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Old Tue, Dec-18-01, 07:50
kyfaithly's Avatar
kyfaithly kyfaithly is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 153
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 190/178.2/140
Progress: 24%
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Default Hey Moraki!

I see that you are frustrated about a gain, but you are lifting and doing cardio??

I'm no expert, but doesn't the old saying "muscle weighs more than fat" apply here??

Could that be the reason for your gain, and you are losing inches instead. If you keep with the program and exercise, the scale will have to move down, down baby
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Old Tue, Dec-18-01, 08:02
Moraki Moraki is offline
New Member
Posts: 10
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 145/145/123
Progress: 0%
Location: England/London

I wish you were right kyfaithly, but I don't think that I can gain muscle in four days, I wish I could. I think it is just that I was impatient or that I ate something that stalled my weight loss or even that my metabolism is quite... how can I put this....malfuntional due to LOTS of dieting when I was younger.

I will cut down on lifting weights and up the cardio so I can get rid of more calories per session. My muscles are quite strong because I have been working out for quite a long time but they are covered with what I will get rid of with the LC WOL Being able to see my muscles toned is the second reason I want to lose that extra weight

On the Atkins diet am I in danger of losing muscle tissue as well?

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Old Tue, Dec-18-01, 17:20
Chrissy's Avatar
Chrissy Chrissy is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 449
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 000/000/000 Female 5'5"
Progress: 56%
Location: Canada
Cool Hi Marlaine

This is just my long 2 cents, but the beauty of low carb diets is that you shouldnít (for most of us anyways) have to reduce or even count calories. The only things you should be watching real, real, close is your CARBS. Remember if you follow this plan to a ďTĒ, that means "NO" cheating, and your only consuming the required amount of carbs that your body can handle to continue to lose weigh, your CCL (critical carb level) your insulin will remain fairly level, and the extra fat will not be created or stored. Conversely, the body must burn fat reserves for energy, your glucagon (your other hormone) will use those extra calories from protein and fat towards your energy. In other words it canít be stored as body fat, glucagon shifts your metabolism into a burning mode, (a fat burning machine) which converts fats to ketones and send them to your tissues(muscle) for energy, also glucagon will release fat from all those fat cells that were being stored for so long for energy, get my drift???? lol
However if you are consuming too many carbs, (watch those hidden carbs), sneaking a little of that and a little of this, thinking its just a small amount and it can't hurt, well, it does, you can not have it both ways on this WOE, your body will be storing those extra calories for back up storage as fat, basically the sugars in high carbohydrate foods prompt the body to elevate insulin levels unnecessarily, which result is the creation and storing of unneeded fat (PEROID!).
....... Eating the required amount of calories for your size (body weight) is used up very fast on a daily basis, I donít worry, if you are an active person you can easily burn off those calories. I am heavy to begin with, so I need more calories to function, I work at a job that Iím basically running on my feet all day for 8 hours x 5 days a week, so I need more, I also have a casual job working from 2-4 shifts a week for 4 hours, so I need more, and I also workout strength training with free weights, or do aerobics or cardio every evening for 40-60 minutes a day, so I will need more calories. By all means this doesnít give anyone a licence to eat a dozen eggs and a lb of bacon and a couple of steaks everyday. Besides not once have I ever heard of a person binging out on protein here at this club. LOL ....
I eat 3 square healthy LC meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and 2 snacks which adds up to 30-35 gms for the day, with that I am satisfied, not full, and losing weight or inches at the same time. If my body tells me that I am hungry, I will eat more protein. If Im craving something sugary, which is verrrrry seldom now a days......and I've already ate my desserts for the week, I will eat protien. It's not what I really want or what my brain wants, but it does stops the cravings. And cravings usually lead to binging for me and protein controls the cravings.
You really have to listen to your body on this new way of eating, learn to tell the difference between real cravings and hunger. But what ever you do, do not let yourself go hungry, otherwise your body will go into a starvation mode, and youíll stop losing weight. I know when I am hungry, I get a headache, I can hear my stomach growling and I feel weak with no energy. Cravings to me, is just a trigger of some kind of temptation, sight, smell, enviroment, etc. but usually passes. It could mean that something I ate beforehand has risen my insulin too.
On the other hand some folks consider or have to individualized the program to their needs, now or down the road, you just have to monitor carefully each week, and adjust it according to your body needs. Accommodating to lower carbs, maybe low calorie, or low-fat, or taking this and that food out, not eating LC bars, shakes, cheese, nuts, or maybe not drinking diet pop or coffee due to individual stalls, everyone is different I guess and each one of us had our own Yin and Yang metabolism.

