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Old Sat, Jul-26-08, 15:05
feelskinny's Avatar
feelskinny feelskinny is offline
Posts: 6,800
Plan: finding my happy place
Stats: 245/231.4/200 Female 67 inches.
Progress: 30%
Location: Saskatchewan.

I remember a visit to McDonalds with my husband's family. My MIL has passed on now, but weight was always a self esteem issue in her mind [she was just over 6' tall and weighed 115 at her heaviest, and considered herself fat!]

We sat at tables with arms. The tables were very close together and I had to 'twist' my hips into place in order to sit.
I then had trouble getting out.

She shook her head at my plight.

I cried myself to sleep that night, then went on an emotional binge 3 days afterward.

Now, what I hate about being fat is that I'm reduced to a lesser human in thin people's eyes.

If I never lose another pound, I will never give anyone permission to make me feel inferior.

You have to give permission.

There are things that I look forward to when/if I reach goal. In the meantime I am a one and only.
NO ONE will ever take that away from me again.

BTW Steph your post made me cry.
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Old Sun, Jul-27-08, 17:43
BuffBabe2B's Avatar
BuffBabe2B BuffBabe2B is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 278
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 00/00/00 Female 5'0"
BF:Not for long!
Progress: 69%

- Having to leave a movie theater because you can't fit into the seats.
- Having my ex witness previous humiliation.
- Being too wide to fit through a turnstile (I'm short and wide and I live in MORTAL fear of these things). I sometimes don't go places because I don't know if I'll run into one.
- Disappointing my ex because I couldn't be more social/outgoing/self-confident.
- I hate when people walk behind me because I know they're judging my fat a$$.
- I'm always afraid that someone at work will need tech support on the third floor (read: stairs). Ugggg!
- I hate the look that I get from some know the look...starts at your head...down to the toes...then back up again.
- I don't like riding in a vehicle with some friends because I can't hoist myself into the tall SUV's everyone drives these days!

I'm just tired of the fear. There are so many things that I avoid because I'm afraid and I don't want to live the rest of my life this way.
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Old Mon, Aug-25-08, 00:38
DianeeM DianeeM is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 61
Plan: atkins
Stats: 220/191/162 Female 5'8
Progress: 50%

All of the above......

To have to lift my tummy to shave and trim....well the bush! And then hope its even because I can't see it!

To get the above and my hygeine in order! I never thought of deoderant under the tummy before...I have come to take 2 showers a day to eleviate the smell, i dont know if you can smell it but i can. Koodos for the original poster of that one. Well that and the wiping.....geez! i travel alot (5 to 10 times a year) and man oh man, those seats keep getting smaller and smaller, oh wait that would be me getting bigger and bigger....that and its wishfull thinking that you will have an empty middle seat anymore! i am fortunate that i have yet to request an extension...but it sure is an uncomfortable flight trying to keep all your stuff in your allocted space.

I am new at this BB. I hope that I can learn from you as well as contribute as this is like my 500th time losing weight in my life. This one however, will be the last. So help me! 15 lbs thus far....tomorrow will be start of week wishes to all.

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Old Mon, Aug-25-08, 13:11
Pam Katz's Avatar
Pam Katz Pam Katz is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 524
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 232.6/207/180 Female 5'7"
Progress: 49%
Location: Canada

Not being able to run and play with my grandkids
Having to have a knee replacement because of the strain on my knee due to arthritis and being over weight
developing type two diabetes
developing nerve damage in my foot and not being able to walk to excersise yet..
On the happier side it has brought me to a realization that I am now on the road to a healther life.. down almost ten pounds in just over two weeks.. woo hoo
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Old Mon, Aug-25-08, 15:04
Symphonyod's Avatar
Symphonyod Symphonyod is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,182
Plan: LC/IF and such
Stats: -/-/- Female 60 inches
BF:2 spare tires
Progress: 33%
Location: SC

I needed this thread.

you all said it all just about..

I couldnt' go through all ten pages but the one above about triming the bush.. rofl.. I hear you.

My most embarasses.. are those hygene issues... YOU all know what I am saying without saying it.. Kills me.
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Old Thu, Dec-11-08, 13:26
Melesana's Avatar
Melesana Melesana is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 7,171
Plan: LCHF, IF
Stats: 265/215/135 Female 5'2"
Progress: 38%
Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA

narrow restaurant booth benches, narrow aisles between tables
small-bottomed chairs with arms
cutting my toenails
walking hurts my feet, calves and lungs
"friends" tell me what to eat
people assume I'm helpless
people assume I'm vain, and therefore ashamed
I feel (well, felt, I'm lcing now!) resigned to being fat
the health issues - heart, diabetes
lack of mobility
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Old Thu, Jan-15-09, 10:06
primerib primerib is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 79
Plan: a blend of what works
Stats: 211/198/120 Female 5'2"
Progress: 14%
Location: Ohio

