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Old Tue, Aug-13-02, 09:21
Cinderella's Avatar
Cinderella Cinderella is offline
Contributing Member
Posts: 1,455
Plan: lowcarb .
Stats: 160/141/127 Female 5'6"
BF:it"s for SALE!
Progress: 58%
Location: Canada

I had no idea that so much work and time have been spent on building this wonderful site. Thank-you for sharing this wonderful story and Thank you so much to each of you for working so hard.

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Old Tue, Aug-13-02, 10:48
greentea's Avatar
greentea greentea is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 598
Plan: General LC-ing
Stats: 145/127/120
BF:BMI 23.7
Progress: 72%
Location: Ohio at the moment
Default There should be an award for you!

A HUGE thank you from the US.
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Old Sun, Sep-01-02, 09:12
VikkiJean's Avatar
VikkiJean VikkiJean is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 182
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 305.0/234.0/160 Female 5'5"
Progress: 49%
Location: Ladson, SC

Thank You for building this site You did a great job It has helped so many people. my favorite part is the journal and the support from the countless members that have joined
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Old Fri, Nov-08-02, 11:44
JudyTrue's Avatar
JudyTrue JudyTrue is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 804
Plan: Atkins to CALP to general LC + BFL
Stats: 188/174/150
Progress: 37%
Location: Chicago

A big THANKS and major HUGS to the creators of this site! The support, understanding and information contained here is truly amazing, and I'm so glad to have found it.

Just a thought: I was reading Newbies Questions and saw a post that referred to the history of the site being under Best Of. This information seems way too interesting to be "just another thread". How about moving it to a more visable location? I really think everyone would be very interested in the history who doesn't happen to find it here.

Anyway, thanks to all the creators who have helped so many!
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Old Fri, Nov-08-02, 12:34
lkonzelman's Avatar
lkonzelman lkonzelman is offline
The evolution of me
Posts: 9,402
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 273/182/160 Female 5' 4"
Progress: 81%
Location: Bryn Mawr, PA

I can't thank you enough for creating a tool that helps people help to themselves.

You have empowered me!

All the best always...
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Old Thu, Jan-23-03, 19:11
Carol CA
Posts: n/a
Stats: //
Thumbs up Many MANY Thanks!

Best thing to do, I think, is only click on what interests you. I don't like to post signs like "help our site" or "visit our sponsor" etc.

Thanks for the thought.

This unselfish generosity is so rare. I have my own website... and I know that server space, traffic expenses and site updating doesn't just happen. If ever you need financial support, I would like to think you'll post a sign or two... rather than pull the plug! My gawd... just the thought of that makes me cringe! I've only been here for a month... but it's been one wonderful month, indeed. I just might have traded one addiction for another... but hey... I can deal with this one! Just don't take my new drug of choice away.

I would love to help out financially. If you don't have a hidden Paypal link close by, you can be sure that I'll click and buy from your affiliates. Thank you so much for all you do. This is a remarkable service and environment. THANK YOU!

Carol CA
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Old Fri, Feb-07-03, 15:49
Skamito's Avatar
Skamito Skamito is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,315
Plan: Atkins (Pre-Maintenance)
Stats: 160/135/130 Female 5'5"
Progress: 83%
Location: New York, NY
Default I love you guys!

I agree with Carol! A secret PayPal symbol wouldn't be such an evil thing. I can't imagine the bandwidth, etc. that it takes to keep up each person's wonderful journal, for example.

Anyway, I wanted to stop in and also pledge my thanks. This forum is indeed the best wealth and collection of low carb knowledge around. Moreover, when you don't know anyone else dedicated to LC, this place really makes you feel like part of a huge community. We are not crazy!

Speaking of which... I noticed DANDR and Atkins for Life are number 2 and 3 on Barnes&'s bestsellers after the pre-sales numbers of the next Harry Potter book.

There is a large community of breadless wonders and this site is a constant and wonderful reminder of that.

Three cheers to you lovely moderators!

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Old Sat, Feb-15-03, 12:21
tamarian's Avatar
tamarian tamarian is offline
Forum Founder
Posts: 19,570
Plan: Atkins/PP/BFL
Stats: 400/223/200 Male 5 ft 11
Progress: 89%
Location: Ottawa, ON

Hi folks,

Thanks for all the compliments, and the suggestions.

