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Old Sat, Jan-06-07, 19:13
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2007 2007 is offline
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Originally Posted by HAPPYTHIN
4. Having an ex boyfriend (that I traveled from the US to Jamaica to visit) say, "You were sexier in highschool."

Now that wasn't very nice of him. Bumba clad jamaican boy!

Funny though, I use to travel to Jamaica all the time because the men there seem to be the only ones that liked me and didn't mind my size. In fact, they use to tell me how much they loved the bigger women and that this was their women of choice. Of course, I knew it was just because the blood clads just wanted to get out of there to come to America, but I didn't care, I just loved all the attention they gave me. I loved them coming up to me all the time, making sure I was never alone, I always had a date if I wanted, they always wanted to be your boyfriend for whatever amount of time you were going to be there. Besides, it was my vacation and I knew that I would have a blast. I felt so confident there that I would adorn my bathing suit without a thought. I thought I looked darn good too.I must look good...I'd say to myself...because all these men keep telling me so. Quite a few have even asked me to marry them. Again, even though I know it was just them trying to see what they could get out of an American women or trying to get their way to the States. I really didn't care...I always had such a blast everytime...then I come back to America...and I'm just the big fat lady again.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will grant you the desires of you heart ~Psalms 37:4
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Old Thu, Feb-01-07, 02:03
winterrose's Avatar
winterrose winterrose is offline
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Plan: Vegetarian Atkins Diet
Stats: 140/130/110 Female 5' 4"
Progress: 33%

When I was little I weighed 120 pounds and I wasn't even 5' tall, and I couldn't buy clothing in any of the "cool" little girl stores like limited too because I didn't fit into any of it!! left the mall crying several times because no one accepted girls who didn't buy their clothing there experiences like that made me super conscious about my weight and too shy to make friends before high school :/ so that even when I was 5' 4" and 120 pounds, having not gained any weight, I THOUGHT I WAS FAT!!
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Old Thu, Feb-01-07, 10:10
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CNYMom CNYMom is offline
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Location: Central NY, USA

I'm game. In no particular order:

#1) Being afraid my weight will affect my daughter's social development
#2) Refusing to have a family portrait done because of the way I'd look in it.
#3) Refusing to look at myself in the mirror.
#4) Clothes shopping for functionality rather than pleasure ("Is that shirt long/loose enough to hide my stomach?", "Do those pants stretch?")
#5) Buying only stretch pull-on denim pants (Goes along with #4, I guess)
#6) Avoiding taking my daughter to fairs and amusement parks because I'm terrified I won't be able to fit on the rides.
#7) Hating putting on a swim suit, but doing it anyway so my daughter can swim.
#8) Mother/daughter overnight summer camp.
#9) Having to squeeze into a booth.
#10) Knowing no one will ever love me the way I look now. (boy, that sounds pathetic!)
#11) Hearing my mother talk about needing to lose weight herself, when she's 2 inches taller and 40 pounds lighter. And then hearing all about WW after she's joined.
#12) Hearing my sister talk about how she had to gain weight before she could pass a physical for one of the armed forces. (She's one of those who can eat anything and everything and still lose weight)
#13) Having a doctor tell you you wouldn't be morbidly obese if you didn't eat so much (even after having been handed daily menus showing I really didn't), and telling you to go back to low fat/high carb because it's the only one that works. (Except, it doesn't, at least not for me)

This was a really good exercise in reminding myself why I'm doing this. Apparently, I could go on, and on, and on! I remember being on my first diet (slim fast shakes made with water rather than milk, no less) in 5th grade. I remember thinking (and being told) I was fat at 120 pounds and 5'2" in 7th grade. Ah, memories!
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Old Fri, Feb-02-07, 07:48
bigtoevin's Avatar
bigtoevin bigtoevin is offline
Senior Member
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Plan: Atkins
Stats: 260.5/246/199 Male 67 inches
Progress: 24%


Congratulations on losing 31 lbs. so far!

That's amazing!

Keep going!

You may even want to print your 13 reasons (in a small font), on a small piece of paper and carry it with you at all times, as a reminder why you're doing this.

