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Reply  Back to story:  Does losing 250 pounds make me a success story?
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Old Tue, Nov-29-16, 23:33
Rosebud's Avatar
Rosebud Rosebud is offline
Forum Moderator
Posts: 23,868
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 235/135/135 Female 5'4
Progress: 100%
Location: Brisbane, Australia

You are indeed successful, Ken! My most sincere congratulations (again ) on all that you have achieved. Losing 250 pounds is such a massive amount I can barely imagine it.

Well done, congratulations, and goodonyamate!!!!
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Old Wed, Nov-30-16, 00:50
Grav Grav is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,433
Plan: Banting
Stats: 302/187/187 Male 175cm
Progress: 100%
Location: New Zealand

Now that's a success story!

Thanks again for sharing your journey with us along the way, Ken. You've been an awesome inspiration for me and no doubt countless others as well. So happy for you, mate.
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Old Wed, Nov-30-16, 04:13
cotonpal's Avatar
cotonpal cotonpal is offline
Posts: 5,047
Plan: very low carb real food
Stats: 245/125/135 Female 62
Progress: 109%
Location: Vermont

Well said Ken. It's the change in attitude combined with the change in eating that does it. You continue to be a model and an inspiration for everyone here.

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Old Wed, Nov-30-16, 05:54
GreekRibs's Avatar
GreekRibs GreekRibs is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,638
Plan: Protein Power
Stats: 210/210/138 Female 5'9"
Progress: 0%
Location: Saskatchewan

Does losing 250 pounds make me a success story? OMG. Yes, losing 250 pounds makes you a fantastic success story
Wow, Ken, great post. Beating Type 2 diabetes, losing cravings for crap and breaking the addiction, being more active and to tie shoes from standing position ... it's all so wonderful. What a journey to freedom.
And you have been maintaining. Maintaining doesn't give rewards like weight loss so it's all the NSVs we need to remember in order to value the wonderful low-carb woe. Your pictures speak for themselves. A stunning transformation. Thanks for sharing your journey - it's beyond inspirational!!
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Old Wed, Nov-30-16, 08:37
Ambulo's Avatar
Ambulo Ambulo is online now
Senior Member
Posts: 2,394
Plan: LerC, TRE, IF
Stats: 150/120/120 Female 64 inches
Progress: 100%
Location: the North, England

Yes! You are a success story because you know exactly what you need to do to keep on succeeding and are prepared to do it
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Old Wed, Nov-30-16, 11:46
Charms09's Avatar
Charms09 Charms09 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 786
Plan: ZC (started w/Atkins)
Stats: 164/132.8/124 Female 5x2"
Progress: 78%
Location: Virginia


I'd say you are a success story in many ways!!!

Starting with your attitude, your determination & comment all the way to your weight loss you are a success story!!!

Plus knowing that you are a carb addict & making this diet your WOL is totally what you needed to do!!!

Keep it up & your new look will stay with you!!!

Love the pictures! Thank you for sharing your story!!!
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Old Wed, Nov-30-16, 14:27
koolaunt koolaunt is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 203
Plan: Low Carb
Stats: 163/121/135 Female 5ft. 7 inches
BF:Just perfect:)
Progress: 150%
Location: A native Texan in NY

Pure Success! Wow just amazing! Congrats x 100
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Old Wed, Nov-30-16, 17:04
Liz53's Avatar
Liz53 Liz53 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 6,140
Plan: Mostly Fung/IDM
Stats: 165/138.4/135 Female 63
Progress: 89%
Location: Washington state

IMO you're a huge success! Not only for all you've done for your own body, but also how you have inspired and encouraged so many at this forum.

I wish you continued success.
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Old Wed, Nov-30-16, 19:51
inflammabl's Avatar
inflammabl inflammabl is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,364
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 296/220/205 Male 71 inches
Progress: 84%
Location: Upstate SC

That's just awesome.
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Old Thu, Dec-01-16, 06:28
thud123's Avatar
thud123 thud123 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 7,403
Plan: P:E=>1 (Q3-22)
Stats: 168/101/82 Male 182cm
Progress: 78%

Thank you Ken for the right-up Ken and welcome back to LIFE

PS Maori is my hero too. I can only hope he knows how much he's helped and inspired others, like you have done here to Ken.
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Old Fri, Dec-02-16, 10:17
WereBear's Avatar
WereBear WereBear is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 13,784
Plan: Epi-Paleo/IF
Stats: 220/125/150 Female 67
Progress: 136%
Location: USA

It makes you a hero!
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Old Fri, Dec-02-16, 10:57
jessdamess's Avatar
jessdamess jessdamess is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 4,904
Plan: Keto
Stats: 252/172/165 Female 69.25 inches
Progress: 92%
Location: Northeast TN

You're amazing and inspirational to many as always.
Definitely a success.
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Old Fri, Dec-02-16, 15:41
DelaneyLC DelaneyLC is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,462
Plan: Keto/Carnivore/Fasting
Stats: 190/143/144 Female 5'4"
Progress: 102%

Oh yeah! Not only a success, but such an inspiration.

Making this a way of life is what makes the difference.

You ROCK...

...and that feels great, doesn't it? Very, very well done.
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Old Fri, Dec-02-16, 18:43
ReneeH20 ReneeH20 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,291
Plan: Dr. Westman
Stats: 280/170/170 Female 69.8 in
Progress: 100%

Yes. Yes. A two hundred and fifty times yes. 1000 plus days and counting yes!

I have no doubt that you will continue your successful lifestyle change indefinately.
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Old Fri, Dec-02-16, 22:27
Bonnie OFS Bonnie OFS is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,573
Plan: Dr. Bernstein
Stats: 188/150/135 Female 5 ft 4 inches
Progress: 72%
Location: NE WA

A success and a role model. I showed your pictures to my husband & said this man lost 250 pounds. He asked, which one? You look like a completely different person.

Thank you for sharing your story. It's people like you who help me stay on this road.

Last edited by Bonnie OFS : Sun, Dec-11-16 at 16:54. Reason: duplicate
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Old Sun, Dec-11-16, 16:48
Jamackarch's Avatar
Jamackarch Jamackarch is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,567
Plan: hflc
Stats: 166/157/125 Female 5'2"
Progress: 22%
Location: Pacific Northwest

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