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Old Tue, May-19-09, 00:59
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angel1 angel1 is offline
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Location: Walkertown, NC
Default I got a maybe in the past but have a appt and ?'s.

Ive NEVER been regular with my cycles. The first time I ever tried Atkins diet I not only got TOM back but I also got pregnant. Durring one of my ultrasounds he was looking at my Ovary's and said that I had a few cysts on them. He also went on to say that its normal to get one on the overy the you ovulated from but since I had a few he wanted to check them again at a later time. Durring my next ultrasound a month or so later he said that the cycts were still there and some were bigger then before and I also had a few new ones. As he was cleaning the ultrasound jelly off of my belly he notices my nice thick dark manly "happy trail" I had shaved it before I went in because its embarassing but even when I shave it you can still see thick black stubble. He asked me about my history with TOM and after I explained he said that I need to be tested for PCOS because in his opinion I could have it. They never tested me and nothing was said about it after that and I was too excited about being pregnant so it didnt really bother me at the time.

That was almost 3 years ago. Since then ive had even more things happen. I am now growing a beard, mustache and the most recent would be nipple hair! I also get hair in very stange places like beside my nose toward my eye. Its not like peach fuzz either, its thick and black! I get bad pains on the left and right side of my belly a little to often and Im not sure what it is but im thinking cycts....

As I get older my TOM gets worse and worse. Last year I had it 4 times and on one of them I bleed for 3 whole months nonstop they put me on birth controle pills and when that didnt work they tried hormones(cant remember the name) that stoped it for 2 days and it came right back. I had to cancle my insurance and had to just wait it out. I do remember them checking my thyroid and saying that it was ok. This year I have not had TOM yet!

I finally have insurance again and since Im pretty fed up with looking like a man, I made a Dr's appt. Im assuming since PCOS was a maybe with me that I should look into this first unless the Dr says otherwise.

Anyway I dont know much about PCOS except the basic symptoms and stuff. What kind of tests should I ask for? Any good questions I need to ask the Dr? If they figure out that I do have PCOS Id like to know what med's you take and if they help and does it help with all symptoms or just some.

Sorry for the long post.
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Old Tue, May-26-09, 21:24
BLMSW2007 BLMSW2007 is offline
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Sorry I meant respond a couple of days ago but just now getting back to the forum. First I want to say be encourage at least half the battle is over. You at least have a child. I have not tried to concieve but I have been doing Atkins for quite a while now and my TOM as been like clock work. And I thank God for it. I will be trying to concieve some time next year definetly. Because I am getting older. Anyway I dont know any test specifically to ask for but I am pretty sure the doctor will now for sure. Are you trying to have anymore kids? I just think that you should start the Atkins diet back ASAP! I know some people dont agree with it but it is the only thing that I can say honestly that has help my period. I went quite a while with not having a period until i went on the Atkins, so I know the frustration that you feel. My only grip now is that it is still not long its like 3-4 days so I will have to check into that. I dont have trouble with the hair either! So sometimes I question do i really have PCOS! And just not being overweight. Also try exercising too and see if that helps. Well keep us posted. And I am hoping for the best.
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Old Thu, May-28-09, 03:24
CramerNH CramerNH is offline
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Stats: 300/251/170 Female 66
Progress: 38%
Location: Manchester, NH

Here are some things that you should have tested with the bloodwork:

Liver Enzyme #9 (high insulin levels can throw this off as a false positive for Hepatits)
Insulin in the bloodstream
Total insulin of the body
Blood sugar in the bloodstream
total blood sugar of the body

Thyroid Stimulating
Folicle Stimulating
Iron Levels

Sex binding globulin levels

I would highly encourage you to bring in a 'history' on paper - when you hit puberty, history of what your periods were like, when you started noticing different changes - male-pattern hair growth, male-pattern hair loss, moods, unusual upper abdominal pain.....

Ive been in the medical field now for 13/14 years from which I have studied my own case along with a Dermatologist who has done some amazing research with women who are PCOS like me. I never thought learning about Women's Health would one day lead me to be not only the person who helps educate people, but to also learn about my own unique case as well!

I was told that I should never have survived having my daughter almost 16 years ago - what triggers a number of PCOS-symptoms was that I was never diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes - after having my daughter - that's when my hell began.
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Old Mon, Jun-01-09, 15:03
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angel1 angel1 is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 82
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 237.0/190.8/150 Female 5 feet 6 inches
Progress: 53%
Location: Walkertown, NC

Thanks for your replys!