Take care everyone
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Old Tue, Dec-18-01, 17:24
Chrissy's Avatar
Chrissy Chrissy is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 449
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 000/000/000 Female 5'5"
Progress: 56%
Location: Canada
Unhappy Stalls

Your body is different from everyone else's. You may have to figure
out what the conditions are that make it work at optimum.

35 questions to think about if you think you are stalled:

1. Are you eating enough ?
2. Are you eating too much ?
3. Are you counting your carbs or could you be getting more
(hidden) carbs than you realize ?
4. Are you eating something regularly that you might have an
allergy to ?
5. Are you eating too much of a high-calorie or high-carb but legal
food ?
6. Are you using a lot of Artificial Sweetener ?
7. Are you making too many legal treats ?
8. Are you eating Atkins Bars and could you be sensitive to
glycerine ?
9. Are you drinking a lot of sodas, tea, coffee, etc ?
10. Are you drinking enough water ?
11. Are you eating too much or too little salt ?
12. Are you taking in too many nitrates, too much glycerine, citric
acid or other substances that people relate to stalling ?
13. Are you prone to yeast infections and could you possibly have
candida ?
14. Are you getting any exercise ?
15. Are you at a weight where you stayed for a long time in the past
where you possibly have a set point ?
16. Are you cheating a lot (because a cheat can slow you down for as
much as two weeks each time) ?
17. Are you getting too many of your carbohydrates from
non-vegetable sources ?
18. Are you getting hidden sugar ?
19. Are you eating too many dairy products ?
20. Are you getting close to goal weight where weight loss usually
slows way down ?
21. Are you eating too many processed meats ?
22. Are you taking vitamin supplements to alleviate any deficiencies
23. Are you varying your menu or eating the same thing every day ?
24. Are you taking medications that might prevent or slow down
weight-loss ?
25. Are you eating too much or too little protein ?
26. Are you eating too many low-quality (solid) fats ?
27. Are you getting your Omega-3's ?
28. Are you getting enough Fibre ?
29. Are you varying your carb quantities too much or too little ?
30. Are you eating too often or not often enough ?
31. Are you staying in ketosis ?
32. Are you getting too much caffeine ?
33. Are you regularly exceeding your critical carbohydrate limit ?
34. Are you eating a lot of food additives ?
35. Are you still smoking ?
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Old Wed, Dec-19-01, 00:32
Marlaine's Avatar
Marlaine Marlaine is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,833
Plan: Atkins/Stnry Bike/Physio
Stats: 225/210/155 Female 5'5"
Progress: 21%
Location: Powell River, B.C.


Great list of questions!

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Old Wed, Dec-19-01, 12:26
Lessara's Avatar
Lessara Lessara is offline
Everyday Sane Psycho
Posts: 7,075
Plan: Bernstein, Keto IFast
Stats: 385/253/160 Female 67.5
BF:14d bsl 400/122/83
Progress: 59%
Location: Durham, NH
Question Chrissy

Oh do I have questions!

I was trying to answer some of the questions and got hung up on some:

a. What are high calorie legal foods allowed on Atkins? Do you mean cream cheese?

b. How much is too much caffeene? I drink 5 mugs a week. (a mug has about 12oz, which at most I drink 1 a day during the weekdays)

c. How much is too much Dairy?

d. Can you give me examples of low-quality solid fats?

Thanks! If anyone else knows, jump on!
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Old Wed, Dec-19-01, 13:35
razzle razzle is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,193
Plan: mostly paleo
Stats: //
BF:also don't care
Progress: 100%
Location: West Coast, USA
Default only what I overeat

I find that moderate amounts of all these listed food do NOT stall me...but the problem is, calories do count, especially for those of us who aren't very much over our goal if i get either too many carbs or too many calories, I stall.

The trick for me is finding those foods that I am apparently allergic/addicted to: cream cheese, cashews, artificial sweeteners for me. Any of these foods can cause me to continue to wander back into the kitchen to look for 'just a little more' of them, even right after a meal.

I make myself a deal when I buy these--buy only small amounts! An ounce of cashews, a 3-oz package of cream cheese, a single six-pack of Diet Rite, rationed over a week, and then I don't buy them again the next week. I still lose slowly, but I don't really stall.
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Old Wed, Dec-19-01, 15:32
Chrissy's Avatar
Chrissy Chrissy is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 449
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 000/000/000 Female 5'5"
Progress: 56%
Location: Canada
Wink Hey there Girl, How are Yah!


