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Old Tue, Dec-04-18, 16:37
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Nutella Nutella is offline
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Posts: 37
Plan: Atkins/Paleo/lowcarb
Stats: 269/269/200 Female 5.7
Progress: 0%
Default Back again :-(


I was very very successful with the Low Carb in 2010. Managed to lose close to 60 pounds. The last couple years have been very very stressful and gained it all back and some.

So I am back at it again, however my life is still filled with loads of stress due to work and ending a marriage. I signed up for the gym and trying this again. I want to lose this weight that has been bothering me.

I am 53 but feel like a 70yr old. I am mad at myself for letting myself go, to the point I am getting depressed about my looks. I look at myself at that gym and I want to break down and cry

I dont recognize myself, hate the self reflection and I want it to go away!!

I could use a support to keep me in check!

Thanks for letting me vent!
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Old Tue, Dec-04-18, 23:05
Blue Ruby Blue Ruby is offline
Senior Member
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Plan: atkins
Stats: 200/170/160 Female 5'7"
Progress: 75%
Location: BC

Welcome back to low carb. The best part of having done it before is that you know - if you follow a plan and pay attention instead of guessing - it will work. It just takes time. In two years youíll be 55 (me too) ... who knows where youíll be by then. Iím not a fast loser, but 30 lbs in 2 year on top of the better sleep, less irritability, and more energy feels like Iíve turned my life in a better direction.

Maybe start a journal so you can detail more about your plan and your process.

Best of luck to you!
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Old Tue, Dec-04-18, 23:12
Nutella's Avatar
Nutella Nutella is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 37
Plan: Atkins/Paleo/lowcarb
Stats: 269/269/200 Female 5.7
Progress: 0%

Awww that is sweet Blue, and you are so right. I do know what works and what not. Yes I will start journaling to keep track,
I appreciate you responding to my post. I understand that some things are much more difficult to deal with, but mentally wise I am a such a low with how i look, that you words of comfort are a warm blanket to me~

Thank you!
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Old Wed, Dec-05-18, 04:37
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JEY100 JEY100 is offline
To Good Health!
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Plan: IF Fung/LC Westman/Primal
Stats: 222/171/169 Female 5' 9"
Progress: 96%
Location: NC

Welcome back, Nutella,
This is a great forum for both information and support. There are buddy groups for support, or you can start your own journal where you write about anything...maybe writing will help you heal on all levels.
One suggestion, and you may think I am nuts, is to not go to the gym for now if it upsets you. Exercise is healthy for your heart and bones, but you cannot outrun a bad diet. Food first. Dr Westman has a number of patients in wheelchairs, they lose weight with NO exercise. Walk outside, get sun on your face, do some body weight exercise at home...whatever exercise you do, make it mentally uplifting.
You have lost weight before, But to start, pick a good induction plan rather than combining plans. The Atkins induction plan at top of that forum or the Keto plan on DietDoctor, Start with simple real foods meals before getting into Stella recipes. No bars and shakes, no special desserts, keeping carbs low until at goal. You have tried to restart a few time...iDr Eades has some great tips on Why LC is harder the Second Time Around.

There is so much support for low carb eating now, and so many new Keto books, Look all Around this forum for new ideas on what and when to eat to recover your health.
All the best,

Last edited by JEY100 : Wed, Dec-05-18 at 04:53.
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Old Wed, Dec-05-18, 11:28
Nutella's Avatar
Nutella Nutella is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 37
Plan: Atkins/Paleo/lowcarb
Stats: 269/269/200 Female 5.7
Progress: 0%

Thanks Janet,

You are right, you have to do something that makes you feel good. Looking at myself in those mirrors make me see that i failed, and I do not need to see that the whole time. So I am going to swim, and take steam baths afterwards because that is what I like.

I will read up on the articles to re-start again and will strictly do the induction from Atkins.

Thank you for your repsonse!!
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Old Wed, Dec-05-18, 12:24
cwbydeb's Avatar
cwbydeb cwbydeb is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 610
Plan: Atkins Ď72
Stats: 239.0/217.0/195 Female  5'5 3/4
BF:My hubs
Progress: 50%
Location: Caligirl livin n Arkansas

Welcome back, Iím on day 5 myself. Isnít it amazing that we all come back to such a wonderful way of eating? I wish it were easier in me to just eat this way forever.

Alas, I am a carb addict. I just turned 48 and I feel like Iím 88. Between my weight and health issues (not due to weight) I am tired and need to drop some weight and feel human again. Iím here if you wanna chat!
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Old Thu, Dec-06-18, 11:48
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Entropy39 Entropy39 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,248
Plan: power Crunch bars
Stats: 155.0/147.4/128 Female 5 feet 6.5 inches
Progress: 28%
Location: New York

Dear Gang

Hello. I just wrote a whole thing on this thread but got booted off line. Sorry about that

I wanted to say that many years ago when I did low carb Or a different plan of abstinence
I would say I would rather be heavy but losing weight and on the right track then be thin but binge eating and on the road to gaining.
Recovery tastes better than any food and Nothing tastes as good as thin feels right?

Anyways - I wanted to stay that I was following a very different food plan and it was working UNTIL my coworker left me and I had more responsibility at my job and I put on weight and it was very silly cause then I stopped exercising as much as I used to.

I used to do OA meetings online at 12step4coes it is an online meeting place. And I used to listen to A Vision For You daily recordings from Phone meetings of people in recovery.

I am now 147 lbs I decided to start low carb this past Tuesday at NOON cause I was out of control. I was like 150 something so I am down 3 lbs already. My body is very sensitive to bad eating.

I am now eating mostly chopped cooked burger meat and I love it.
I mean it does not make me hungry at all it fills me up.
I am also using Diet Pepsi a little bit and
I have for nutrition
Primo Beets and Primo Greens - they are once a day powders you put in water from Consult Health (On Evine) and they help you on low carb plans or any plans

I sure hope this message does not get booted off.

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