at delivery. I might have done something at that point except my baby threw my whole life into a tailspin (8 yrs ago) and I only NOW feel like I've caught up. The kid didn't sleep EVER (happiest kid ever, but she thought sleep was overrated). So neither did I...I was a zombie for most of her first FOUR years of life and often wondered if one could actually DIE from sleep deprivation. Thank goodness my other 2 slept/sleep.

So there ya go...2 more pregnancies after the first (all kids are 2 years apart) and the rest of the above and here I am. Fat.

But I'm FINALLY ready to fix won't be pretty when its over...the 3 pregnancies completely wrecked any chance I would have ever had at sleeveless or bathing suits. But its not too late to get healthy and stay that way. I do want ONE more baby...but I also want to be pregnant at a decent weight, without worrying about risks, enjoying my little basketball belly instead of wondering if its just fat or not. I plan to be Primal through the pregnancy and keep exercising safely...and then kicking butt afterwards to finish off whatevers hanging around.
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Old Mon, Oct-18-10, 22:11
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For me... my mom fed me crap as a kid and I never learned moderation or discipline in what I ate as a result. I mean, what kid is going to turn down 20 cookies if you let them have them?

So then I got to be an adult and hypothyroidism set in. It sent me from overweight to much worse. I managed to lose quite a lot of weight and was lower than I was in high school. I got a little lazy for awhile because I'd been really strict on myself for a long time with the LC. Gained a little back. Had a series of primarily health related events which did not allow me to LC and gained it all back. Seriously, the day I was able to finally LC again I started back and have been incredibly disciplined since.

I've never liked being fat and never felt it provided anything for me. I ate like I ate as a kid because that's what was given to me. The hypothyroidism hit me so hard and fast that I didn't realize it was happening until I was already pretty heavy (and in denial).
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Old Wed, Oct-20-10, 08:16
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This is a good question, and one that I just can't help but pop in and answer, even though it's an old thread.

I'll be honest, I got fat simply because I refused to eat like I cared - about my body, about my energy needs, about anything. I love food, plain and simple.

Given the way my mother treated food, I'm actually quite fortunate that I only managed to tip the scales at a size 14.

In fact, I should either be fatter than I am (was?) or have an eating disorder because of my mother. I was not fat as a child, and no one ever made comments about me or my siblings losing weight, as all of us were of average weight and made to feel perfectly normal size-wise.

My mother, however, liked to lock up all the sweets in the house. And when I say that, I mean it quite literally. She installed a padlock on the cabinet next to the refrigerator, and in it she put all the Little Debbie snack cakes, chips and other goodies.

She also had a weakness for Pepsi, so she kept a 2 liter bottle in the refrigerator, and every time she drank any, she would mark the label with a line in permanent marker, and date it. Good thing she never could distinguish between regular and watered-down Pepsi because I would take a few swigs often, and fill up to the line with water!

It wasn't enough that my mother padlocked the cabinet door. She never took the key with her, preferring instead to heighten the mind games by "hiding" it in the kitchen. So for me, every day after school became a game of "find the key". Often I'd find it and siphon off snack cakes slowly enough she wouldn't notice.

These weren't games about my weight, they were control games. My mother is mentally ill, and emotionally abusive, and this is what she did. Hell, after my sister died my mother put a lock on her bedroom door so we couldn't go in and play or be around my sister's things. It wasn't about food.

But what it did do was ignite an unnatural desire for sweets and sugar - something I may or may not have naturally had a tendency toward otherwise. I remember when I first got a couple of dollars and free reign at a grocery store. I bought a package of Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies. I snuck them home in my bookbag, went up to my room and ate every single one of them until I was ill. And I still loved them.

I learned a lesson from my childhood: Never bring sweets into my house. At the grocery store, they're safe. In my home, they disappear immediately. Had I not set that rule very early in my life after leaving home, I'd have been in serious trouble.

My weight came on steadily. In high school I was a size 7 or 9 juniors, and weighed around 135. In college I pushed it to 145. By my mid-twenties, working full time, I was 155 and a size 10. By my thirties, I had gone up to 165 and a size 12. I got married, and moved to a new town and *bam* I was up to 175. Suddenly a year or two ago it was 185. I continued to eat wantonly, because I love nothing more than fried chicken tenders and french fries, and my wake up call came when I hit 195. I am, frankly, terrified of the 200's.

Thankfully that instinct kicked in and forced me to do something. In reality, I think I was always waiting for that terrifying, sinking feeling to hit me. I decided I'd eat my way up until it did. Hell, the day before I officially started this WOE just over a month ago, I went to Bojangles for their chicken tenders meal with fries, and I had a Heath bar, all because I wanted them, plain and simple.

I also figured that when I craved such things on this plan, I'd remember that I allowed myself to have my fill of them before switching over. That's worked pretty well so far.

For me, the hardest thing will always be denying myself food that I want. Long term, once I reach maintenance, I hope to have a day a week when I don't worry too much about carbs - maybe not go overboard, but have something that wouldn't be allowed on this plan - because I know I'll go right back to LC for the next 6 days. We'll see.

Self discipline around food wasn't something I was allowed to learn. It was locked up from me instead. So here I am, approaching 40, teaching it to myself. Baby steps.
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Old Wed, Oct-20-10, 09:04
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Looking at photos of my ancestors, I actually thought I was doomed to obesity forever. If there is a "fat" gene, my family has it. In addition, I did eat tons of junk food to narcotize my feelings. I started getting really scared when even eating a cookie made me NEED to go lay down for a nap. When one is eating and sleeping the day away, something is REALLY wrong! I was not tested for diabetes but since my dad suffered from late-onset diabetes, I figured I was experiencing warning signs. So, I chose to start LC (second time, first was in 2003) and will be remaining on LC for the rest of my life. I feel much better. As for other people's criticisms, I do my damnedest to not to listen. I am excruciatingly sensitive (chronic shyness covered by brashness at times). If I wasn't so shy, I would wear "goth"- and/or "hippie"-style clothing because I adore them and not care what people think. Of course, neither style befits a "fat" person.
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A combination of binge eating disorder and psychiatric medications I never should have been on in the first place. (Note to psychiatrists: when your patients stabilizes AFTER going off medication, she does NOT have bipolar disorder and never did.)
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