What are high calorie legal foods allowed on Atkins? Do you mean cream cheese? Yes, nuts, cheese, cream cheese, cold cuts, bacon is examples, if your stalling, take one of these foods out for a week and see what happens. Again to each individual, these foods could be the culprit.

Are you eating too many low-quality (solid) fats ? Meaning, saturated fats, animal fat, lard, butter, solid in room temperature.......good fats are vegetable base oils, olive oil, nut oil, such as peanut oil, etc. I donít worry about either fat right now, fat doesnít make you fat, as long as your following the plan by staying at your CCL. However, Iím sure though when I get down closer to my weight, I will have to watch my calories witch means cutting back on fat too.

Are you eating too many dairy products ? Natural yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, buttermilk, milk, etc. Everyone is different, you maybe able to consume 40 gms a day of these products, and maybe not at all. Make sure you count every carb and measure these foods.

Caffeine, to some folks it raises there insulin, to some folks it doesnít, in moderation is the key, if your still losing, then 5 mugs a week is probably not hurting you. If your stalling, maybe you will have to cut back, or cut it out completely from your diet.
I completely cut caffeine out of WOE, I was never a big coffee drinker anyways. Iím content with decaf if we have visitors over or if Iím out.

Everyone is different, you basically have to monitor each food and make your own personal WOE out LC.

To some folks, they zip right through to their goal, not having to worry about any foods, to some we have to be careful

Take care, and Merry Christmas
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Old Thu, Dec-20-01, 18:22
zellie zellie is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 98
Plan: Atkins/PP/Kiss
Stats: 160/120/110
Progress: 80%
Location: homebase NY

Read on another bulletin board a lot of low carb or SF products contain glycerine, and claiming the body treats glycerine just
like sugar and stores it as fat.
There was a link too:
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Old Thu, Dec-20-01, 22:32
IslandGirl's Avatar
IslandGirl IslandGirl is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 4,909
Plan: Atkins,PP - wgt in %
Stats: 100/96.8/69 Female 5'6.5"
Progress: 10%
Location: Vancouver Island, BC
Default for those who haven't got there yet...

There's a LOT of valuable information about Glycerin/Glycerine and other 'sugar alcohols' right here on this site.

A Search of this Forum gets you a ton of valuable discussion (use 'glycerin' as the search keyword).

And there's a fabulous article written by our own Doreen T, SuperWoman over there for quick access on the right side of your screen: The truth about low carb sweeteners info, including the sugar alcohols and all kinds of sweeteners, both the AS(s) and the Bulk Sweeteners!

Well worth the time.
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Old Fri, Dec-21-01, 06:02
zellie zellie is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 98
Plan: Atkins/PP/Kiss
Stats: 160/120/110
Progress: 80%
Location: homebase NY

Thanks IslandGirl, glad I decided this time around to stay away from all bars and shakes. I've hated them in the past, left me feeling starving, and encourage a desire for sweet flavored things.
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Old Sun, Dec-23-01, 09:54
the_jrowl the_jrowl is offline
New Member
Posts: 9
Plan: none
Stats: 70/70/65
Default Possible cause of Stalls.

Hi, I have been on the Atkins for almost a week now. In his book he recommends eating bacon, cheese and other foods that people here say they stall on. He also says to consume alot more fat than protein and recommends people to buy the cheap fatty streaky bacon and eat the fat which most people here gag on when thinking about it. I think that it might not be the food as such which are causing people to stall, but the amount of fat to protein in the food. Alot of this diet is meat, and you get alot protein from them. I'm not sure of the exact details, but cheese is 1/2 fat and 1/2 protein, and alot of meats have more protein than fat. Atkins recommends to consume more fat than protein and alot of people it seems are eating roughly 1/2 and 1/2. I think what could be stalling the people here is large amount of proteins compared to fats they are eating.

Much like in low fat dieting, the person would be consuming alot more carbs than protein, and no where near the amount of protein the people here are eating. Maybe some people have not changed the way they think about fat properly for the diet. Fat is the same as Carbs in this diet. It is your fuel source, not the protein. A person on a low fat diet doesn't eat 1/2 carbs and 1/2 protein or they would most likely gain more weight. Protein contains more calories than fat if it is burn't by the body and used as fuel. I think it is in the ratio units of carb=1 cal, fat = 2 cals, and protein = 9 cals. Also many people agree that the US food pyrimid recommends too much protein for the average american diet, and that people can live perfectly well with lower amounts of protein. Protein gets re-used and re-used in the body, none of it is wasted in the human body, and it's this fact that many people question the high protein US pyrimid recommendation. If you have too much protein, it will be burn't and used as fuel and converted into high volume calories.

