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Monday Morning!

Nic- What are color catchers? I guess I will look it up! Amazon will know! I only own TWO white items: Lab jacket, and a hand wash only shirt. Basically my stuff get all tossed in together anyway. I am not that picky and my clothes are not high end and I like one load. I also am lucky to get crap folded same day. The exception are bedsheets. I do take those and they right back on the bed.

Oh boy on the apt! What do you mean they were ASKED if they wanted it then didn't get it? Sounds like someone was working them for $$. I am fingers crossed and hopeful something will come through for them.

I am glad to hear you and DOGGIES are headed back to DE. I just am so tickled about that house! You are living the life GF!

Speaking of GF- how did your party go? You are the social animal of all of us I think! You grab friends and hang on and have networks everywhere. That is a talent. Sometimes it is a push to get me out. I like it when I do, but sometimes it takes effort!

Now come on! You know that the buff 25 year old stud giving you a massage was.. how to say this........not attracted to the ladies! Most male masseuse are that way. Sort of like hair dressers. Not to say they all are, but most are. It just goes with the industry. I would such mush rather to have male hand anyway it comes than female. They are stronger and get out the kinks!

Love the idea of helping out with the graduation party and leaving. I am not big on those either. They are an obligation thing.

Lori- Most likely we are cross posting! I know you are in here somewhere sipping your coffee like I am typing away!

We got afternoon storms slated for all week! We are now in a new "pattern". We have not had rain for a minute so I guess we are due.

Are you getting a new box soon? Sis is coming Thurs?

Trig- Hey did you get your swim in???? I know you have got to be breathing relief that MIL is being taken care of and not on you!
Now you can go back to your stuff and one less thing to deal with.

What is kiddo doing with her summer? Were you able to reschedule that camp ground?
Maybe explore some areas up the east coast? Some of those beaches are pristine! Did you say you have been to the outer banks?
I was looking at rentals for myself there! WHOOT $$$$$$ - no thanks!
Anyway, looks like we have endless summer this year!
Yesterday was a great day all around.
Went to pool with my neighbor and the "ladies". After that I came back here and scooped up the pup and we went to a park and I was able for a short time take him off his leash so he could run a bit.

I then went to DSW to get a really decent pair of walking shoes. I have already flattened my Vionics, they did not hold up. They hurt my feet already after 4 months. So I thought I was going to get Birkenstocks, but I read the reviews about them and foot issues. Not the best.
I ended up getting 2 pair of Arch Fit from Sketchers. The ones with the arch support and "yoga" mat bottom. OMG they feel amazing right now. I got an indoor and an outdoor pair. I am funny about shoes in the house!
I also ordered an arch copper band from Amazon for 10 bucks. It got stellar reviews. It slips on like a sock but only covers the arch. It is supposed to give support even if you aren't wearing shoes.
I noticed a very SMALL improvement in my step getting out of bed this morning. I also have reordered my Turmeric too.
I just dread hobbling like an 80 something.

I am down that other 1/2 pound! New low again today! One pound at a time. You know even if I just lost 1 pound a week going forward, I would be 52 pounds down by this time next year! You know when you put it that way nothing to sneeze at! I would be at goal and it would ROCK my WORLD!

So I am sitting on that line between another number.
Had steak bits and mushrooms in butter yesterday! Dang it was good too! I only had one meal yesterday.
I am finding that now I get up so frekin early and running around I do tend to be starving about 1. So I will take in some of MY bacon and maybe a hard boiled egg. That snack will hold me till I get home and have a steak, or meat balls or something like that.

Ok that is all from this side of the map!
Rock on kids!
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