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Old Tue, May-03-11, 14:16
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Default Low Carb "throw off" Glucose Testing?

I've been doing induction level low carb for a few months now. My endo wants me to do a glucose test and insulin test to see if I'm still insulin resistant. I know I am as I have to stay at induction level to maintain weight, headaches, hypoglycemic symptoms etc. However, now that I'm following very low carb, my symptoms have gone away. I'd like to be on metformin to assist me with my insulin resistance, but I fear that my current extreme (staying at 10 grams or less) will make it appear that I don't have any issues. I will always be low carb, but I'd like to be at a more manageable level WOE, not Eggs and Meat for the rest of my life.

Will eating very low carb cause me to "pass" the glucose test when I really do need the help. (I was making 3 times too much insulin in the past, and have managed that with low carbing very well, but I don't want my good habits to keep me from getting the help I need)
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Old Tue, May-03-11, 15:03
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You should go high carb for at least 3 days prior to the GTT. You stop making certain enzymes that help you digest carbs when you're low carbing. It can make you look more diabetic than you really are.
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Old Tue, May-03-11, 15:40
SilverEm SilverEm is offline
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+1 on what Nancy posted. I've read recommendations of eating potatoes, and at 150 grams of carbs per day.
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Old Tue, May-03-11, 16:00
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Yep, what Nancy and SilverEm said.

From the 2002 DANDR (p. 113):
The GTT (glucose tolerance test) results are not considered accurate unless you are consuming at least 150 grams of carbs a day for at least four days before you take the test.
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Old Fri, May-13-11, 11:38
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Default Just a heads up on Met

I am on Metformin now. Been doing it for 6 weeks. I feel your pain on the lack of weight loss unless you do 10g or less carbs per day. But being on Metformin hasn't been the boon I thought it would be. My doctor says if I had PCOS, the weight would come off as I walked to the frig. This drug was specifically designed to help them. IR people - different story.

Some people loose weight on Met, others don't. A lot of people loose weight just from the side effects. And the side effects are everything except bleeding from the eyes. Pretty hard to eat anything when the stomach is cramping, blow your brains out diarrhea, harsh headaches, gas, bad nausea, food aversions, lethargy (I've almost fallen asleep at my desk), increased appetite or killed appetite, sugar cravings, metallic/muddy taste in your mouth, on and on.

The side effects get better over time, but then they also pop up for no reason. I tolerated the drug very well at first. Now I'm taking a bunch of OTC stuff to off set the side effects. The worst part about it is I never know what kind of day I'm going to have. Nothing is worse than crapping your pants at the office....

I'm not telling you to not take the drug - you have to do something to get the weight off. Just to give you a heads up.

Last edited by bonechew : Fri, May-13-11 at 11:45.
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