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Old Tue, Jan-18-05, 13:42
KennyJ80 KennyJ80 is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 26
Plan: Diet Study
Stats: 286/219/186 Male 72 Inches
Progress: 67%
Location: Highlands Ranch, CO

Funny...I thought I was the only one...

In the morning...and in the night....if it doesn't give me the answer I want...I try moving it and weighing myself somewhere else.
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Old Tue, Jan-18-05, 14:59
TVMichelle's Avatar
TVMichelle TVMichelle is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 255
Plan: Protein Power/6WBM
Stats: 181.5/139/129 Female 66"
Progress: 81%
Location: Chicago area

Yup, yup, yup, we all do it! I weigh in the AM and again before going to bed. (I have found that I will usually weigh 2 lbs. less the next AM, so it gives me sort of a "baseline" for how the day has been.) Is it "bad" to be focused on the scale? My theory is that whatever motivates you to get healthy (and using a scale is just one of MANY measures of health) is a good thing! But I do also measure myself once a month... and THAT'S where I rejoice! Since starting this WOE November 1, I have lost 7 INCHES off my abdomen alone (and 5 of those came in the month of December, which included Christmas)! I am scrupulous about how I measure so that my readings are accurate from month to month. But do I weigh myself, twice a day? Yes. It's motivating, it helps me to set my next goal, and as long as I don't personally obsess over it, it works for me. As with anything, YMMV.

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Old Mon, Jan-24-05, 20:33
bunnygirl5's Avatar
bunnygirl5 bunnygirl5 is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 68
Plan: Modified Atkins, PP
Stats: 148/135/115 Female 62 inches
Progress: 39%
Location: Central Pennsylvania
Default Oh Good I am not Alone

I love my scale! I must weigh myself every AM and PM. I know the pitfalls of doing this, but I have become addicted to the thing. I guess I am replacing several addicitions with one that will be honest with me!

Is there a "Scala-anonymous" group for us???? Do we need one?
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Old Mon, Jan-24-05, 20:46
AmandaLynn's Avatar
AmandaLynn AmandaLynn is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 454
Plan: atkins
Stats: 258.5/219/199 Female 64 inches?
Progress: 66%
Location: Arkansas

i have this problem too. every day without fail. that way i know if i gained or lost and see what adjustments need to be made
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Old Tue, Jan-25-05, 00:30
fritzz30's Avatar
fritzz30 fritzz30 is offline
Bikini Bound!!!
Posts: 401
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 240/219.5/150 Female 5'6 1/4"
Progress: 23%
Location: South Texas

Hi...My name is Lisa, and I am a scale-aholic!

I weigh in the morning..right after going potty, then I weigh about an hour later...believe it or not I have noticed about a pound of difference at that time. Then I weigh after lunch, and before bed.

The last time I tried Atkins, I hit a plateau at 10lbs. I just couldn't lose...I was weighing all the time. My DH said he thought that I was worrying to much about the scale. He kept trying to tell me to judge my loss by the way that my clothes fit. Well I just couldn't give up that he took it to work wtih him, and hid it at his office.

WELLLLLLL I went up to his office to help out one day, and when he was busy with a client...I began the hunt for the scale...I found it, locked myself in the bathroom, stripped down, weighed, re-dressed, and re hid the scale!!! I admit it...I am totally obsessed!

My scale gives me peace of mind that I am doing well, and that I am on the right track!!!!

Good luck to those of you on the memorial day challenge!!! LOL I couldn't do that...I know myself well enough to know that even if I got rid of my scales...I would be arrested for stripping down in the Wal-Mart scale isle! LOL maybe I would get an understanding female judge!!!!
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Old Tue, Jan-25-05, 06:12
carrot-top's Avatar
carrot-top carrot-top is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 172
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 260/223/150 Female 5'4
Progress: 34%
Location: Alberta, Canada

My name is Linda and I and a scale-a-holic. Did you know that your weight also depends on which orientation your scale has on the floor? I think is has to do with the bumps and curves of the floor. Also, if you lean forward while stepping on the scale, it increases your weight. It has become almost a ritual. Strip down, place the scale just right, step on, leaning back and wish...Oh too bad...stalled again!
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Old Tue, Jan-25-05, 20:17
fritzz30's Avatar
fritzz30 fritzz30 is offline
Bikini Bound!!!
Posts: 401
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 240/219.5/150 Female 5'6 1/4"
Progress: 23%
Location: South Texas

OK as of today I have been on Atkins for 3 weeks...I weigh 3-4 times a day. LOL yes I know that is not a good thing! LOL Anyway...I am getting discouraged, I have not cheated in 3 weeks! I swear, not even a nibble! My weight has not changed since Sunday!!! I am worried that I am doing something wrong....

I am trying to eat...but I am honestly not hungry!!!! My carbs have been under 14 a day most of the time!!! Any suggestions to get me going again will be greatly appreciated. I have lost 16.5lbs in 3 weeks. I am scared I am going to stall!!!!

Thanks for letting me worry out loud!! Have a great night everyone!

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Old Sun, Jan-30-05, 11:30
AK4life's Avatar
AK4life AK4life is offline
New Member
Posts: 9
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 130/95/95 Female 4 feet 11 inches
Progress: 100%
Post scale-a-holic

i can't believe im not the only one who weighs myself all the time. i constantly weigh myself every single morning. i have one of those glass scales that acutually measure to the nearest 10th, which is kind of depressing because wen i gain n e where from 0.4 pounds and up or sumthing overnight i get really sad because i think im gaining weight, even though its just waterweight. i'm currently trying to maintain my weight, not loose. maybe i should go back to my scale thats not digital???
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