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Old Sat, Nov-13-04, 18:39
Moogie1019's Avatar
Moogie1019 Moogie1019 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,195
Plan: South Beach 4-14-2009
Stats: 388/388/150 Female 5'5
BF:too much!!
Progress: 0%
Location: Laramie, Wy

Thanks for the Great advice, Orchidday! I'm new to the forum and I too thought the journals were private. It's nice to know that it's okay to write, & folks will respond
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Old Wed, Apr-06-05, 10:39
ginyer's Avatar
ginyer ginyer is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,556
Plan: Atkins/Oprah/Phil
Stats: 228.4/187.6/175 Female 71 nches
BF:32%//26.4 BMI
Progress: 76%
Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Default Oh, I wish I had read this when I first got here!

I almost gave up on the forum just because it seemed so huge and difficult to get in and get to know people....that is the farthest thing from the truth. It is just a matter of knowing how to go about it. What helped was joining a challenge and getting familiar with a few posters....then like some other, I didn't realize that I should resond to posts in my journal in their that I get the give and take, I have so enjoyed this board and don't know how I would have done this "PLAN" without it. It has been a wonderful motivation...if anything I worry that I post too often and bother people. All of the suggestions were right on. Thanks Again.
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Old Thu, Oct-06-05, 14:52
carol slc carol slc is offline
New Member
Posts: 5
Plan: atkins
Stats: 143/138/113 Female 5feet2inches

I have enjoyed reading all the other responses to your journal. I'am also new at this. I have not made a journal yet but will try to start one now and will try and respond to at least one each time I go on line. thanks carol slc.
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Old Wed, Oct-26-05, 07:14
Exception Exception is offline
New Member
Posts: 7
Plan: Eat Fat Get Thin
Stats: 324/280/140 Female 5ft 6inches
Progress: 24%
Location: NSW Australia

Aha... I think after scanning through all those enthusiastic responses I've got the gist of what this 'Journal' thing is all about! Now I've just got to find where mine is so I can set it up....!
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Old Wed, Oct-26-05, 08:47
KoKo's Avatar
KoKo KoKo is offline
Stepford Malfunction
Posts: 25,926
Plan: FatFlush inspired
Stats: 143.5/132/130 Female 62.5 inches
Progress: 85%
Location: Ontario Canada

Hi Exception

and WELCOME. To start your own journal Click Here and then click on start a new thread and give that thread the name you want your journal to have. After that you will see a link to your journal at the bottom of your posts.
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Old Sun, Feb-12-06, 00:22
TyroneBill's Avatar
TyroneBill TyroneBill is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 73
Plan: Protein Power
Stats: 340/203/170 Male 68"
Progress: 81%
Location: Pennsylvania

Thanks for this thread. I'm new and have been thinking about starting a journal, but didn't really know how to conduct myself or what to expect. Now I know I'll be journaling soon. I am going to read somes journal entries to see how others set their journals up. I hope I'll be getting lots of visitors in my home(journal) here at LowCarber.
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Old Sun, Feb-26-06, 13:38
TilaBC TilaBC is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 410
Plan: general lc
Stats: 262/196.2/175 Female 5 foot 11 inches
Progress: 76%
Location: Vancouver, BC

Is there a way to delete your original journal and start new ? I have sent massages to the forum owner via the contact page but I never got a response. I want to start a new journal and erase my old one.
Thanks !
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Old Sun, Feb-26-06, 14:01
klc145's Avatar
klc145 klc145 is offline
feels like today
Posts: 6,075
Plan: Atkins - Induction
Stats: 203.5/187.5/145 Female 5ft. 1in.
Progress: 27%
Location: Indiana

I am not sure of your question exactly but you might try asking it in the "Comments Box and Technical Questions" area. The mods are quick to answer there!

Hope that helps!
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Old Sun, Feb-26-06, 18:30
doreen T's Avatar
doreen T doreen T is offline
Forum Founder
Posts: 37,266
Plan: LC, GF
Stats: 241/186/140 Female 165 cm
Progress: 54%
Location: Eastern ON, Canada

Originally Posted by TilaBC
Is there a way to delete your original journal and start new ? I have sent massages to the forum owner via the contact page but I never got a response. I want to start a new journal and erase my old one.
Thanks !

hi there,

The policy is .. one journal per member. We encourage folks to keep their journals, even if they switch plans or have other life circumstances. (p.s. - congrats on your expected baby ). It can be helpful to go back and review past experiences .. Plus, deleting your journal also deletes the wonderful support posts from your buddies.

Unless there's a dire personal reason that you *must* have your journal deleted, it's better to keep the one you've got.

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Old Tue, Jun-05-07, 08:15
faydunaway's Avatar
faydunaway faydunaway is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 143
Plan: <50 carbs per day
Stats: 202/191/145 Female 5'4"
BF:going down
Progress: 19%
Location: Maryland

What a great post. Very informative. Thanks so much for your kind guidance and keep up the good support and your good personal results.

I for one really appreciate this site and the people who visit my new journal.

I think the first weeks of return to LC is not easy, shoot the first months aren't easy. I wish I'd known about this site years before because I might have stayed true with the support of others in the same situation.

Thanks again.
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Old Wed, Jun-20-07, 21:29
~Bri~'s Avatar
~Bri~ ~Bri~ is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 132
Plan: Atkins / Low Amylose
Stats: 286/268/200 Female 5'6"
BF:I'm faithful to DH
Progress: 21%
Location: Chesapeake, VA

I'm so glad I found this group! Thanks for sharing this. I was wondering how to feel a part of such a huge group of folks, now I know. I'm looking forward to my LC experience this time around!!
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Old Wed, May-30-12, 10:32 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 107
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 200/192/154 Female 5f, 4
Progress: 17%
Location: Switzerland

Thanks so much for your post :-) I've been trying to start my own journal, but not computer-literate, I think I will manage now, thanks again. Greetings from Switzerland
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Old Thu, Sep-20-12, 16:45
bero48's Avatar
bero48 bero48 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 509
Plan: IR
Stats: 220/217/175 Female 5' 7"
Progress: 7%
Location: Georgia

Is this Thread still being used and if so could someone explain how it works. I see where people respond but not the questions. Maybe I am just not getting this. I am total new to this site.

Tks Doris
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Old Thu, Oct-03-19, 18:11
lo_kate's Avatar
lo_kate lo_kate is offline
New Member
Posts: 14
Stats: 251/209.0/165 Female 65
Progress: 49%
Location: MIDWEST, USA

As a newbie I am trying to read through all the stickies to learn how to navigate and this is Very Helpful! Thank you.
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