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Old Sun, Jan-28-18, 23:05
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Default I had a couple questions about beer

There was an amazing sounding recipe on NYtimes today called Beer Braised Beef and Onions, you start on the stove and then bake or crockpot.

Is there a gluten free substitute for beer? When you cook with alcohol do the carbs by any chance boil off? Do you count all the carbs? They said the point of the beer is to counter the sweetness of the onion because its cooked for hours. I like sweet do I even need to worry about the beer? Its 1 cup for 8-12 servings

Also calls for a tbsp of flour. You are trying to thicken the gravy what is a good sub?

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Old Mon, Jan-29-18, 07:35
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Hi. There are gluten-free beers, but they're fairly carby. A lot of the alcohol will cook off, but the carbs will not.

There are LC options for thickening without flour. The simplest is just to cook it down, but that usually requires some babysitting. You could also use xanthan gum, guar gum, a product like Thickenthin Notstarch, heavy cream, tomato paste, or pureed cauliflower. I try to use a combination. If you don't care about the carbs, you can go with potato starch or corn starch.

I couldn't see the recipe because it's behind a paywall, but the beer probably acts as an acidic tenderizer. You could use a splash of dry wine instead.
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Old Mon, Jan-29-18, 07:46
bluej bluej is offline
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We have 0g carb beer in australia. Do they have that over the ocean?
Sometimes for thickening - cream cheese works nicely as it melts. Or some of the cooked onions could be put through the blender and then added back into the pan.
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Old Mon, Jan-29-18, 11:50
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Posts: 8,348
Plan: No gluten, CAD
Stats: 196.0/161.0/149.0 Female 62
Progress: 74%

Thanks so much for the information! Beer makes me terribly sick so I never look that direction but gluten free will work.

I couldn't copy the recipe over, maybe for the same reason. Its a lot of spices, carmelized onion chunked meat beef, lamb, pork. The beer is to make it a little bitter. 1tbsp tomato paste. They use it as a base to make soup, chili, stew. But I just want nice tasting beef.

I'm going to try it with half the onion and half beer.

They put it over rice or pasta, I'm trying it on broccoli.

Super thanks!
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Old Thu, Feb-01-18, 11:14
Meetow Kim Meetow Kim is offline
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This page has a list of low to medium carb American beers

Unfortunately Carbs equal taste in beer, so most of these beers are pretty light in taste.

My best bets for flavor are the one that is not really a U.S. beer, Amstel Light, and the one referred to as "amber" which is Michelob Ultra Amber...usually Amber=more flavor when dealing with non-IPA type brews.

Honorable mentions would be Coors Light, regular Michelob Ultra, then MGD64 in order from most flavor to least. I haven't had MGD64, but MGD does have more flavor than regular Miller beer. The rest are not very flavorful, but are still beers and will provide some "beery" flavor to a dish. A lot of people drink those beers not because they are on a diet, they actually just dont like what real beer tastes like so they drink the girly versions! I could catch some flack from some guys on that comment...there are a lot of guys that consider themselves pretty macho that drink these light beers. I'm a craft beer take my opinion at that, my bar is really high. The best beer is Belgian, but our craft breweries in America are making some outstanding drafts as well.

1 cup is 8 oz liquid, those beers are listed at 12oz. Amstel light at 5g carbs for 12oz is 3.33 grams carbs for 8oz, divided by 8 servings in the original recipe is less than a half gram carbs per serving from the beer. Same would be true if you halved the recipe, and of course halve the beer along with it.

So, you CAN cook with beer and be low carb, just not really good beer!

I just bought some xanthan gum for thickening, but I haven't used it yet so I cant tell you the best way on that yet.

Last edited by Meetow Kim : Thu, Feb-01-18 at 11:38.
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