1. I can feel the weight working on my hips and back--wrecking the joints.
2. People treat you like you aren't there.
3. People act like fat = stupid.
4. Both of my SIL's wear size 2 pants. I wear 18's. I hate family get-togethers.
5. Being out of breath all the time.
6. Wearing a dress or skirt makes me feel like one big tent.
7. Knowing that I'm only a prayer away from becoming diabetic, seeing as how I've always been hypoglycemic, and had gestational diabetes. How I've escaped it thus far is beyond me-- ----except that I'm pretty active.
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Old Thu, Jan-15-09, 23:37
hinz's Avatar
hinz hinz is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 166
Stats: 225/185/140 Female 5'2''
Progress: 47%
Location: good ol' wisconsin ;)

not being able to wear those super sexy knee high boots because although i wear a size 7 calves are too freakin big!
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Old Fri, Jan-16-09, 21:37
Hismouse's Avatar
Hismouse Hismouse is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 6,488
Plan: Meat, Veggies, Nuts
Stats: 181/185/130 Female 61.5
BF:Falling Fluff
Progress: -8%
Location: Oregon

1. Having to climb over the toilet in stalls, and then bang my head on the door.
2. being the fat one in the family
3. Going to DH Christmas party and no one looks at me.
4. Feeling ashamed at my body and hubby saying I am fine.
But never tells me I'm sexy.
5. working so hard to lose and not see a loss, only a gain
6. Having to buy BIG clothes, God they are so ugly, and how does one really cover up a big spare tire. No designer can make clothes for that....I bought alot of the tops this last summer, the ones that make you look pregnant, well A family we know and are close too, the grandmother thinks we are her grand kids, she thinks I am having a Baby, and she is telling everyone, and just so thrilled.....I want to run away

7. Being in public and feeling like I am being looked at for my weight. It the look we all know.
8, Trying clothes on and having my hubby pick a tent for me, and still say I look fine......
9. shame when around family, I feel so fat, they are all tiny, 100lb my two sisters and Mom, and brother thats thin to.
10. Just to be able to make 09 the yr I end with feeling like I am on top of a Mountain, Healthy and a healthy weight
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Old Sat, Jan-17-09, 07:09
donnaliz67's Avatar
donnaliz67 donnaliz67 is offline
For Real This Time
Posts: 1,383
Plan: SB (Sorta Beachy)
Stats: 272/260/165 Female 68 inches (5'8")
Progress: 11%
Location: Long Island, NY

I hate always thinking about my weight before I do something that "normal" people take for granted - will I fit on the roller coaster or in the plane seat? Can I make it through that narrow aisle in the store without knocking something over? Can I fit in that restaurant booth? Do I weigh too much to take my son in a kayak with me? (this last one really hurt - we went to Puerto Rico last fall and wanted to go kayaking in the bioluminescent bay - supposed to be a really cool experience. Our kids are getting pretty big now, but they're not old enough to paddle their own kayak, so my husband would have to take one, I would have to take one, and one would have to ride with the guide. But I had to call up the company and ask the weight limit - and just as I feared, I couldn't make the weight limit with any one of my kids, so we couldn't go I hate the fact that my whole family had to miss out on such a cool experience because of me and my weight )

I hate feeling like I'm taking up more than my share of space. Anywhere I go I always feel like I'm in the way - always apologizing for just being there. I have just as much right to be there as anyone else, but I always feel like I have to say "sorry - am I in your way?"

I hate that the best I ever hear from my husband (on the rare occasion that he actually comments on my apprearance) is that I look "nice". I don't want to look "nice", dammit - I may be in my 40's, but in my mind I'm still young enough that I want to look HOT.

I hate feeling like no matter what I wear or how much effort I put into hair, makeup, etc - I STILL don't look good because of my weight. Seems like a waste of effort to dress nicely and pamper and groom myself, if I'm still going to look awful (or at best, just "nice", as I said above) because of my size. So a lot of times I just don't bother.

And as someone else already stated on this thread, I hate how my weight always makes me feel like a failure.
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Old Mon, Jan-19-09, 07:32
supergirll's Avatar
supergirll supergirll is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 437
Plan: Atkins, Now Medical Weigh
Stats: 217/206.4/170 Female 5'4
Progress: 23%
Location: Michigan

Looking through stores and all the cute stuff is for skinny people. I can only find "old lady looking clothes" for myself becasue I'm fat.
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Old Mon, Jan-19-09, 15:21
starchile's Avatar
starchile starchile is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,308
Plan: atkins-ish
Stats: 398/391/299 Female 5'10"
Progress: 7%
Location: Elk Grove, CA

Donna! I could have written your whole post myself. I totally get where you are coming from...aaaggggh!!! This world is not built for us at all! You expressed that so well here:

Originally Posted by donnaliz67
always apologizing for just being there.

Your post brought tears to my eyes and I don't have anything to make it better except

Just know that we are in this together!
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Old Thu, Jan-22-09, 09:50
doit4me's Avatar
doit4me doit4me is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 491
Plan: Low carb
Stats: 230/000/165 Female 5'4
Progress: 354%

I hate that the best I ever hear from my husband (on the rare occasion that he actually comments on my apprearance) is that I look "nice". I don't want to look "nice", dammit - I may be in my 40's, but in my mind I'm still young enough that I want to look HOT.


