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Old Mon, Apr-14-03, 19:45
HEAVEN's Avatar
HEAVEN HEAVEN is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 60
Plan: atkins
Stats: 178/160/140
Progress: 47%
Location: michigan usa
Default apple shape and jeans

Where do all of you apple shape girls buy jeans? What brand fits best? I have small thighs and butt, but big middle, and I have a hard time finding jeans that will fit the waist and not be
bagin and saging....grrrrrrrr I hate that!!
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Old Mon, Apr-14-03, 19:56
debmarjs's Avatar
debmarjs debmarjs is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 307
Plan: Atkins Maintence with modifications
Stats: 182/150/150 Female 5ft 8 in
Progress: 100%
Location: New Jersey USA

Hi,I have the same problem all my weight is in my stomach like I am pregnant. I just have to buy the big pants and suffer with the sag. This shape really sucks for buying cloths. I am hoping to lose this stomach with the help of Atkins so I can get some real cloths that fit!
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Old Mon, Apr-14-03, 20:10
littlemel littlemel is offline
New Member
Posts: 20
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 185/164/135
Progress: 42%
Location: Vancouver, BC

you know, i hate to suggest it, but you might want to try wearing men's jeans.

i have been wearing men's Gap jeans for years and find that they fit me much better than their women's jeans! i find that with men's jeans, there's less of a disparity between hip size and waist size...
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Old Mon, Apr-14-03, 23:59
robo-robyn's Avatar
robo-robyn robo-robyn is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 72
Plan: CAD-Atkins
Stats: 155/148/135 Female 5'8"
Progress: 35%
Location: Canada

yep, i'm an apple too. it can be really frustrating finding pants, esp jeans, that's for sure. but the low-waist style that's "in" right now is fantastic for our body shape (i'm not talking can't-sit-down-without-half-your-bum-showing low-waist, but more "boy-cut"). Stretchy material is good too. even men's levi's 501s are good (nice straight leg, flat front). i've gotten to the point where i can identify by sight pants that will likely fit me and be comfortable - it's a constant search though...
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Old Tue, Apr-15-03, 01:43
joan_s joan_s is offline
Registered Member
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Plan: Atkins
Stats: 163/149/125
Progress: 37%
Location: Cyprus
Default Another Apple!

Yep, I'm another apple shaped person!

I tend to wear men's jeans or stretchy-type pants.

Our body shape is very frustrating - for me at least - as almost all women's clothing seems to be made with pear shapes in mind only. I wind up sticking to baggy tops and men's-style shirts, which are far from feminine or flattering!

Let's hope this will all be a problem of the past for us once we slim down and tone up!!!

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Old Tue, Apr-15-03, 05:50
AllysonneV's Avatar
AllysonneV AllysonneV is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 431
Plan: Schwarzbein Principle II IS-BOAG
Stats: 174/155/120 Female 5'2"
Progress: 35%
Location: Pennsylvania
Default gap jeans

the gap has jeans with low-waist -you have to ask them for their low-waisted styles. they fit my apple shape fine cause they never come near my belly button. the thighs and hips are snug and look very shapely. they are also 1% lycra so they are a tiny bit stretchy.

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Old Tue, Apr-15-03, 06:00
alwazbuzy's Avatar
alwazbuzy alwazbuzy is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 307
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 220/188/160 Female 5'6"
Progress: 53%
Location: Marion County, Florida

I'm a pear, but my MIL is an apple. She wears men's jeans too.

BTW--I have a hard time finding jeans that will fit over my hips, thighs, and butt without leaving a gaping cavern around my waist. Oh my...variety is the spice of life.
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Old Tue, Apr-15-03, 06:56
Jones's Avatar
Jones Jones is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,258
Plan: Restart 8/6/18 - 75/20/5
Stats: 196/155.4/130 Female 5'3"
BF:Die MF!
Progress: 62%
Location: America The Beautiful
Default Get 'em custom made...

Levi Strauss offers custom made jeans for about $40. If you do a search on Levi Strauss Custom Fit Jeans you'll find several sites that offer custom jeans. You give them your measurements and voila, jeans that fit.


