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Old Sun, Feb-26-17, 11:21
andante andante is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 178
Plan: Atkins 20
Stats: 237.6/150/155 Female 5'9"
Progress: 106%
Default Thanks for sharing maintenance challenges

I am only 15 pounds away from goal weight (and, to put a glass-half-full spin on a problem I have, an upcoming surgery at the end of March is going to knock 10 pounds off, according to my docs (humongous fibroids)) So I am starting to think about maintenance for me and my partner (who has lost about 75 pounds and is pretty much at his goal weight).

I just want to thank everyone who has shared there stories of "I lost a ton of weight and then went off the wagon, and here I am again." Because I think I'd like to learn from other people's mistakes rather than my own in this regard. Your honesty is appreciated!

I'm wondering if long-time maintainers could share examples of how they found their "maintenance carb number" and what has and hasn't worked as they experimented with either new foods or more carby foods or different balances of fats to carbs. I've read a lot so I do know the general ideas (upping fat rather than carbs or proteins, only eating when hungry, occasional fasting, etc.) But I'm wondering about individual tricks and tips, particularly with regard to holidays, and travel... I am sort of thinking that "no cheating" and just staying the course is the best strategy for me, but how have you changed direction if you've gone wrong?

I'd love to see this maintainers area have more traffic in it! Because I am throwing out my fat clothes and don't want to have to rebuy them!!!!
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Old Sun, Feb-26-17, 11:51
Just Jo's Avatar
Just Jo Just Jo is offline
A'72 Lifer Hard Core
Posts: 15,565
Plan: A'72 Induction Lifer + IF
Stats: 265/114/130 Female 5'4"
BF:Not so much now!
Progress: 112%
Location: South Central New Mexico

Huge Congrats on being so close to your goal weight, andante!

I've been a yo-yo "diet-wise" since I lost my first 100 + lbs in 1978 following A '72... It's a wonder I didn't hang myself with all that string...

Probably lost well over 600 lbs in all those years, only to put 'em back on over and over again!

Imma slow learner and finally figured out what I was doing wrong when I did my final restart in July 2013.

I wouldn't give up the carbs...thought my problem was just losing the weight and I NEVER had a second thought about keeping the weight off... yeah that was stupid!

But this time it was truly different b/c I knew if I didn't nip my weight problem in the bud, I would be facing medical issues due to being morbidly obese and getting older. A lethal combination, IMHO! I want to be the best I can be weight and health wise in my 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond...

Here's a quote that I finally acknowledge and accepted:

Diet Revolution 1972 pg 263
The best decision is probably to stay pretty much on the very low carbohydrate diet on which you lost; only now you can feel free to deviate in small ways.
I haven't changed a thing eating-wise, I pretty much each exactly the same way I did when I was losing the weight (i.e., same amount of carbs around 4 daily; and less than 1,000 kcals). This is what works for me!

I haven't experimented by add more carbs b/c I don't know if I can ever rein in "Fat Jo" if she ever crosses "that line" of too many carbs again like I did in the past.

I just don't have the emotional fortitude to FIGHT her to lose weight ever again; I'd rather continue to FIGHT her to stay where I am health and weight-wise. It's so much easier but still hard WORK b/c I carbs, but they don't love me back!

Wishing you continued success on your journey!
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Old Thu, Mar-02-17, 11:42
andante andante is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 178
Plan: Atkins 20
Stats: 237.6/150/155 Female 5'9"
Progress: 106%

There is a lot of wisdom in your post! One strategy I know we will do is continue to seek out new, fantastic recipes that continue along the same lines as we've been doing.
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Old Sat, Mar-04-17, 09:36
Robin120's Avatar
Robin120 Robin120 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 4,040
Plan: low carb
Stats: 171/125/145 Female 5'9
Progress: 177%
Location: DC

Congrats, Andante! You are almost there

I found my maintenance by finding myself a bit too thin (this was years before e serious illness I have discussed on here made me seriously underweight). It was just thin enough that many friends/family had asked if I something was bothering me. I bumped up the carbs until I found the sweet spot. So I guess I did it in reverse, compared to how you are supposed to determine it!

In terms of upping carbs....I found my blood sugars did best under 35 (minus fiber) per day. What took YEARS to try is that I can't eat very small portions of higher carbs foods like a few berries and it is fine. It just have to fit in my macros for the day. Granted I would never try to brave things that are too tempting for me like popcorn, bread, crackers..... But eating something like honey roast peanuts (which have 5 net carbs) is fine for me. For you, it might trigger binging/cravings.....
I had divided foods into strict camps- healthy perfect low carb and off limits. What I found is it really is dose for me, and overeating low carb foods can make me binge/crave just as easily as a higher carb food like an apricot. I need to watch portion sizes to keep things under control for weight, blood sugar and cravings.

If I had followed a plan like Atkins from the start instead of doing my own thing, I might have tried a little low sugar fruit or such much earlier, and been less afraid.

As always, my best advice is try one new food at a time, for multiple days-week to see how it effects you. You can't test more than one variable at one time!
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Old Wed, Mar-15-17, 02:56
Enomarb Enomarb is online now
Posts: 4,816
Stats: 180/140/150 Female 65 in
Progress: 133%
Location: usa

funny- just read your other post in the general LC threads about your upcoming surgery and here you are again! First- good luck in your surgery. Second- congratulations on how great you are doing.

I think the best advice I can give anyone who asks about what works in maintaining is DON"T GO OFF YOUR PLAN.
It's pretty clear by now that this is not a diet, but a new way of eating and caring for your body, so don't go "off". While the stories of how people fell off the wagon, gained a lot (or all plus) back and then got back on the plan are helpful and instructive of what NOT to do, I think you should take their experiences as indicators of what to avoid: don't do that.
Stay on your plan. Period. Make sure it's sustainable, plan your meals, continue to learn about the science (I love learning new things- LOVE this site and am into LC podcasts and you tube videos of conference and meeting lectures), make sure you are not deprived, and don't give in to the little voice in your head that tells you "just's not fair.....but everyone else can....that looks so would be rude to say no....there's nothing else to eat.....I want it!".
Having a record of what you are eating helps. Having all the foods you need helps. Having a plan for special occasions and meals out helps. Meeting your emotional and social needs directly- not with food- helps. Learning how to love yourself by staying OP- priceless.

Congrats on your journey to wellness and wellbeing-
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