I'm still uncomfortable with any "donate" and "paypal" or any similar donation links/systems. Don't get me wrong, I'm always touched and humbled when someone offers it, and it makes it all worth my while knowing our site has helped someone, somewhere. And I occasionally do get similar offers by emails and PM's.

What I prefer to do is make the site self-supporting. For example, we allow links to low-carb stores, books and products we like, trust and have a good reputation, and we turn down a lot of questionable advertisers, magic pills, casino and gambling banners, easy cash stuff and the like.

With our latest move to our dual server setup (I'll add more details to the original post later, as it is a milestone in terms of our growth and increased popularity) our cost has increased tremendously. You may remember from last December and early January this year, we had experienced a lot of server problems due to increased traffic, and things got worst after Dr. Atkins appeared on CNN on January 6th, and most of you got the error "server too busy". Since then we just realized our old dedicated server can't handle it any more.

So I decided to try a new idea to help the site, without requesting donations. I've always liked it when my favourite sites offered T-Shirts and mugs and these little gadgets with their colourful logos, URL's and cute slogans. So I thought we can try that and make our own site/forum T-shirst and mugs, and many of our members might enjoy wearing them and showing them off.

The only problem I have is that I don't have the graphical skills to come up with anything really attractive to be printed on these T-shirts, and I've tried, and I don't have any really good ideas for slogans and the like. I did come up with some half-decent designs, but that's not good enough, it has to be really good, attractive quality designs, or why bother?

For this reason we have announced our graphical design contest last week:

in the hope that some of our artistically gifted members may be willing to draw some for us. So if any member can help in that department, we'd certainly appreciate it.

I'm thinking of some ideas for a prize for the winning designs as an incentive, I think I found a good one, but the details are in the works.... stay tuned!

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Old Sat, Mar-22-03, 17:43
IsisWinged IsisWinged is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 3
Plan: No specific plan
Stats: 152/152/120
Progress: 0%

Wa'il you are from heaven to give this site. Is this officially Dr. Atkins site?

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Old Sat, Mar-22-03, 18:05
tamarian's Avatar
tamarian tamarian is offline
Forum Founder
Posts: 19,570
Plan: Atkins/PP/BFL
Stats: 400/223/200 Male 5 ft 11
Progress: 89%
Location: Ottawa, ON

Originally posted by IsisWinged
Is this officially Dr. Atkins site?

No, to visit the official Atkins site, go to:

It's a great site, and almost the entire book is online!

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Old Sun, Sep-28-03, 13:27
jeanyyy's Avatar
jeanyyy jeanyyy is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 8,545
Stats: 224/201/190 Female 5'6"
Progress: 68%
Location: Lower Mainland, BC, Canad

I'd just like to add my thanks to the creators, founders, and moderators of this site for all their hard work and dedication! I am sure you all spend many, many hours here to maintain, counsel, inspire and administer the site. Please accept my heartfelt thanks and appreciation
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Old Mon, Oct-20-03, 09:30
Eri Z's Avatar
Eri Z Eri Z is offline
Airy Cats Eyes
Posts: 10,817
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 198/180/171 Female 5'5"
BF:diminishing daily
Progress: 67%
Location: Not near a beach, darn it

Thanks! It was great to read the history of the forum. This website is so wonderful--all kinds of folks are drawn to it and we all get along pretty well! It's so well organized, so easy to find people and their posts...
Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Eri Z
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Old Sat, Oct-25-03, 20:45
becky160's Avatar
becky160 becky160 is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 862
Plan: Atkins (Modified)
Stats: 242/216/155 Female 57
Progress: 30%
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Thanks Tamarian for sharing this with us!

I love this forum, I am addicted to it, I have met great people from all over the world.
Also need to mention the support I have gotten from the Moderators, Forum Founders, and memebers in a very fast and effective way.


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Old Tue, Oct-28-03, 05:05
senimoni's Avatar
senimoni senimoni is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 129
Plan: Atkins-CKD
Stats: 175/158.9/130 Female 5'2
Progress: 36%

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Old Wed, Oct-29-03, 11:33
doreen T's Avatar
doreen T doreen T is offline
Forum Founder
Posts: 37,266
Plan: LC, GF
Stats: 241/186/140 Female 165 cm
Progress: 54%
Location: Eastern ON, Canada

Happy Birthday to Us!!

We are 3 years old today.

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