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Old Tue, Apr-15-03, 07:44
Tiggerdy's Avatar
Tiggerdy Tiggerdy is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,042
Plan: WebMD w/LC choices
Stats: 322/297/199 Female 5' 6"
Progress: 20%
Location: NW Indiana

I have the exact problem. Most of my jeans make me look like I have a saggy butt and flappy thighs, however I actually have found a style that I loooove.

Levi's Women's/Misses 522 cut- tapered fit, tapered leg. They actually are cut smaller in the rump and legs. I had a hard time finding them, but I was sooo glad once I did.

Another thing that helps is that I've dropped from a sz. 28 to a sz. 22 and now the legs and bootie cuts on pants are finally getting smaller- so you have size shrinkage to look forward to!

Best of luck in the hunt for the perfect jeans!


Last edited by Tiggerdy : Tue, Apr-15-03 at 07:45.
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Old Tue, Apr-15-03, 11:33
bellybgone's Avatar
bellybgone bellybgone is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 143
Plan: eat fat get thin
Stats: 212/212/128 Female 5'1"
Progress: 0%
Location: Pacific Northwest

For twelve years I've been "off" jeans. My apple shaped body is even more noticeable because I'm only 5'1" tall! But I have pretty good legs. Since I'm losing weight, I hate to spend a lot of money of more clothes right now - I shop at Walmart guilt free because practically everything there is $9.99! Totally fits my budget! They have several different kinds of stretchy jeans that also come in different lengths - petite, average, tall. I think they are $14.99. Also, some of them have pockets and side stitching up and down the legs so they don't really look like stretchy jeans if you don't like that seamless look. Good luck!
P.S. I can't wait to have some custom jeans made for me when I'm at my goal weight!! That sounds great!
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Old Tue, Apr-15-03, 11:50
MsJinx's Avatar
MsJinx MsJinx is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,249
Plan: Schwarzbein II, BA, IS
Stats: 125.4/119.2/115 Female 5'1" small frame
BF:33% /??? / 20%?
Progress: 60%
Location: Texas

Apple here! I LOVE the low waisted jeans, again, not TOO low. They fit me right below my belly button which is apparently where pear's jeans have been fitting them all along (as opposed to directly under bra!).

I like Old Navy - they're a heck of alot cheaper than the Gap, although I like their jeans too. I noticed that Old Navy has started carrying some larger sizes for the more bodacious bodies, too.

I like being an apple - we usually have good legs. No time to mourn the loss of a (never was) booty!
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Old Tue, Apr-15-03, 13:24
LCBarbara's Avatar
LCBarbara LCBarbara is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 331
Plan: Aktins
Stats: 225/185/150 Female 65"
Progress: 53%
Location: Ohio

I like Gloria Vanderbilt's stretch jeans - room in the thighs, butt, and waist. Not too expensive - usually around $26.00 on sale.
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Old Tue, Apr-15-03, 14:33
Bleach's Avatar
Bleach Bleach is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 225
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 177/145/135 Female 68 inches
Progress: 76%

I've been wearing men's Levi's for years too. I like them because they are lower cut. I have a small waist relative to my hips, and I've always suffered from that gap at the back of my jeans when I sit down, so that's why I switched to men's. But now that there is such a wide variety of low cut jeans, I think I'll try some out.
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Old Tue, Apr-15-03, 15:00
Redfallon's Avatar
Redfallon Redfallon is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 966
Plan: Atkins DANDR
Stats: 198.3/178.7/130 Female 5'3"
Progress: 29%
Location: Texas

I get Walmart's Riders Mid-Rise jeans. They fit me on/right below the belly button. Any higher waist than that and it may as well be the bottom strap of my bra!
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Old Sat, Apr-19-03, 08:31
CarolynC's Avatar
CarolynC CarolynC is offline
Getting Healthy!
Posts: 1,755
Plan: General LC
Stats: 213/171/166 Female 5' 8.5"
Progress: 89%
Location: Tuscaloosa, AL, USA

Old Navy jeans in the "just below the waist" style fit very well for my extreme apple figure.
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