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Old Sat, Apr-21-07, 07:00
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Location: Switzerland
Thumbs up

I brought my rebounder up from the basement and have been mening to start rebounding again - you gals have really made me feel like starting now!
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Old Tue, Apr-24-07, 15:04
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Location: West Coast, Canada

I have one too but unfortunately I have to lose some weight before I can even use it as it says that there is a weight restriction on it (220lbs max).... it's quite heavy duty but I don't want to bust through it. {sigh}
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Old Thu, Apr-26-07, 09:30
sjkling sjkling is offline
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Stats: 220/190/160 Female 5'10
Progress: 50%

the rebounder is much more difficult than i would have imagined!

i gave it a try yesterday for the first time. wow. i loved it but i was surprised at how much work it really was.
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Old Wed, May-09-07, 21:52
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empress of fashion
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Location: Iowa

Hey rebounders! Check this out!

I have G-Force 1 and it is a great workout. I see they now have G-Force 2.
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Old Sun, Jun-17-07, 11:03
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Ladibug52 Ladibug52 is offline
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Location: Nebraska

Is anyone still doing Rebounding regularly? I have been working out on my rebounder 10-15 minutes a day for about 47 days (the length I've been on Fat Flush Plan). Last night I went to the Rodeo and we were sitting in the 23 rd row of the bleachers. I remember how hard it was to go up those steps last year without stopping once or twice to catch my breath. Last night I had no problem whatsoever. Felt I could run right up those steps if I wanted to. Sure, I've lost some weight, but I attribute it to my rebounder.

I'm not using my VHS exercise tapes. I have been playing my favorite CD and "dancing" for about 15 minutes. And, I have started to slowly add more jumping jacks each day (on the rebounder) and this morning I did 100.

Rebounders are really the best all-round exercise "machine" you can have. I have pages and pages of stuff on rebounders and a good book that tell of the many benefits. Besides that, it's fun... <---see, even our smilies do jumping jacks on the rebounder!

flushed away 11 lbs. with Fat Flush Plan
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Old Sun, Jun-17-07, 11:18
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Low-Carb Dharma
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Location: DFW, Texas

I have a rebounder, it was bought for my son, part of his therapy - supposedly its excellent for proprioceptive development in children.

He was having so much fun on it, that I had to try it one day... It was a lot harder than I thought! Man were my calves screaming after a few minutes.. but maybe its time to try it again. Hmmm....

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Old Mon, Jun-25-07, 01:34
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movingon movingon is offline
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Progress: 22%
Location: NY
Default rebounding

I just pulled my mini trampoline from the basement today and tried it out today it WAS fun! It gives a pretty good bounce and was not bad at all. I only lasted about 5 minutes as I was getting ready for work and my calves were starting to feel it, but I think I am going to try to do it everyday.
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Old Thu, Jun-28-07, 09:32
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colinjn colinjn is offline
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Location: Maple Ridge, BC
Default Redesigned Rebounder ( cellerciser)

Hi All,
I put a post in my blog about the rebounder/Cellerciser I bought and about the guy who designed it. He is passionate about it because it literally saved his life.

Also I saw it demonstrated at at convention and he had a 400lb guy working out on it during one of the breaks. I was staring at the underneath, waiting to hear thumping or tearing, but it handled it smoothly. The secret is in his load variable springs.

Here is a link to my blog where I give you my experience and a link to David's site as well. This thing has transformed him in the most incredible way. If you have a chance to see him in person, then please do.

