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Old Sun, Nov-04-01, 22:00
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Default The Diet Cure

I had read this book when it first came out (1999) mostly for the supplement information. I dipped into it again this evening for the same reason -- time to start taking some again -- and realized that the one chapter on diet -- NOT dieting, but diet -- is low carb. I was especially interested in that there were no phases, no maintenance, no transition to maintenance. Just, this is what you should eat if you want to be healthy. I thought there might be some interest here, and so I'll post a summary.

1. Plan's name: Common name of the diet
THE DIET CURE (Dr. Julia Ross)

2. Date: Original publication date -- 1999

3, Basic Philosophy/Strategy: Low-Carb, or 40/30/30 etc.
This can be used in the main index as a summary.
In a chapter entitled "Nutritional Rehab for the Ex-Dieter" she has a list of steps in "How to Undiet." These are:
1. Do not skip meals
2. Eat at last 25 percent of the day's calories at breakfast
3. Do not undereat
4. Start your meals witih plenty of protein -- 20 grams or more of protein per meal.
5. Eat unlimited amounts of green vegetables with yor protein. Eat some red and yellow ones, too.
6. For snacking, eat fruit or vegetables with proteins.
7. Be sure to include some good fats in each meal
8. Stop counting calories and fat grams

She stresses that fats are not the enemy, carbohydrates are. There are other eating regimens -- to combat yeast problems, etc. -- as well as very specific guidance on supplements for a variety of ills (including cravings, balancing blood sugar, etc.)

4. By the numbers: Percentages, phases
In her summary, she says: Be sure to eat:
3 meals minimum per day,
4 cups or more of colored low-carb veggies, mostly green. Eat as many of your vegetables raw as you can.
At least 20 grams of protein at each meal
At least one-quarter eof your day's total calories at breakfast
2 servings of fruit or more daily
other whole-food carbs -- beans, rice, corn -- as needed after you've eaten your vegetables, protein and fat
good oils, like olive and canola, in salad dressingsand sauteed disihes

5. Method: Details of the method, what to eat, what to avoid
Nothing to add except -- avoid white flour and sugar, refined products. Avoid dieting!

6. Typical menu:
Ross lists her typical day:
Breakfast: "Usually I eat 2 servings of fruit with 1/4 nuts and seeds, protein powder and nutritional yeast, blended into a smooth; or 3 eggs scrambled with veggies, avocado and black beans and a corn tortilla or two."
Lunch: "I often eat a very large raw vegetable salad with 4 ounces of salmon and a bowl of split pea soup or a side of roasted potatoes."
Dinner: "2 to 4 cups of sauteed veggies with tofu or sheep's feta cheese and 21 cup wild rice pilar with brown basmati rice."
Plus snacks of trail mix or fruit with cheese or nuts.

This is obviously higher carb than many other plans considered here, but she doesn't say you MUST eat the legumes, rice, etc.

7. Emphasis on: Fat, Sugar, Protein or Exercise

Several mentions of fats not being the enemy, stop fighting fats, etc. Emphasis on protein. The banning of sugar. Not as much concerned with exercise. It's a nutrition book -- lots of info on supplements for various ills -- anemia, blood sugar problems, stress, adrenal depletion, etc.

8. Unique Features: Particulars that differ from general low-carb diets

It's not a diet. The aim is to get you healthy.

Added 9. About the author. Brief bio and credentials

Alas, I've thrown away the book jacket. She's a physician and has a clinic -- the book is check lists where the reader determines what ills s/he has. Ross is careful to point out the few supplements that MUST be prescribed by a physician. But I'm never sure how much one can trust a self-help book -- perhaps it's worth reading to make a list of ills/supplements and then check them with one's own physician?

I did try her supplements regimen two years ago when I first tried low carb -- well, first time since the 1970s I felt wonderful. Unfortunately, they cost $120 a month and I couldn't keep them up
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Old Sun, Nov-04-01, 22:15
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Thanks for the contribution, and for following the styleguide to the T. Should be published with the other summaries shortly.

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Old Mon, Nov-05-01, 13:42
alto alto is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,171
Plan: Protein Power
Stats: 296/278/179 Female  5'8
Progress: 15%
Default Diet Cure Web Site

Surprise! The Diet Cure has a webside:

There is an updates page -- information Ross has learned since the publication of her book. (It's basically a marketing site; info about her clinic, her schedule, a store for supplements and the book.)

Thanks Wa'il -- and thanks for doing this
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