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Old Fri, Oct-29-04, 11:24
TarHeel's Avatar
TarHeel TarHeel is offline
Give chance a chance
Posts: 16,944
Plan: General LC maintenance
Stats: 152.6/115.6/115 Female 60 inches
Progress: 98%
Location: North Carolina

Happy forum anniversary, and thank you founders very much!!

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Old Fri, Oct-29-04, 14:02
PilotGal PilotGal is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 36,355
Plan: KetoCarnivore
Stats: 206.6/178/160 Female 5'7
Progress: 61%
Location: USA

I am addicted to this site!!

Morning's ain't right without my coffee and forum!!

You have done a fine job, keeping this forum fine tuned, and constantly a great source of information, and a lively bunch over in current affairs!!

Thank you so much for a great site!
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Old Sat, Oct-30-04, 11:37
LondonIan's Avatar
LondonIan LondonIan is offline
Slightly foxed
Posts: 9,318
Plan: Take over the world,Pinky
Stats: 284/275/224 Male 5'7"
BF:No, I'm straight
Progress: 15%
Location: London, UK

Four years. Blimey!
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Old Tue, Jan-04-05, 20:04
Duparc's Avatar
Duparc Duparc is offline
New Member
Posts: 586
Plan: self-designed
Stats: 216/189/190 Male tad under 6'
Progress: 104%
Location: Kirriemuir, Scotland

I am one of the newcomers from across the 'pond'. You'll probably recognise the place when I say that it is one of America's off-shore islands called the UK.

It was interesting knowing how the site came into existence and the parts played by you the founders. Like others replying, I have experienced other forums, some of which were almost to the point of the insane so it was with some relief to come across this forum which is so conducive to one's needs and expectations.

It is an exceptionally comprehensive forum that I enjoy. Its wide audience helps in keeping the interest stimulated.

May I compliment you both.
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Old Sat, Mar-26-05, 12:24
Steph570's Avatar
Steph570 Steph570 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 158
Plan: Atkins since March 2, 05
Stats: 205/193/135 Female 5ft 8 1\2 inches
BF:Have no Idea
Progress: 17%
Location: Presently Killeen Texas

To all of you who worked so hard and are still working to keep this site going, I think it is wonderful and very encouraging to have members who may have or are going through the same things as you. It is great to have people to help with your questions as well as try to help other people. I find myself getting on everyday now to see what's new and try to help others. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the help from all the other great members!!!!
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Old Sat, Jun-11-05, 22:48
SeekNfind's Avatar
SeekNfind SeekNfind is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,069
Plan: Stillman/Atkins
Stats: 251/251/175 Female 5'3"
Progress: 0%
Location: Barrie, ONT
Wink I suppose I'll add my two cents!

This site has been a life saver for me....(as opposed to a lifesaver....that's a no no). A former Mississaugian, (close to Toronto) living halfway across the world here in Egypt....low carbing is virtually unheard of. I've been to dieticians here who pertly told me, "no bread, no rice, no macaroni, come back in a week if you've lost 10 lbs...if not, don't!" That't the extent of knowledge I've had to deal with. So I did the seek and find on the net, (hence my nick) and found YOU GUYS!! This entire site has been, informative on Lowcarbing, motivating, and definately the first stop of my day when I get online. I've met another member who is also from egypt and we've been able to help each other find various products that on our own would have taken extreme effort. I've made a GREAT friend that I cherish, especially now that I am living abroad and lack good conversation in my mother tongue. I've listened to people literally dissect my thoughts and arguments and help raise my thinking to a higher level. Besides all that, I find myself waist deep in a group of people who make me feel like, I BELONG. In my life I've learned that there are three types of people, those who have great ideas but lack in ability to follow through, those who have the ability, but lack the ideas, and then the third, which are a combination of the first two, this third group complement each other and strive towards goals quickly and as a whole. I see you all as the third. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! I'm lucky to be a part of it.
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Old Tue, Jul-19-05, 13:24
SusanKH's Avatar
SusanKH SusanKH is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,184
Plan: Atkins, keto
Stats: 230/230/150 Female 67.5"
Progress: 0%
Location: Texas

I just have to say thank you. I don't know if I could stay with LC if I lost this board. Your hard work and dedication are truly a gift to us and we appreciate it soooo much!
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Old Tue, Oct-30-07, 21:12
doreen T's Avatar
doreen T doreen T is offline
Forum Founder
Posts: 37,269
Plan: LC, GF
Stats: 241/186/140 Female 165 cm
Progress: 54%
Location: Eastern ON, Canada

Happy Birthday to Us!!!!