I have been preggo twice, the first ended in early M/C and with my second, he was born at 5 1/2 months and only lived for 3 hours. I dont have any other children, but I do want kids. Ive tried for the past 2 years and it has not happened.

Ive been on low carb for a little while now and last week I finally started TOM (my last TOM ended in January so it was long over due!)

I went to my Dr's appt last week and they diagnosed me with PCOS.

They want to try me on Met but I wanted to look into it a little more before I try it. Maybe its strange but I hate taking meds! Atkins is helping in my mind because I have already started TOM again.

Im also going to ask for all my test results because they have not given me the actual results they just told me over the phone but didnt give numbers. They said that my testoserone was high, my fasting insulin was a little high, follicle stimulating hormone was low, estrogen was normal, sex binding globulin was low. And thats all I know!

I did take a hystory or my TOM's (I have them all the way back to 2005 lol....they were a little shocked lol) I also got to show off my happy trail, facial hair and a new surprise hair that has decided to make its home on my upper chest! I dont have any hair loss however I would be glad to have some if it hit anywhere besides my head!

The news of having PCOS may be horrible but im glad to finally know whats wrong with me.
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Old Tue, Jun-02-09, 06:08
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camaromom camaromom is offline
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Location: Lafayette, IN

The metformin is what helped me get pregnant with my last child. Often times reducing insulin resistance with LC and or Metformin will help to get your cycles in order.
If you do decide to go with the metformin, some people have stomach issues when they first start. Start with a low dose and gradually increase. Some people report that eating 1/2 of their meal, takin the metformin, then finishing the meal helped with the stomach issues as well. I was fortunate in that it didn't bother my stomach at all.
Good luck!
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Old Wed, Jun-17-09, 10:18
The Susie The Susie is offline
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Plan: Atkins, mostly
Stats: 229/176/140 Female 5'5"
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Location: Cleveland, OH

Angel... I'm so sorry for your troubles. I did self-diagnose my PCOS. My doctor pretty much blew me off but gave me Metformin when I demanded it. She wouldn't increase it to the effective recommended level, though. Finally, I found an EXPERT in the field at the Cleveland Clinic (I live in Cleveland).

I was so excited. My regular doctor couldn't be bothered to at least Google PCOS. I went to my appt without eating at all because I knew there would be blood tests that require fasting for 12 hours. You'll be asked questions about your period, how old you were when you first had it, all your symptoms, your hair, if you think anyone in your family had it, etc. They could be embarassing but it was okay because this is someone who knew what I was talking about.

My doctor, Marjan Attaran, prescribed birth control and spirotilactone. I was afraid I'd have bad side effects but the only bad thing seems to be I was really super crabby on my period last month. I was actually happy to have a regular period, and not some little bit of "bleeding" every other week! Now my cycle is normal and I'm only on my second pack of pills! My skin cleared up amazingly. I used to break out all along my jawline and it's clear now and I can wear my hair up. The spiro is for hair and skin but I think it takes awhile to kick in. You MUST be on birth control when taking spiro because it can cause serious birth defects in baby boys (their stuff won't grow!).

I decided to start Atkins again. I was again afraid that the birth control would keep me from losing but I have lost 20 lbs in a month. I wonder if I'd do better without the pill but I will not give it up.

I got teary eyed when I read your story. I have cried and cried for myself and I got so fed up that I finally did something about it. My blood work revealed that my blood sugar is actually perfect, but I have wayyyy too much testosterone. I think the cholesterol might have been borderline high but she never said anything about it so I could be wrong.

I'm not on Metformin anymore. My stomach was upset at first but that went away quickly. Good luck to you.
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Old Wed, Jun-17-09, 12:53
sbaran215 sbaran215 is offline
New Member
Posts: 5
Stats: 244/244/145 Female 5'6"

I have had PCOS since I was 14 years old, unfortunately back then they didn't have a name for it. I am in menopause now and still have the effects of PCOS, it seems that doctor's thought that at menopause everything would balance out. It doesn't. I am now on metformin, I didn't have childern because as I said they weren't that informed back then. I know that when I was LC in the past my periods came but I still have fertility problems. Angel1 you are young enough and they know so much more now. Find a endocrinologist/gyn who knows about PCOS because that will make a big difference with the kinds of things you can do. I know the hair is a horrible problem, I too am covered with unwanted hair. Unfortunately there isn't anything that really gets rid of the existing hair except for electroylsis or Laser, both which is expensive. Spiro with the write hormone meds will slow down or even stop any additional growth. Angel1 you LC way of life is a good thing and when you find a doctor who is really up on PCOS you will feel so much better. Good luck!! Also they're also PCOS websites and support groups online you might look into.
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