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Old Yesterday, 07:35
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niccofive niccofive is offline
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Plan: General LC
Stats: 000/000/000 Female 5'4"
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Location: Central East Coast

Hey all

I'm here, Trig!

Girl, sounds like things are coming fast and furious with MIL and I am sorry to hear it. 2022 is being a bit rough on you all so far, for real. Sending big hugs, take the day to chill and float. Hugs to Chop.

Lori, have fun playing golf and then YAY your Sis comes in! I know you are super excited about that!

Jaz, Oh girl, I'm sorry this job is turning out to be rough. I feel like you can't win with either the boss being rough or the co-workers being rough. I feel like you need to launch your own business of some kind and work independently. I wonder if there is some way you can do that?

44 down is FAB. Well done!!! I like the approach you are taking with your coworker. More people should approach things that way!

Headed to the beach shortly. Yesterday I was at the beach for a good 3 hours, then back for dog walks and chilling before showering and going to DS20's band's show. It turned out it was in an art gallery AND there was seating AND there were ear plugs so that was good! It was still LOUD though and being in a small art gallery the sound was very distorted. Still very proud of him and it was fun to see him doing something he loves. They are releasing a new single soon and it is a fun song!

DH and DD are coming tomorrow ALTHOUGH DH says he doesn't feel great today so I told him he has to take a test. If he comes here and then is sick with covid and we have to quarantine I will NOT be happy. Given that he was just in Chicago with a bunch of people for the past handful of days it is well within the realm of possibility. Assuming he is fine SoIL will also be coming, I think on Friday night?

Things are going fine otherwise - I'm really making the most of the good weather and enjoying all the area has to offer. Mainly hitting up the beaches and not doing restaurants and shops bc summer crowds. Weekends I hit the boardwalk beach bc I can ride the shuttle.

Ok, later gators, gonna pack up a cooler and put on my swimming togs!
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Old Yesterday, 13:54
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Lori_:) Lori_:) is offline
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Posts: 2,979
Plan: LC calorie counting
Stats: 223/151.4/155 Female 68 inches
Progress: 105%
Location: Pennsylvania

A hot day on the golf course! DSis arrived about 15 minutes after I got home. We ran to the grocery store so she could stock up on some yogurt etc that she likes. She's happy with a cup of coffee, a cup of yogurt and a few pretzel nuggets. In the afternoon comes a beer and maybe a string cheese to tide her over till dinner. We'll be going out every night while she's here. Your girl isn't doing any cooking for a few days!

DH just went to get Betty something to eat and then we're heading to the Brew Pub. I didn't eat much today.....saving up for tonight's dinner.

Talk to you in the morning!
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Old Today, 04:17
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Whirrlly Whirrlly is offline
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Plan: Zero Carb!
Stats: 234/182/170 Female 68
Progress: 81%
Location: Southeast

Nicco, yea you don't need the walking sick to come to your wonderful beach home I so feel you on that one. It is your private lovely domain, no sicky icky allowed!

Your day sounds wonderful just beaching it, relaxing and more. Your home really suits you to the core!

Glad he did so well with his band gig. I bet you are thrilled watching him just enjoy life and do his thing!! Cool and Sis....and here you guys go...out and about having a fun time. Hope your new dinner spot is a good one.
Give us a review on it.

no cooking, weeee...I know that puts a smile on my face any time I don't have to deal with a ton of dishes. I never mind 'small cooking' times but when the family demands real meals, omg, then it is time to run HA

Jazz, what ya doing?

Yup with Verizon offering all these deals on new free phones I figure it is time to jump on one. I feel like once they get all the older phones out of there with them offering free phones and free upgrades to Iphone 13 like hubby and kid just did with their phone trade ins....I fear Verizon will not offer free phone plans for a while so I best jump right now. Free Iphone 12 with new line added to acct so I am going for it this morning. With kid in drive zone and college happening I need contact with her obviously so I best just get'er done' now for a phone and wow, this old lady will be current with tech Plus I want my own hotspot when camping. I use hubby's mobile hotspot for laptop when camping and it is very reliable actually so now I will have my own phone for my own hotspot and watch movies or be online easily without borrowing his phone so there is that good point to getting one now.

simple day. small ribeye, some shrimp and some chicken in my day, maybe some handy dandy tuna.

never got in the pool yesterday. I tried to get there but I had like no zip to bother to get there. oh well.....if sun today I might try again. Just zombie landing thru the days and just functioning and kinda still in that don't care about crap mode....I gotta snap me out of that HA

be good all and enjoy your day
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Old Today, 04:22
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Jaz66 Jaz66 is offline
Senior Member
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Plan: KETO
Stats: 234/190/155 Female 5'5
Progress: 56%

I'm first poster?!?!?!? HEHEHEHEH

Trig- I too am so sorry that 2022 has been a really tough year. There is no way around it. I hate you are dealing with yet another heath crisis in the family. No it does not sound good at all, especially if she is septic and in the ICU. Urghhhh One just never knows.