Active Low-Carber has been going strong for 7 years today!

Happy Low-Carbing everybody

Doreen, xo
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Old Tue, Oct-30-07, 21:22
dearmommy's Avatar
dearmommy dearmommy is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,364
Plan: zeroish carbs
Stats: 388/300/150 Female 66inches
Progress: 37%
Location: Vancouver Is BC Canada

Congrats and Happy Birthday
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Old Wed, Oct-31-07, 18:25
JAnn's Avatar
JAnn JAnn is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 4,039
Plan: LC/GF/IF
Stats: 237.0/223.6/174.6 Female 5 ft 10 in
Progress: 21%
Location: Central Arizona

A belated happy Birthday. I came on in Feb 03 and have loved it.

Thanks Wa'il and all the moderators!
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Old Thu, Nov-20-08, 19:23
Andy Davies Andy Davies is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,212
Plan: My own (based on a compil
Stats: 333/260/224 Male 73 ins
Progress: 67%
Location: Hampshire, England

Seeing Doreen's message commemorating this site's 7th Birthday, and looking in again after quite a long absence and finding things very different now from the way they used to be, I thought I'd add a couple of reminiscences of my own.

I became a member here just four months after it was first launched. Back then, the titles of all the threads on the site were on a single page, and any of them could be accessed by the single click of a mouse. Any thread which had 15 replies or 500 views was a "hot" thread, marked by a "flaming envelope" symbol in the margin.

It seemed astonishing to me then that a thread might ever get 500 views, and I was staggered when several did. It would have been inconceivable to any of us then that a thread might get 59,000 views, as some have done now.

As for getting 15 replies, some of the early ones languished at 7 or 8 for a while, and then disappeared. The concept of getting hundreds or even thousands of replies, as they do now, never occured to us.

I watched a rapid expansion of the site during the next 2 years. Finding threads, or even batches of them, became more difficult. The early Journals were something we could all read every day, but over time it became impossible to manage it because there were just too many.

Wa'il changed the layout, the format, the entire forum, ever expanding. Some of us became mentors and moderators, responsible for "covering" an area of the forum or an aspect of low carbing for which we had particular interest or expertise. On one of the new changes, it was suggested that members contribute book reviews as a reference service to members who want to be pointed in a particular direction to learn more, or to find out what a certain book is about whose name they have come across. I did 4 of these book reviews, including the one on Atkins. Needless to say, the exercise was extremely educational to me, as well as hopefully being useful to others.

I don't have much new to offer now, but the founders are still putting vast amounts of time into the forum, and racking up incredible numbers of posts. There are still many people logging in and being supported, from a very wide "catchment area" involving continents as well as many countries. People will continue to benefit from this site for a long time to come.

Do I think the efforts of the founders were worthwhile? You bet I do. And should Doreen commemorate their achievement? You bet she should.

I said this several pages ago, but I still mean it now. Congratulations to the founders, thank you for creating this site, and best wishes for the future.

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Old Wed, Apr-13-11, 13:52
summersun summersun is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 96
Plan: Umm...
Stats: 204/188/140 Female 70"
Progress: 25%

10 years on I just wanted to say thanks to the founders, I hope you guys are still around somewhere, probably all skinny now lol So thanks for starting this, it's been a great source of help and support in my short time. I can't wait for the day when I'm posting in response to others sharing my success story and seeing the numbers at the top of my post showing my goal has been achieved. It's thanks to this site that I believe I can do it
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Old Sun, Jun-24-12, 16:21
lindystar's Avatar
lindystar lindystar is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,616
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 182.4/175.8/130 Female 63 in
Progress: 13%
Location: Reynosa, Mexico

Oh gosh, I never even THOUGHT that there might be just ONE person behind this whole thing. I can't thank you enough, and OMG, you must be insanely proud now, just look at the "pounds lost" number. I should just be SO....CRAZY ...THRILLED with yourself! Lol THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!
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Old Thu, Oct-03-19, 17:21
lo_kate's Avatar
lo_kate lo_kate is offline
New Member
Posts: 14
Stats: 251/209.0/165 Female 65
Progress: 49%
Location: MIDWEST, USA

Congratulations on your evolution and persistence of 19 years!
I sought support and have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Because of the founders I am reading/learning/supporting/growing.
I cannot overstate my elation at finding this site!
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