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Old Thu, May-31-01, 21:42
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Default CKD 101

OK, here we go ...

The CKD is what Fern and Wa'il touched on ... You cycle (hence, cyclical) low-carb phases (Monday morning thru Friday evening) with high-carb/moderate protein/low-fat phases (Friday night thru Sunday).

The #1 concern I often hear from low-carb dieters is "How can it work? You break ketosis every week!" Well ... that's true.

BUT, the whole basis of a CKD is that it is designed with the idea that your body needs fuel for intense workouts. Without intense weigh training, you will not add muscle. And I think we all know how intense weight training ISN'T while you are low-carbbing.

So, by carb-loading on weekends, you give your muscles enough fuel to provide intense weight training for Monday. By the end of Monday (Tueday AM at the latest), you will have performed an intense weight training workout, along with a morning cardio workout, and will be in ketosis Monday night thru Friday.

The workout plan structure that Fern followed is as follows:


AM - cardio on an empty stomach and a fat burner

PM - Full body intense weight training (3 sets of 8 for all exercises, at a weight that is very challenging for 8 reps), resting 2 minutes between sets. This allows full recovery, and will allow you to push yourself.


AM - empty stomach cardio, while on fat burner


AM - empty stomach cardio, while on fat burner

PM- Circuit training, full body routine. The trick is to do the workout with as little rest time between esxercises. Use SUPERSETS ... which is one exercise, then go right into another exercise, then rest, and repeat. So, say your superset was chest presses and chest flies. Do 15 presses, then 15 flies, then rest 20 seconds. Repeat 2 more times, then move to the next superset.


AM - empty stomach cardio, while on fat burner


AM - empty stomach cardio, while on fat burner

PM - as Wednesday night. Then the fun starts ... after this workout, begin the CARB-UP!!!

Weekends, you don't workout since that would effect the storgae of carbs.

Of course, this oversimplified the paln that Fern went thru, but it was the structure.

It is also important that you change the intensity of the cardio porgram every week. You can do this by just making it longer each week. Start at 30 mins, and increase by 15 mins each week. When it gets over an hour, split it up into 2 workouts. So, for example, a 1 1/2 hour cardio workout can be broken into a 45 minutes morning sesssion and a 45 minute evening session, after weight training if they both fall on the same night.

As for adapting weight training, you should change the program every 2 weeks of so.

The idea behind the Monday double session (weights/cardio) is to deplete carbs and get you into ketosis.

The Wednesday and Friday weight training sessions are butt-draggers, since you will be depleted. They are circuit training which means light weights/higher reps/short rest periods. 3 sets, 15 reps, 20 seconds rest.

If you need help putting all of this together, the exact program Fern (and I) followed are on our site ... it's in the fitness/nutrition articles section called "SUPERCUT CYCLE". That article also contains some helpful linnks, like a ratio calcualtor for the low-carb (ketogenic) phase, as well as the carb-up (supercompensation) phase.

I think I covered the major points ... then again, it's late and I am up past my bedtime so I may have been unclear.

If there are any questions out there, fire away! I will answer them all. I check in to the board at least once per day.
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