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Old Sun, Jun-28-09, 23:32
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melibsmile melibsmile is offline
Posts: 11,313
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 272.5/174.4/165 Female 5'4
Progress: 91%
Location: SF Bay Area
Default Best of TDC

These are the threads that many of us have found useful over the years. We wanted to make them easy to find for new TDC members amidst the sheer volume of information floating around the forum. There are also a few Best Of threads that are particularly relevant for TDC members. Feel free to PM me with links to other threads that you think belong in here—they do not have to be TDC threads, merely useful for TDC members.

The Thread that Started the TDC
Who has to lose 100 or more pounds?

Best Of subforum
Link to Best Of subforum

Being a TDCer in a sometimes cruel world
The burdens of weight loss and the burdens of weight
Are you invisible to other people?
Too fat to enjoy life?
I hate being fat!
Why I hate being fat! Join in. How about you?
What do you *love* about your fat or fit(ter) body?
How did I get 100 pounds overweight?
Were you a fat child?
To be fat really isn’t easy sometimes
Things that I am not going to miss about being fat

Things you look forward to doing when you lose the weight
Goal Weight? Am I the Only One?
Things you can't wait to do when you hit goal
What are you too large to do?
What the 1 thing you want to do after you lose weight?
I'm looking forward to...

On motivation from an unusual source
Quote of the Day
Why did you decide to lose weight
Did you have a wake-up call?
Why are you losing this weight?
100 Plus reasons why LCing is great
$1,000,000 worth of motivation

Favorite Quote or Inspirational Lines
What inspired you to start LCing?
What’s one thing that you were scared to do because of your weight, but did?
A jar of water

The Long Haul
Why don’t we give up?
Serving our apprenticeship
A new twist on: "I didn't put this on overnight, so..."
Anyone else ever take a break?
May we talk?
How do you know that you’re going to make it this time?
The REALLY long haul
What’s the hardest part of LC for you?

Dealing with other people
Sabotage from the ones you love
Living with a saboteur
Don't know why this bothers me (rant)
Shallow Hal
Caution: You are Entering a Back-handed Compliment Zone
Children who make comments about our weight
Have you told people?
Discrimination – Male vs Female
When nobody notices
I was publicly teased today because of my size
Well meaning people can really make you feel bad sometimes
Pardon my mini-vent

Psychological Issues and Body Image
Your weight in your mind
What do you feel when a member needs to lose "just 10 pounds"
How many of us recognize ED as a confounding factor in our obesity?
Can fat and happy go together?
I'm planning to lose weight, but do I have to lose myself in the process?
Having your picture taken
How much control do we really have?
Why did you let it get so far?
What does your weight “do” for you?

Thoughts on being normal weight
Any fears of being thin?
Can’t remember when I was less than 200 lbs
The concept of being a normal weight
Your thoughts/feelings on ex-TDCers who are now thin
Important discussion

Food Feelings and Addictions
Obesity Epidemic: Pleasure from Eating and Fear of Food
Food Addiction/websites and books
Treat carbs like vegetarians treat meat
Did your parents try to control your eating when you were a child?
Food Rehab
Are TDC members Carb Addicts?
Cheat Chatter
The ‘appropriate portions’ trap
When/Why are you most likely to cheat?
Losing heart, need advice

Perspective, Tips from Long-timers, and Lessons Learned
Five years of low carb—thoughts and observations
Things that I have learned after 10 months
Low Carb Newbie Mistakes
It truly is a lifestyle
TDC Longtimers/Maintainers Thread
All the wasted years
What will you miss about being fat?
What not to do on low carb
Sharing secrets of your success
What are you willing to do to get “there”?
What real weight loss looks like
Which prison do you choose?

Big Ladies Club
Place for babes who need someone to show off to
A fighting chance
How do you approach the problem of a chubby child?

Dealing with the Scale Monster
I'm trying so hard...(to stay off the scale)
Why the Scale Can Lie
The Benefit of Graphing Weight Loss
Tell your scale to go to He(you know what)

Health Issues
Low Body Temperature (Thyroid Issues)
Exercise for people with back problems
Wii as exercise for a Triple Digiter
Anyone else have a drinking problem?
Vitamin D--Implications in Obesity
Too fat for the treadmill—help!
Embarassing inner thigh question
Fold infection
I had given up hope

Loose Skin Concerns
Loose Skin after loss--thoughts
Loose skin worries
My Greatest Fear (loose skin)
Anyone else have this problem? (Stomach Apron)
If I lose 210 pounds will I need surgery,skin?

