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Old Fri, Sep-07-18, 12:11
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Originally Posted by LCer4Life
Mike, I drink Smart Water and agree w/ you that it is expensive. How do you make your own?
I have a well here on the ranch so the water is hard to start with. For coffee or tea I filter it.

For one gallon of mix I add 2 tsp, or so to taste of Morton's lite salt (not their Salt Substitute that is pure KCL and difficult to find) 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1/2 tsp Epsom Salt (Magnesium Chloride) and 1/4 tsp of borax (20 Mule team)*
Used to add 5 drops of Lugol's the iodine may be good for you, but it tasted nasty

A glass of plain water with a Tbs or so of ACV (Bragg's is good) and helps with hydration. Also buttermilk, of all things works well in hot weather. And, of course there is salty bone broth preferred bones are from younger grass-fed animals.

*Health benefits of boron
borax has been attributed to female libido enhancement.
It also puts lead in your Eberhard Faber

Humm ... this MiO thing looks interesting too:

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Old Fri, Sep-07-18, 13:07
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Epsom Salt (Magnesium Chloride)

Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. Not a good source of magnesium, in my experience, except through the skin.

Mg chloride:
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Old Fri, Sep-07-18, 17:23
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Does a patient with 22 lbs to lose even need nourishment? Or just hydration and electrolytes? Sugar is just empty calories, so I wouldn't even call that "nourishment" and it will make you hungrier than fasting. I realize you were just following doctor's orders, but I don't think their orders have any rational basis and are just dogma. In fact, fasting and drinking sugar-free homemade electrolytes will actually facilitate accessing your 22-lb on-board pantry so that your body can nourish itself before, during and after surgery.

Since going low-carb with extra sodium, potassium & magnesium I never get cramps, even after long hikes in the Rocky Mountains. But when I go offtrack and eat sweet junk (very rarely), I will wake up in the middle of the night with excruciating plantar fasciitis (cramps in foot arches) and calf cramps that take at least 15 minutes to knead and walk out. For me it is a 1:1 correlation. I have no clue how sugar causes foot cramps, but there must be a mechanism for there to be such a strong correlation, for me, at least. I wonder if it can somehow bind magnesium, keeping it from my muscles, since Epsom salt baths seem to help.

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Old Sat, Sep-08-18, 06:16
TrinaLC TrinaLC is offline
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You're right, strayed well off my original post, my fault. I do conclude that downing two large sugary gatorades after decades of not must have caused those cramps. Facing surgery or another situation like this, I will use sugar free alternatives and get nutrition/calories in some other way.
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Old Sat, Sep-08-18, 07:25
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Originally Posted by TrinaLC
You're right, strayed well off my original post, my fault. I do conclude that downing two large sugary gatorades after decades of not must have caused those cramps. Facing surgery or another situation like this, I will use sugar free alternatives and get nutrition/calories in some other way.

Right, back on track. Again, I'd try and identify the Gatorade ingredients that are considered essential and find a substitute. What you'll likely get is a response like "Gatorade works well," without any knowledge of why. My gut tells me it's the electrolytes and you've gotten some good suggestions in this thread for making your own substitute. I'm very low carb and do well this way. When I hydrate with more than water, I would never consider anything with carbs. For all surgery, the patient must be fasted at least since dinner time the night before. I simply eat my normal meal and hydrate with a mixture having a good source of magnesium, potassium chloride, and salt. When I donate blood, the pre-donation guidelines are to eat a good breakfast (a meal that I don't eat) and be well hydrated, so I hydrate with the same electrolyte mixture. The snacks provided after the donation are all carbs with chips, crackers, granola bars, and some sugary juices. I noticed they stopped providing sweetened (artificial and otherwise) sodas the last time I donated. I simply re-hydrate with water. I believe you can eliminate any discomfort by preparing this way the next time. All the best.
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Old Sat, Sep-08-18, 07:58
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My son loves MIO as he cannot tolerate the fake sugar in Crystal Light ( head aches). It is a liquid, and easy to squirt into a drink.

Also , we have been using CHIA seeds soaked in water for hydration. Apparently, it holds on to water and slowly releases it. My son did this to hydrate for sports. (Drink a glass of water, and in a few minutes the kidneys have scooped it up and the bladder has you heading for the head.) With the chia, he would make a sports drink. Made of chia and water until seeds fully hydrated and added the MIO for flavor. I have been working on him to add salts. ( Keep chia in water in the refrigerator.)
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