I know you're thinking about the possible embarassment if someone found it, but that must pale compared to what those 13 reasons embarass you.

After a few weeks, you probably won't need it anymore.

Anyway, thanks for posting.

You can do it!

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Old Sat, Feb-03-07, 00:11
MNLisa B's Avatar
MNLisa B MNLisa B is offline
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Plan: low carb, portion control
Stats: 222/155/140 Female 5'6"
Progress: 82%
Location: MN
Default My .02 cents worth

These could also work for the last straw wake up calls as well...

Not being able to wear sleeveless shirts

Seeing the horrified look on DH's face when I managed to squeeze myself into a cheap Walmart bathing suit during our summer vacation last June

The realization I weighed more than most of the baseball players on our local team

Being the fattest person in my work department

Weighing almost double what my 20 yr old DDs weigh

Sweating like a pig in the summer, spring, fall and winter

Living to eat versus eating right to live
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Old Sat, Feb-10-07, 04:45
tmatrocks's Avatar
tmatrocks tmatrocks is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,087
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 455/224/200 Male 6-3
Progress: 91%
Location: Chicago

I hated flying when I was so heavy....

I dreaded meeting new people when I was so heavy...

I hated my low self-esteem when I was so heavy...
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Old Mon, Aug-06-07, 09:25
xxStephxx's Avatar
xxStephxx xxStephxx is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 64
Plan: low carb, portion control
Stats: 240/202/150 Female 5'6"
Progress: 42%

I agree with them all!

Here are some of my own:

-my thighs rubbing together
-not being able to share clothes with my thin friends
-shopping with my thin friends when they dont even come CLOSE to fitting into anything at plus size stores.
-trying on clothes and find that all the 2xs and 2xs are too small
-feeling invisible
-always being self consious
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Old Thu, Aug-30-07, 23:17
Sandollar's Avatar
Sandollar Sandollar is offline
Senior Member
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Plan: LC w/o "counting" carbs.
Stats: 320/259/185 Female 5'8"
Progress: 45%
Location: Vancouver Island

OK...I'll play!

What do I hate about being fat?

* My big feet. They've gone from a 9.5 to a 10w. I can only buy shoes at Payless...or wear men's shoes. I miss nice shoes!

* Hygiene. Everything from shaving my legs to wiping my butt to covering any skin that touches with talcum powder....especially my navel.

* Pap tests. The doctors always tell you to "scoot" your bum down the table. Yeah...right! Get the winch!

*Being invisible to men.

*Restaurant chairs with arms.

*Wanting to be active...trying to do an activity you once enjoyed...and having your body fail you.

*Back to shoes....I can't wear the high heels I love because I am so heavy and there is too much pressure on my toes.

* Plus-sized clothing is only made for large-breasted women. I've always been a "B" matter what I in order for a shirt to fit over my hips, it billows at the front. Now I only wear stretchy fabric.

*"Friends" that want you as an eating buddy. Friends that sabotage your efforts the second you start to look better than them.

*Thinking you look really great at a party...feeling fabulous...then seeing a photo somebody took of you.

*What I hate the most is that being fat was AVOIDABLE. And I hate the way being fat makes me feel like a failure.
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Old Fri, Aug-31-07, 10:01
joylorene's Avatar
joylorene joylorene is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,715
Plan: atkins/hcg
Stats: 228/162/135 Female 65
Progress: 71%
Location: North Dakota

Originally Posted by Sandollar
OK...I'll play!

What do I hate about being fat?

*"Friends" that want you as an eating buddy. Friends that sabotage your efforts the second you start to look better than them.

*Thinking you look really great at a party...feeling fabulous...then seeing a photo somebody took of you.

*What I hate the most is that being fat was AVOIDABLE. And I hate the way being fat makes me feel like a failure.

Boy can I relate to these!!! My sister who had the lap band procedure done is always trying to sabotage my efforts - UGH!!!

