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Old Mon, Oct-31-05, 12:13
jimsbride's Avatar
jimsbride jimsbride is offline
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Location: Western Maryland

mmmm, that sounds wonderful
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Old Wed, Nov-23-05, 16:08
MargaritaL MargaritaL is offline
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Hi everybody:
You can cook tuna fish with a little tomatoe, onion and garlic, put verything till dried, and then stuff jalapeños with it.
The jalapeños can be fried, you just open them with gloves, off course, rinse them, and fried them in olive oil covered. When they are done, take out of the pan, stuff with the tuna fish, put some salt over, and keep them in the refrigerator, they are an excellent snack.
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Old Fri, Nov-25-05, 08:46
Dragon61 Dragon61 is offline
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Location: Perth, Australia

Oh yum to all these ideas.

I will have to experiment as fresh chillies are sold in Australia by colour, size or shape. Not variety or even heat which can be challenging.
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Old Sat, Dec-03-05, 14:03
Nakkira's Avatar
Nakkira Nakkira is offline
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Location: USA

I just tried these but adjusted the recipe a little. I cut the jalepenos in half cross wise and stuffed little pieces of mozzarella in to them, put them in an egg bath and coated with parmesan cheese, then I fried them in olive oil till golden.

They turned out great and were crunchy and not very spicey at all.
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Old Sat, Dec-03-05, 21:15
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LadyBelle LadyBelle is offline
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Location: Wyoming

Well if I could remember how to do images properly I would just stick a picture here. Before going to the store use google images to see what a jalapeno looks like. That way you can identify it even if it isn't labled as such in the store.
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Old Mon, Jan-23-06, 13:24
Dinahb's Avatar
Dinahb Dinahb is offline
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Location: Dallas, Texas

Hey! If you put cream cheese in both halves, and match them up to make the original pepper you wrap them in bacon, and bake them in the oven for 45 minutes. They become softer. Make sure you remove the seeds and the ribs inside unless you like them really hot. Dinahb
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Old Mon, Jan-23-06, 16:47
theladyboo's Avatar
theladyboo theladyboo is offline
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Location: Canada

OMG these sound so good! I read somewhere that someone made a breading out of pork rinds. It sounds really gross, but she said it was really, really good.
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Old Sat, Feb-18-06, 14:19
dianna9234's Avatar
dianna9234 dianna9234 is offline
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Location: so calif high desert

i hope you are dipping these in ranch!!

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Old Sat, Feb-18-06, 19:05
PML's Avatar
PML PML is offline
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Stats: 286/207/115 Female 5' 0"
Progress: 46%
Location: New Richmond, OH

If you use the canned peppers, they will be VERY hot because they have been canned with the ribs and seeds. When I use canned peppers I always over-stuff with cheese to balance the heat. (If you have access to a HEB store, they carry MILD canned peppers... I don't so I have family ship them to me from Texas.) Fresh peppers will be much milder, especially if you select peppers with more of a rounded end rather than a pointed end.
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Old Mon, Feb-20-06, 09:42
Dinahb's Avatar
Dinahb Dinahb is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 377
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 241/223/135 Female 5'6"
Progress: 17%
Location: Dallas, Texas

They also get hot if you let them sit in the frig over night. I made some over the weekend, and could only eat a few. THey got hot as they sat in the frig.
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Old Wed, Jan-16-08, 15:05
PilotGal PilotGal is offline
Look up to the sky
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Location: USA
Thumbs up jalapeno poppers

bumping this up.

4 Jalapeno Peppers (Fresh)
Cream Cheese
Bacon Crumbles

- Cut peppers in half length ways
-Remove all seeds. (that's what makes them so hot) If you have sensitive skin, wear kitchen gloves. The seeds could "burn" your skin.
-Fill with cream cheese and press into bacon crumbles.
-Bake in oven at 350 until cheese is hot and peppers are softened
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Old Wed, Feb-27-08, 21:24
mommyto3's Avatar
mommyto3 mommyto3 is offline
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Plan: Insulin Resistance Diet
Stats: 283/162/165 Female 5ft6
Progress: 103%

I made these as an appetizer for a get-together that I had a couple of months ago (wrapped mine in 1/2 slice bacon) This was before my low carb days....I can't wait to fix these again and be on plan!!
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Old Sun, Aug-24-08, 11:18
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2007 2007 is offline
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Had to bump.

I made two versions; the original one listed here and then another stuffed with chopped clams and cream cheesed, rolled in paremsan and garlic.

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Old Tue, Aug-26-08, 10:29
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NANCI B NANCI B is offline
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Location: arizona

I make these too, but use the whole pickled jalapenos that I get at sam's club in the gallon can. I cut them in half and scrape out the seeds and stuff with cream cheese and wrap with 1/2 slice of the thick cut bacon that I also get at sams. I bake at 400 degrees until bacon is crisp......with using the pickled jalapas, you dont have to worry that the pepper is uncooked....just worry that the bacon is getting crisp.
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Old Tue, Aug-26-08, 15:40
cyberus's Avatar
cyberus cyberus is offline
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Location: Holland, Michigan

Alternative prep for "creamy" type fillings, for people that use jalapenos for other things too.

Cut the bottom 2" (or so) off the jalapeno (or whatever works for your muffin tins)
Using a spritz of oil on the muffin tins first, stand the jalapenos upright, however many fit comfortably. Put your filling in a ziptop bag, cut the corner off and squeeeeeze your filling into the peppers, top with whatever crunchy you prefer if you like and bake ... or freeze for coating and deep frying.
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