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Old Thu, Sep-20-12, 22:55
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Default Self-treatment of Adrenal Fatigue & Thyroid

Is anyone else taking the wheel?

I lost my 20s to unbearable symptoms of low adrenal and thyroid function, which of course hasn't been diagnosed despite asking 7 different doctors/specialists. Limited success with low carbing for weight loss too (I stall at 85kg, or 188lb).

Fed up with the medical industry I have taken my health into my own hands. I've been researching my condition for months now, and preparing for the experiment to hopefully end this nightmare.

I have been taking Isocort, Raw Adrenal Glandular, Licorice Root, High-dose Vitamin C with bioflavonoids for one lousy week, and already I see a huge improvement. My moods have stabilised (no more rage, or suicidal tendencies). I can handle stress much better (no crying). My back pain/twinge has subsided, along with my acne??? Weird. I'm no longer late to work because I can't drag my corpse out of bed. I'm not plagued with anxiety. I generally feel more energetic too.

And after another month, I'm going to start on a small dose of Thyroid-S. I looked long and hard but finally found a supplier overseas (I'm in Australia). I'm not the first - a lot of people are going this route because they're fed up.

Is anyone else self-treating, or thinking about it? I'm curious to know how your personal experiment is going, and any tips you could offer.
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Old Fri, Sep-21-12, 08:24
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Location: UK

I'm self treating with NDT. I sometimes have a little more energy, but don't think I'm up to optimal dosage yet. I've gone from not being able to lose weight, to losing slowly. My best advice is take it slow, allow your body time to adjust.

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Old Fri, Sep-21-12, 09:51
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Looking 4 Onederland
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Location: Panama

I'm on NTH that I buy from Amazon. Still dialing in the dosage.
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Old Sat, Sep-22-12, 06:28
Bat Spit Bat Spit is offline
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Location: DC Area

I was working with an integrative doc until I moved out of state. He got me on the right track with isocort and T3.

Since then I have added progesterone. Did you know that is one of the major hormones *also* made by the adrenals? We get so caught up in it being provided by the lady parts that we don't realize. I didn't realize until just recently.

Do some research on that. I was having a lot of apathy and listlessness and just the edge of depression and night sweats, and sometimes spotting.

I think it is tragic and sad that we have to be our own doctors but at least with the internet we can find information and the supplements we need.

ProgonB by the makers of Isocort is great. That's what I take.
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Old Sun, Sep-23-12, 16:43
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Nikita82 Nikita82 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 209
Plan: HCG Diet
Stats: 215.5/191.1/155 Female 177cm
BF:Human twinkie
Progress: 40%
Location: Newcastle NSW Australia

Wow! Great advice leemack, I'm definitely not going to do anything stupid - I know my body couldn't handle it.

Batspit - lol at your username - I started bio-identical progesterone cream and pills a month ago too, but only the latter half of cycle, so I don't think it's had enough time to build up yet. I really noticed the change once I added those supplements! I was worried Isocort wouldn't really work (because it's non-prescription) but being able to get up early speaks for itself! I'm excited about that.

Thank you for your feedback guys, I'll post any further developments - at the moment I'm waiting on Raw Thyroid Glandular from iherb, it should have been here by now so starting to stress a bit : (
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Old Tue, Oct-30-12, 15:04
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Location: United States

I received the book Stop the Thyroid Madness yesterday, and I dove into ch. 5 & 6 about the adrenal glands. I've ordered the 24-hour salivary test and the basic thyroid panel (FT4, FT3, and TSH).
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Old Fri, Jan-25-13, 20:49
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Talking Self-treatment of Adrenal Fatigue & Thyroid

I have self-treated many times with natural dessicated thyroid (armour) and with vitamin b12 shots, I was forced to several years ago when my Dr. refused to prescribe it to me (the b12) and even after explaining I would do myself. I ordered from a pharmacy in Vancouver, Canada and since there it was sold over-the-counter no prescription was required. That was in 2007 so I don't know if they would still offer that now, I only did the injections for a year to boost my levels, (then I just took the sublinguals I bought at a local health food store, worked equally as well as the shots) which were so bad ithere were days I could not go to work. My Dr. did give me a script for armour in 2006, however I still ordered from an overseas pharmacy just in case he wouldn't give it to me again and that way I would have a back up supply. The result? It was exactly natural dessicated thyroid (armour) and I had. I never told him, either. Luckily, he continued to give me scripts for it so I did not need to order anymore. I must add that no prescription was needed for the armour that I got from overseas, that is probably because in other countries its considered a "thyroid supplemental"? I'm not sure of that but I came to that conclusion. As far as the injectable b12 is concerned I must say it worked quite well for me, boosted my levels, and I had absolutely NO bad after effects.
I donot recommend self-treating initially, I still think working with your Dr. (Or trying to find a good one who will listen to you) is the best route to go, however I know first hand about drs who pretend to be deaf as an excuse to not prescribe you what your body needs, so with that there is nothing wrong with it, just use caution.
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