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Old Wed, Feb-04-04, 17:00
orchidday's Avatar
orchidday orchidday is offline
Posts: 3,589
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 286/261/160 Female 5'8"
Progress: 20%
Location: Florida

yeah Chris something is not right. I got mine in just a few days, faster than I expected. Have you tried emailing them? Orchid
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Old Thu, Feb-05-04, 13:14
Paleoanth's Avatar
Paleoanth Paleoanth is offline
Slothy Superhero
Posts: 12,159
Plan: Vegetarian Atkins
Stats: 165/145/125 Female 60 inches
Progress: 50%
Location: Tennessee/Iowa

This might give you some bathroom reading:
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Old Fri, Feb-06-04, 17:12
cat-magnet's Avatar
cat-magnet cat-magnet is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 118
Plan: "Toss-The-Scale"
Stats: 153/???/125 Female 64
Progress: 25%
Location: Philladelphia PA

Ha ha ha! "SF Russel Stovers" not only assist in colon clensing, but they also provide a spiffy workout for those who's waterclosets are on the second floor.
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Old Tue, Feb-24-04, 12:28
m1whowaits's Avatar
m1whowaits m1whowaits is offline
Posts: 7,925
Plan: Schwarzbein Principle II
Stats: 150/129/130 Female 5' 5"
BF:??%/??%/ 22%
Progress: 105%
Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Now I'm not so freaked out. Some time ago after beginning a healthier way of eatting, after much time of "traditional" foods, I had a "release" resembling those in the pictures. I took nothing special, I just eliminated maunfactured foods and sugar, began eatting whole fresh veggies, no bread or pasta, and adding supplements, physillium and lots of water to my diet. It only happened once and I'm glad I now know my body was "cleaning house". Like the first time you switch from low fat to higher fat and your gallbladder decides to work for the first time in 20 years!!
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Old Wed, Feb-25-04, 17:45
sophotia's Avatar
sophotia sophotia is offline
wrkn off da baby fat
Posts: 4,934
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 242.5/242.5/160 Female 64"
Progress: 0%
Location: Columbus, OH

I ordered it a few weeks ago. The first treatment was an above normal result...scared me though..thought it was gonna clog the toilet. *lol*
I thought it worked pretty well.

The second use didnt produce as much but I believe that's because I was constipated the first time I took it. But still had one above normal result.

I will take the 3rd treatment next week sometime. Will probably order it again in about 6 months.
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Old Fri, Apr-16-04, 19:09
GrooveJock's Avatar
GrooveJock GrooveJock is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,041
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 268/200/190 Male 5'9
Progress: 87%
Location: Green Bay, WI

Wow!!!! I have recriuted some new fellow Colonblowers!

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Old Sat, May-29-04, 01:20
Cicero's Avatar
Cicero Cicero is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 167
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 350/322/170 Male 5ft 10 inches
Progress: 16%
Location: NW Ohio

I just ordered it. I have next weekend off so I think I will start it on SaTURDay and post my thoughts.
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Old Sat, May-29-04, 03:21
dazzlin182 dazzlin182 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 546
Plan: none atm. bfl mostly
Stats: 128/115/103 Female 5'3
Progress: 52%
Location: London

the title is so funny lmao thank you for sharing the link
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Old Thu, Jul-22-04, 13:26
Huskerchic's Avatar
Huskerchic Huskerchic is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,375
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 156/135/130 Female 5' 2
BF:22 %
Progress: 81%
Location: Lincoln, NE (GO HUSKERS!)

This thread was way TOO FUNNY.....It's great to have a sense of humor about these things !