And pictures??? NO WAY! We haven't had a family picture taken in so long and my oldest will be graduating high school this year and it would be nice to have one.
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Old Tue, Mar-18-08, 20:05
LadyAtkinz's Avatar
LadyAtkinz LadyAtkinz is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 166
Plan: Atkins (4life)..Induction
Stats: 24/24/12 Female 5'5
Progress: 0%
Location: I wish I was in Tokyo!!

Originally Posted by starchile
OK, I just have to vent here for a moment.

I need to express some things that embarrass me about being my size. Some of it is my problem but some of the blame goes to our society for not recognizing that not everyone is a size 6 and that PISSES me off!

So here are my top reasons why it Sux to be Fat! What are YOURS???

1. My clothes are WAAAAAYYY more expensive than the smaller sizes. Sure we need more material but $20 worth?

2. Can't fit into some chairs with arms.

3. The thought of having to get on an Airplane is terrifying. "Will I be able to fit in the seat?" "Will I be able to buckle the damned Seatbelt?".

4. Can't go out shopping at the same stores as friends. Have to go to specialty section or specialty stores.

5. Walking past a window or mirror is a harrowing experience.

6. Can't get on Rollercoasters. The embarrassment of the safety bar not fitting over me and having 3 workers trying to push it down is enough to send anyone to a stiff drink and a shotgun!

7. One Word! CELLULITE!

8. Folding laundry in a public place and worrying that everyone will see my big huge underwear.

9. Feeling uncomfortable with my partner b/c of my size during sex.

10. Being somewhere and realizing that I'm the biggest person in the room.

11. Not being able to get on the Gondolah in Vegas with my friends b/c I almost meet the maximum weight BY MYSELF!

12. Looking at thin women and thinking that their lives must be so much easier than mine b/c they don't have all of the above issues to worry about.

WHEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! It had to be said! But I know that I'm a wonderful person with many accomplishments under my belt. I know that my size does not constitute who I am. I am beautiful and deserve to be loved no matter if I never lose another pound. I love myself and it's up to everyone else to decide whether they want to be a part of this love or to be shallow and be without my love.

This is something I can do for myself to put the icing on the is not the cake!! I'm already the cake!!!

Yeaaahhhhh, TESIA!!!!

Awww gurl,you are BEYOND BEAUTIFUL!! And yes YOU deserved to be LOVED like any other woman!!
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Old Wed, Mar-26-08, 10:25
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Progress: 17%
Location: MD

Originally Posted by Equinox
Anyway, the restaurant staff thought it would be GREAT FUN for the kids to be weighed before they ate, and then afterwards to see how much they had "gained" after stuffing themselves, and they gave us a "diploma" with before/after weights. My brother didn't particularly mind, I don't think, he's always been skinny, but I was mortified... Shy as I was, I didn't dare say no, either.

How do these idiots come up with these things?!

I would have refused that, at any weight! In fact, I would have insisted we find a better restaurant!
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Old Sun, Jun-01-08, 06:13
phnx71's Avatar
phnx71 phnx71 is offline
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Stats: 316/275/260 Female 5'11''
Progress: 73%

1-- Looking at pictures from 2 years ago and realizing that I was, in fact, hot.

2-- Realizing that my back problems are because of my big ass stomach

3-- Airline seats. 15 hours to Hawaii.
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Old Wed, Jul-23-08, 12:45
gweny70's Avatar
gweny70 gweny70 is offline
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Stats: 366/282.2/166 Female 5'6"
Progress: 42%

*Not spending precious time with and even avoiding people in my life that matter the most because I don't want them to see the weight I've gained & because I am embarrassed of how I look...

The sad/scary/pathetic thing about that is tomorrow is not guaranteed. And how many regrets will I have if something would happen to that person and I never got to hug them or touch them again...all because I was too embarrassed about how I looked.
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Old Wed, Jul-23-08, 12:57
Janice A Janice A is offline
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Location: Neptune NJ


I couldn't have worded that better. It's exactly how I feel also. Powerful words.
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Old Wed, Jul-23-08, 13:23
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BF:new scale :(
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Location: Niagara Falls, ON

That list just took me back and made me thank God that I've stayed commited this time.

Man, I remember buying my new car and realizing its bucket seats were too small and they cut into my butt.

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