I am glad to hear you are in the pool and floating around! It is good for you!
You pulling out the grill this weekend? Do you You tube Kelly Hogan much? She has put out a few new interviews that are pretty good lately. She even did one with Ken Berry! I find she is motivating, and beautiful too!

Lori- have fun with sis! Tell her we said HI! How was the brewery?

Nic- I sure hope DH is ok! I have been hearing stories that Covid is making an ugly comeback on flights and planes!
How long are the "kids" staying?
Any apt. news up north?

Love you are a beach bunny lately! My kind of lifestyle you are rocking lately! YES PLEASE!
Quickie fast post! I am SO frekin HAPPY it is Friday and the boss is gone until next Thurs!

OMG if I could start up a biz and make the kind of money I make now I would be a happy camper. Even half would suit me fine! It takes a minute to get a biz up and making $$$
Time is not on my side in that aspect! If I was just 20 years younger I would get me a food truck or something fun and just be happy as a lark! (what is a lark anyway)?

But yes I would love to pull in some $$ doing talks, or writing, or something other than sitting up in an ICU watching people code! NEXT

Any who..... So last night I get home and was just getting Ruger fed and was putting my dishes away when there was a knock on my door. There stands my neighbor with a bottle of wine and 2 glasses! YES please! We had a blast just laughing and chatting and hanging out here.
She and I have decided we are going to see Elton John together when he comes here in Sept. I am getting the tickets and she will get us a room and we will have a blast. I think it is Sept. 25th. I will take the Marta into Atl. and meet her at the Indigo Hotel. She is going to come from work and meet me there. It is on a Thurs. I am def not working the Friday after.
She is flying to Dallas today to meet a friend and they are going to see Rod Stewert tonight! Must be nice!

I am out of the bounce house (knocking on wood) back to my low. I am so sitting on the next 10 pound chunk!!!

Yeah- So my co-worker said yesterday as she was eating her french fries looking at my tuna salad "yeah not doing it!"- She thinks my food is boring. She is right- it is! I don't care. We all arrive at our own pace, in our own way. It is a very personal journey as I am discovering.

Yup 4th of July weekend. I am going to my mom's for a grill out tomorrow and coming home. Sunday I am CHILLING at the pool and Monday I work. I actually signed up to work as it is double pay. It will be an awesome $$ day. Usually nothing happens in a hospital on a holiday. They are on cruise control with a skeleton staff, no bosses or management comes in.

Well off to buy tickets and head out for 8 hours!

1000% on track right now! NO looking at any treats. Nothing to tickle the taste buds!

Rock on!

TRIG WE CROSS POSTED! Off to read up your post! - YAY and YAY on a new phone! You will LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
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Old Today, 05:19
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Lori_:) Lori_:) is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,979
Plan: LC calorie counting
Stats: 223/151.4/155 Female 68 inches
Progress: 105%
Location: Pennsylvania

Good Morning!

We all had a good night's sleep. DSis is outside sitting on the front porch swing. She loves that thing!

Our dinner plans got changed last night. We headed out and got about 3/4 mile from our house and when we went to turn on the highway, traffic was backed up and we could see all kinds of flashing lights in the direction we were headed. Big old nope! Turns out there was a bad car accident with a car pulling out in front of someone and getting flipped. Not sure about injuries etc. Anyway, we changed our plans to go to Jackass Brewery instead. We sat outside and had a nice time. Tonight we're going to the drive-in place across the river from our house and having fish sandwiches. Easy. I'm going to play golf, but I'll be home around 1 o'clock. I think DSis is looking forward to some peace & quiet around here this morning. DH is at work till lunch time.

Well, I have to get moving. My routine is all topsy turvy. DSis just spazzed out because she thought she saw a bee on the inside of the front screen door. (She's severely bee phobic). I jumped up and looked......I saw nothing. She said she opened the door and it flew out. Ok.......the next minute she said there it is again.....I went and looked......nothing. She'll have to fight the phantom bee by herself for a couple hours. We don't usually have bees around so I'm unsure what she saw. Any flying creature sends her into panic mode. It was probably a moth? Who knows?

Gotta grab some breakfast before chasing a ball around for 4 hours.
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