Don't quote me on this, as I can't remember the exact details from the book (I'm pretty sure it's right), but Atkins did stress to eat alot more fat than protein in the diet.

Chicken nowadays doesn't really have much fat in it, more protein. Maybe a good way to increase fat in the diet is to cut meat into strips or small chunks so that you can cook it in a frying pan in some heathly oil so it will have more surface area to absorb fat.

Also, I have found protein foods with high fat more filling than normal meats by cooking the way I have described and you don't seem to eat as much. If you have some Shaved ham from the supermarket for example, instead of eating it cold, poor some oil and butter in a frying pan and give each side a quick tan. Tastes great using butter and turkey strips too. It's very tasty and filling and you won't eat nearly as much of the meat to feel satisfied.

Does anyone here think it could be becuase of this higher protein to fat ratio or is it accually something else in the foods (like chemicals which we havn't discoved yet in innocent food like cheese and bacon rinds) which is causing people to stall?
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Old Sun, Dec-23-01, 11:02
gecolon's Avatar
gecolon gecolon is offline
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Posts: 320
Plan: low carb
Stats: 324/228/180 Female 5feet 6inches
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Location: Harrisburg, PA

I seriously think that it is the salt content. All of those foods are high in sodium, which makes people retain water. Even if you are drinking you daily requirement of water you should probably drink a little more if you are eating foods that have a high salt content. I for one eat a lot of cheese, cream, bacon and pork rinds. If I slack up on the extra water the scales don't move.
I think there are also some foods or combination of legal foods that make (?) people over eat. The types vary on what sets each individual off [the taste, the feel or the consistency of certain foods]. Example I love baked macaroni and cheese (homemade). Since everything except the macaroni is legal (eggs, heavy cream, and cheese) I make the same thing but substitute cauliflower for the macaroni and add meat. It tastes really good and it has the same consistency as the mac and cheese. When I eat this it makes me think that I am eating something hi carb and I tend to eat maybe too much, which doesn't make me gain, but it doesn't help me to loose. Just my most humble opinion.
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Old Sun, Dec-23-01, 15:14
chrisews's Avatar
chrisews chrisews is offline
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Stats: 230/185/160 Female 5'7"
Progress: 64%
Location: New york State
Default Re: Possible cause of Stalls.


. Protein contains more calories than fat if it is burn't by the body and used as fuel. I think it is in the ratio units of carb=1 cal, fat = 2 cals, and protein = 9 cals.

j_rowl, I've never heard this, actually, if I'm not mistaken, Carbs and protein both have 4 calories and fat has 9 per gram unless you are saying something different here. also, having read Atkins as well, I don't recall his saying you should be eating more fat than protein, It's just that if you eat reduced fat items, the fat has usually been replaced with carbohydrates which is what we want to avoid. Also, keep in mind, the processed meats, ham, bacon, salami etc contain sodium nitrates and nitrates and specifically he says not to overload on processed meats.

That cauliflour mock mac and cheese sounds great, I'll have to try it, , gecolon, but what do you put your cream cheese on besides celery. ?
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Old Sun, Dec-23-01, 15:58
gecolon's Avatar
gecolon gecolon is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 320
Plan: low carb
Stats: 324/228/180 Female 5feet 6inches
Progress: 67%
Location: Harrisburg, PA

I eat more fat than anything around 70% then protien around 24% and carbs at 5-6%.

Cream cheese?

I love the stuff. Here is what I do with it:

Spread on salami or pepperoni and roll up (put them in a baggy and I have an on the go snack)
Stuff jalapenos and bake them.
Make a mixture of cream cheese and horse radish and spread on roast beef slices
Add 4 slices of fried bacon to 1oz of cream cheese in a sandwich bag (baggy),crumble up and mix together in bag (quick filling breakfast to go)
Using pre cooked chicken or turkey layer a casserole with the meat , mushrooms a little chopped onion, garlic and I like to add sliced fresh jalepenos, heat a mixture of 1cp heavy cream with 2oz of cream cheese in micro. Pour this mixture over the meat and top with shredded cheddar. Bake at 350/400 for about 15 min. This is da bomb.
Make delicious low carb sweet treats.
The list goes on and on......
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