Here is the link to my blog post. ( Click Here )
And Here is a link to David's site where he explains why regular mini trampolines can be dangerous ( his father was permanently injured) and how he changed the design. Here is the link

Last edited by colinjn : Thu, Jun-28-07 at 11:05.
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Old Sat, May-30-15, 09:52
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Grapeapril Grapeapril is offline
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Progress: 31%
Location: Colorado
Default Rebounder Videos

I have a rebounder and LOVE it but, the videos are few are far between. I have now started to use YOUTube. There are some good ones on there, and one of the best is Arnita Champion and here is one of her videos REBOUNDING the music production is terrible, but you can listen to your own music and follow. Also, Bellicon on Youtube has some also. There are some great ones in Spanish, but I just follow along. My Rebounding list is HERE I can access YouTube from my TV and that helps. Check to see if your TV does also. We have DISH Network and they support the Youtube channel. You have to have WiFi in your home though.
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Old Tue, Jul-05-16, 07:08
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Progress: 70%
Location: Naples, Italy

I don't have a rebounder but we have a springless (Costco) trampoline and I work out on it 30 mins a day 6x per week. I vary my bounce depending on the beat of the music I listen to so sometimes it is a health bounce, sometimes I run laps on it (it's round, with a net to keep me from tumbling off) or do jumping jacks or skiing maneuvers. It is THE BEST overall toning workout if you ask me! just doesn't do much for the arms but works all the other core muscles like a gem!
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Old Mon, Jan-02-17, 09:52
Tickie Tickie is offline
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Location: Wisconsin
Default I love my rebounder it is the best way for me to exercise.

I've had my Urban Rebounder for ten years at first I used it regularly then I slacked off and just started dance and floor workouts and started gaining weight no matter how hard I worked out. I thought that I could eat like I everybody else in my family as long as I worked out for a hour or so, boy was I WRONG.

I have just started back using it every day for the last 30 days. I do the health bounce for about 30 minutes then I do other things for another 30 minutes like jumping jacks but not the wide leg kind, lots of core movements with 2 pound hand weights.
I had to start slow from 5 minutes at first to what I do now 60 minutes although it more fun than some other types of exercises it not easy but the befits are many. For me I have arthritis and Lyme disease which makes many other exercises off limits so I bounce on my rebounder. After rebounding I'll get those thunder thighs moving on my stationary bike for 20 to 30 minutes, use my hand weights while cycling, keep the arms moving like a speeding walking movement.

While I'm bouncing or cycling I watch some dance or other workouts videos on Youtube depending on my mood. I don't have to buy any videos at all. Watching others workout keeps me motivated.

After only 30 days my joints don't hurt as much and my balance is much better and this is a big one I sleep much better.
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Old Mon, Jan-02-17, 12:08
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Ambulo Ambulo is offline
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Progress: 100%
Location: the North, England

I've committed to using my rebounder at least 10 minutes every day to get my lymph moving. Otherwise I prefer walking outdoors as I get easily bored. I wish I could enjoy exercising indoors to music or videos and I admire everyone who can.

I first started rebounding about 20 years ago, on springs, but have given it up and restarted a few times. I now have a bungee cord type. Even though I was not very heavy, the springs used to go.
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Old Sat, Apr-01-17, 15:23
Iceberg Iceberg is offline
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Posts: 323
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Stats: 237.5/179.4/150 Female 64
Progress: 66%
Location: WA

I have a bad leg and ankle and am worried about cardio. I just bought an Aeropilates with a rebounder. So, hopefully I can get the cardio but not have to be upright on my leg. Just arrived yesterday and have to a spot cleared out for it.
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Old Sat, Apr-07-18, 16:59
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Pinot LCF Pinot LCF is offline
New Member
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Stats: 000/000/123 Female 5'3"
Progress: 0%
Location: Texan in SC

New here, and I realize this is an old thread, but was excited to see rebounder in the title!

I have a Needak rebounder that I bought close to 20 years ago (Fran McCullough recommended the brand in her Low Carb Cookbook) and it's still going strong. Only have had to replace one spring in all that time.

I've been on/off with it over the years, but for the last 3 months I've been using it for 15 to 40 minutes at least once a day. I just pop in my earbuds, turn on some great music, and pretty much just dance. I always make sure to incorporate plenty of arm exercises with whatever my legs and waist are doing. Great exercise!
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Old Sat, Apr-07-18, 20:32
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robynsnest robynsnest is offline
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Progress: 36%
Location: Canada ay?

Thanks for reminding me!! Been wanting to start walking,but the weather has remained nasty, I will bring my rebounder up from the basement....
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