If it helps you husband is the very same towards me. If he tells me I look nice, its because I asked "do you think I look nice?" ...never something he just says to me. No support from him... so this time, I didn't tell him I am lc'ing. I am 44.
If you ever need someone to 'talk' to on that on me!
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Old Mon, Jan-26-09, 22:45
27Peach's Avatar
27Peach 27Peach is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 527
Plan: LC/IF
Stats: 180/173.8/150 Female 5'9"
BF:Not sure
Progress: 21%
Location: Greenville, SC

Feeling my "big" jeans getting tighter and tighter and having not only "muffin tops" in the back, but having to tuck in my "Michelin Man" rolls on the sides and front, too.

Having my navel ring cause pain because the waist of my pants is digging so far into my belly when I sit down.

Not EVER wanting to be in a situation where swimming is involved.

Getting out of breath by the time I get to the top of the stairs.

Knowing I don't look as attractive as I used to - beginning to feel "invisible" in public.

My bra size is out of control! Big boobs are great, but huge boobs severely limit clothing choices!

Starting to notice cellulite on my upper arms.

Only having 3 pair of pants that barely fit.

Oh, boy, I could go on and on! Well, I have the choice to make this situation better - eat low carb and take good care of myself.
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Old Wed, Jan-28-09, 22:32
NrgQuest's Avatar
NrgQuest NrgQuest is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 916
Plan: LC since 1/15/09
Stats: 317/278/217 Female 5'4"
Progress: 39%
Location: Tennessee

It is hard for me at this point to know which of my problems are due to 100+ excessive lbs and which are because of chronic fatigue issues, I am sure many problems overlap. I am going to pretend that the issues are because of my weight and if it turns out I still have a lot of those problems after a weight loss, then I will know which problems are which.

1. Lack of energy, it is so bad, I can't even conceive of a situation where I could hold down a job, but I am going to go do some applications anyway, because I am feeling a little better.

2. I don't hate all my fat clothes I have a overly large red cable knit sweater I am fond of. But, it is very hard to find decent clothes especially on a budget. It isn't like there is a law that fat clothes can't be cute, but it seems it is an unwritten law that clothing designers won't break.

3. Not fitting in the booths at fast food restaraunts. This isn't an issue anymore even when I get smaller, because on my plan there aren't many places I can go and get a LC meal anyway at least not a meal I would want to eat. I make better food at home and I am learning what I can pack for lunches on the road.

4. Hygene- leaving it at that.

5. Not being able to sit in certain places other than booths.

6. Walking uphill or just walking it feels like a waddle and that wasn't an issue even just 20lbs ago.

7. Constantly dieting and failing. Now I think that I am a victim of my own success. I would lose quite a bit of weight on every diet I had been on. I binged occasionally, but always lost the weight from binging right away. I would go months at a time being stark raving hungry. When I did stop dieting I didn't go for the treats that people associate fat people with craving. It was huge amounts of pasta, potatoes, and many things people consider healthy. I stayed true to keeping my fat calories under control, but my portions were out of control. I have seen studies that people actually eat fewer calories of regular snacks than they do of reduced calorie/fat snacks. I am convinced I was protien deprived as many good sources of protien have a lot of fat in them. Anyway the weight always came back with a vengance and the harder I tried to lose weight the more I gained.

8. I haven't been to a public gathering for a couple of years now(fatigue issues), but when there is food involved always trying to make sure it doesn't look like I am eating too much and most the time walking away just as hungry as I was before eating. Sometimes I would eat after these functions.

9. Having people think I am stupid because I am fat. They don't say it out loud and most the time I don't even realize they think this until the fated day, they are shocked when I say something intelligent.

10. All the energy I have wasted my whole life trying to lose weight, the obsession over calories and inches, fantasizing about what my life would be like if I was smaller(I never wanted to be a waif), all the reading of every article on losing weight and every book I ever bought and read like it was the bible. I have probably put in several thousand hours of research into the issues of obesity, diet, nutriton, and the studying the scam of low fat dieting.

I know this is a what I hate about being fat thread. I don't want to come off as bragging either, but I want to add something that has been positive for me. There have been very few instances of anyone treating me rudely because of my weight(maybe I am oblivious). When I was a kid I got teased a lot, but it wasn't usually about my weight. I was accepted by my friends and they didn't tell me I needed to lose weight. My immediate family for the most part didn't demean me because of my weight. If anyone did it would be my mother who weighed in the upper 300lb range when I was under 200lbs. Oddly enough that still hurt my feelings. But, none the less my mother didn't make me feel bad at meals or try to make me diet, it was never an issue with my dad or my siblings. I never felt like I had to hide during Holiday get togethers and unlike when I was older didn't feel like I had to pretend not to eat. The only person making me feel like an outcast is myself.
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