Weight Loss Surgery
Watching someone eat, post-surgery
Weight Loss Surgery
Lap Band
Gastric Bypass
Ongoing story about a morbidly obese woman
Considering surgery?
Gastric Surgery--have you had it?
Oprah and Gastric Surgery
Too Many Gastric Bypass Surgeries?
Watching someone eat, post-surgery

Clothing and Fashion
Women’s Plus Size Online Clothing Resources
20 Fashion tips for ladies losing weight
Good clothes for apples
Are you saving any "fat clothes"?
Sneaking into the “Misses” clothing area
Women’s clothes

Accomplishments, Milestones, and other positive things
Who has LOST 100 lbs or more...and how are you doing now? Making a break for the border
Milestones: Name one thing….
Sunshine Moments
What is THE best unexpected side effect of your new WOE?
TV interview with a TDCer regarding 100+ pound loss
Little victories
What can you do now that you couldn’t do before?
Goodbye and good riddance B&T stores

Struggling, Restarting, or Dealing with Stalls
Those on the rebound: why did you quit?
Best Thing to do if you’ve stalled
Caution: Now entering the zone of complacency
What is the hardest part of LC for you?
A List of Foods Most Likely to Cause Stalls
Cheating?? (or the Importance of Planning)
Freakin' Fed Up!
Trouble getting my act together
Stumbling in (restarting)
Before you disappear…

Sign up for one year of TDC
Gary Taubes at UC Berkeley video

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Old Thu, Dec-31-09, 19:29
melibsmile's Avatar
melibsmile melibsmile is offline
Posts: 11,313
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 272.5/174.4/165 Female 5'4
Progress: 91%
Location: SF Bay Area

In honor of the new year, here are some additional links to great threads we've had over the past few months.

Dealing with other people
When people ask you how much weight you've lost...
People taking it on themselves to judge what is best for ME?

Restarts and Struggles
I cheated today and now thinking about it
What if you *do* have to be hungry?
Before You Disappear

Psychological Issues and Body Image
I had an interesting moment today
Shopping for jeans--what I learned
Obesity and Personal Denial
Feeling "Normal"

Food Feelings and Addictions
Emotional Hunger vs Physiological Hunger
The Power of Habit
Logging Food--pros and cons

The "Read the Book" Book Club: DANDR

What does it feel like being 100+ pounds lighter?

Perspective, Tips from Long-Timers, Lessons Learned
Please share the secrets of your success
Integrating our WOE into our WOL (The Long Haul?)
What's in your toolkit?

Accomplishments and Milestones
What changes have you noticed so far?
Ideas Wanted for Trophies for Inch Pebbles (Milestones)

Importance of making it to goal weight

Happy reading!

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Old Wed, Jan-05-11, 01:17
melibsmile's Avatar
melibsmile melibsmile is offline
Posts: 11,313
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 272.5/174.4/165 Female 5'4
Progress: 91%
Location: SF Bay Area

In honor of 2011, here are links to great threads that we had in the past year.

Food Feelings
The "I am so bored with Low Carb Food" thread

Being a TDCer in a sometimes cruel world
What do you LOVE about yourself

What are you going to do even though you are large?

Psychological Issues and Body Image
A mental challenge
Expectation vs. Reality
How do you let go of the "Diet" mentality?
I guess even on the other side of the grass it has just as many weeds
Old habits certainly do die hard

Dealing with other people
How skinny do you think you have to be...
TDC Rant (not to be taken too seriously)
Anyone ever feel that others make everything about YOUR weight?

Thoughts on being normal weight
When you've never been thin

The Long Haul
Getting past the 100 pound mentality
I know it's a WOL. But to me it's a diet.
Kind of been avoiding this...

Perspective, Tips from Long-timers, and Lessons Learned
The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth...

I fit comfortably in a booth this morning
I tucked in my shirt!
I clipped my toenails!

Oh God! What Happened? Please Help Me.
Once more into the breach

Clothing and Fashion
Clothes Sizes

Health Issues
How skinny do you have to be...

How has your personality changed? Good or Bad!
Obesity Observers

Threads from other forum areas
Advice for the Newbies
Random Tips and Hints

Happy Reading!

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