GrooveJock: Glad you got such good results with ColonBlow!
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Old Wed, Mar-22-06, 07:33
drjef's Avatar
drjef drjef is offline
New Member
Posts: 9
Plan: Raison D'iet
Stats: 176/151/150 Male 68 inches
Progress: 96%

I am using a slightly less volatile product called Colonix by Dr. Natura. It has similar results but is based on a 30-90 day treatment plan. One of my coworkers wanted to try somethign less time consuming, and she chose colonblow. I blogged her experiences if anyone is mobidly curios. Bottom line-it does work and it's um..well kinda funny to talk about too!
heres the link to her story: Jane's Experience using Colon Blow

Last edited by drjef : Wed, Mar-22-06 at 08:46.
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Old Thu, Mar-23-06, 07:35
Ptrcmcc6's Avatar
Ptrcmcc6 Ptrcmcc6 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 4,569
Plan: Eating healthier
Stats: 185/178/150 Female 5 feet 3 inches
Progress: 20%
Location: Jersey Shore

What a funny thread. I don't think I will be using it though as I have no problems with.......ummm...... regularity. I do wish you all the best results though, drjef. Hopefully, GrooveJock is still with us so we can hear how things have been going (or not) as it has been over a year and a half since the last post b4 yours.

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Old Thu, Mar-23-06, 19:23
LOOPS's Avatar
LOOPS LOOPS is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,151
Plan: general LCHF
Stats: 74/74/65 Female 5ft 6.5 inches
Progress: 0%

Magnesium citrate -

gurgle gurgle splat. That's it - no cramps or anything. I took it when I didn't realize it was a laxative - I was taking it for the magnesium. 400mg has a laxative effect!
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Old Thu, Apr-06-06, 06:09
PilotGal PilotGal is offline
Look up to the sky
Posts: 43,755
Plan: Maintenance since 2007.
Stats: 206.6/173/178 Female 5'7
Progress: 117%
Location: USA

I was in the hospital for 2.5 days, eating hospital food, and got terribly constipated. I asked for fiber, to which they couldn't accomodate. A nurse brought me out a small cup of Milk of Magnesia, and I drank it.

Within about 4 hours, I was cleaning myself out.

While on different medications, looking to see what fit my being best, I again, had major problems with normal bowel movements. I resorted to suppositories, for about 2-3 weeks.

After getting out of the hospital, 2 mo ago, I began a serious intake of vitamins and supplements. Concentrating mostly on oils. Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E, flaxseed oil, and Omega 3-6. I'm not sure if it's these supplements, or these supplements, along with the other pills I take, daily.

Whatever it is, my bowels are like they were years ago, when I ate a lot of raw foods, and brown rice. I know I'm cleaning out the lower intestine, fully.

I have no clue what the total of calories are, I'm ingesting. They are keeping the depression away, constipation away, improving my organs, skin, hair, eyes, finger nails.. Everything is in superb condition, and improving.
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Old Fri, Apr-07-06, 06:41
drjef's Avatar
drjef drjef is offline
New Member
Posts: 9
Plan: Raison D'iet
Stats: 176/151/150 Male 68 inches
Progress: 96%

This topic is always endless! I have to laugh at how many stories I hear when the subject comes up--but then it's something everyone can uh...relate to in some way cause we all gotta go eventaully, right?

I've heard Milk of Magnesia is the turbo flush of all intestinal cleaners but never heard anyone's experience on it. Thanks PilotGal. Interesting to note that you are seeing improvements in visible ways like hair, eyes etc.

I've found that drinking more water has an effect on how often and productive the biological process is. Anyone else have that experience? I tend to guzzle diet coke all day, so drinking water is a big deal for me!
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Old Fri, Jun-09-06, 08:31
waywardsis's Avatar
waywardsis waywardsis is offline
Posts: 2,657
Plan: NeanderkIF
Stats: 140/114/110 Female 5 feet 2 inches
Progress: 87%
Location: Toronto, ON

I know it's been a few months, but...

Milk of Magnesia is all you'll ever need, IMHO. And for regularity, eat more FAT. Coconut oil keeps things...uh...lubed.

I am curious as to why so many ppl on this forum are constipated? Undiagnosed food intolerences, perhaps? I eat under 10g of fiber daily, on average, and have no probs.
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